Michelle on a walking path high up above a lake with lots of green trees around

About Michelle

I have always had a passion for learning and for new experiences – even if it pushed me out of my comfort zone.

As a result, I gained a few university degrees! These include: Law, Corporate Governance, most of a Forensic Science Post Graduate and a Teaching Degree! 

Now I’m a little older I’m not so obsessed with gaining qualifications!  Although, I did just complete a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification just before we left to travel – I thought it might come in handy! 

My career has been just as varied as my qualifications. I have worked in Business and Legal Management, Human Resources, managed Veterinary Practices and the one which I worked in for the longest and the one that satisfied me the most, Primary School Teaching.

As a teacher, I loved the constant challenge of finding ways to inspire and motivate the little minds in my care and giving them the tools to reach their potential. 

Of course, travelling is now quenching my thirst for knowledge and satisfying my desire for new experiences. I’d like to think I can still inspire and motivate others through our blog. 

Sometimes, when you visually see something or you find out a little bit about a place or you simply read something that someone else has written, a little spark, either an idea or just a feeling, stirs inside of you, perhaps a desire to go there, an urge to try a certain experience or just some internal motivation to do something that hadn’t previously occurred to you …or had, but you now have a stronger will to go ahead. 

Through our blog, our articles and our photographs, I hope we can play a part in igniting that spark!

8 Random Things about Me

  1.  Dark chocolate is my weakness
  2.  I believe that a positive growth mindset is the best life tool
  3.  Being out in nature makes me feel alive
  4.  I have three gorgeous sons who I am extremely proud of
  5.  I am with a man who I love deeply and who loves me unconditionally
  6.  I love all animals – particularly baby animals!
  7.  I am happy in myself
  8.  Geocaching is my new hobby – it sounds nerdy but it really is fun!


I hope you enjoy our posts!

Please let us know if you are inspired to take action towards your goals, no matter how small. We love to hear from you about any journeys you have undertaken or trips that have inspired you, and remember …

“Keep Satisfying your soul”