Pink background with the word Smile writtenin black with a flower in the place of the i.

16 Reasons to Smile and Spread the Joy

Many of us are aware of the latest health fads; the ketogenic diet, super-foods, float tanks and even Netflix and chill (I’m sure that has health benefits), but how often do we pay attention to the time-honoured humble smile? Here are 16 Reasons why brandishing that beam is so good for you and your wellbeing.

A Change of Plan … Our Journey Goes on.

Picture This … I could picture it all so clearly. Our motorhome parked by a woodland babbling brook. Me, relaxing in the dappled sunlight whiling away the hours painting and reading. Lars planning his next project. How luxurious! That was the plan. Before we left Australia, we imagined the journey ahead. Full of excitement, new […]

Mindset: Take control and make your life your own. Own it!

  You can achieve anything with the correct mindset. Take control and make your life your own! ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’   – Napoleon Hill  Recently, someone asked me where I was in life, in relation to happiness, love and health. My simple answer to that question was that all three […]