Amalfi Coast – It’s Magnificent Splendour on Show

We were up early in the morning with a day set aside to spend at the famed jewel of the Italian west country, the Amalfi Coast. This place was on our bucket list!


There was no driving for me that day so I was very much looking forward to kicking back. Amalfi Coast here we come! We took a train from Pompeii’s Savi-Villa dei Misteri station south to Sorrento’s Stazione Ferroviaria di Sorrento station (on the Circumvesuviana route) at a one way cost per person of 2.40 Euro. Alighting from the train at Sorrento, we walked to a kiosk on the outside of the train station and bought two all-day return Sorrento-Positano-Amalfi bus tickets at 8 Euro per person. Our plan was to have a look around Sorrento on the return trip but with 45 minutes to spare until bus departure we took off for a couple of coffees.

The bus ride was nothing short of spectacular. Make sure you get the window seats closest to the coastline! The winding roads offered us magnificent views of the coast and our cameras were put to work.

Let me say that I have not been a fan of Italian drivers in general but these bus drivers were professionals. Shaving the stone walls in the turns with but inches to spare was a hell of a feat – I added this to the day’s list of impressive sights.

Next Stop – Positano

Although we could have bussed all the way to the town of Amalfi, we decided to break the journey at Positano and enjoy the town whilst the sun was out. The bus dropped us at a stop on the main road above the town which was also the pick up point.

Looking down on multi-coloured houses on a cliff by a green sea
First glimpse of Positano

Close by, is a pathway signed ‘Centro’ which leads you down concrete stairs and along roads where you have the opportunities to overlook the town and the beach.

Arrowed pedestrian sign for Positano on a grey block of concrete
Pedestrian sign for Positano

We passed many closed tourist shops on the walk down, some offering souvenirs and others offering tours. This is very much the norm, being out of season. There were a few tourists about but generally it was quiet and presented a lot of great photo opportunities – just the way we like it!

Hues of green vines cover the delicatessen first floor
Eye-catching colours on the delicatessen


Green branches criss cross the street with red flowers in the garden bed
This Positano street was shrouded with branches



This cat was enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the Positano beach life
Blue dazzling water seen through pink flowers on the coast
Oh … the views!

Wandering onto the beach, looking left and right gave fantastic clear views of the Amalfi Coast with its many headlands projecting into the sea. The water was crystal clear which mirrored the beauty of this place perfectly. We walked the length of the beach and found a spot on the quayside to have lunch and just absorb the beauty around us. This place was as good as the stories we had heard!

Person relaxing at the seaside whilst facing the sun
Taking time just to absorb the serenity of Positano


Green sea water with a mountain backdrop
Lunch at the quayside overlooking Positano’s beach


I love Positano wording on a hanging picture
Couldn’t resist capturing a photo!

It was soon time to head back up the concrete stairs. This time following the ‘sentieri’ (‘path’) signs to the bus rendezvous point. It was a fairly, long trudge back up all the steps but the exercise is always good. Arriving at the top, we had a wait of 45 minutes for the bus going to Amalfi.


Ok, it was 2.30pm with a few hours of daylight … decision time. Which town, Amalfi or Sorrento? Still keen to wander the streets of Sorrento, we decided to head west and leave Amalfi for another time.

The return bus trip provided breath-taking views of the coastline from a different perspective. And again, just amazing. Disembarking at Sorrento, we walked through to the ‘old town’ along the pedestrian only access walkways. Just be aware that you do get to share these with the odd motorbike. It really did have that ‘old town’ vibe to it plus a touch of chic! Our wanderings took us past the ‘Queens Chips  – Amsterdam’ where our stomachs starting talking to us so we parted with a handful of euros and walked away with a shared medium chips with curry sauce – perfect sustenance for a cold afternoon!

Yellow fruits and display selling Limoncello
Limoncello / Meloncello stand – how inviting!

We sampled some free Limoncello and Meloncello both of which were tasty but pretty punchy!

Narrow pedestrian only street with brown building either side
One of Sorrento’s old town pedestrian streets

It was fast approaching 5pm so we headed back to the Stazione Ferroviaria di Sorrento train station, heading towards Pompeii. Within the hour we were back in the campervan re-living the fantastic day spent along the picturesque Amalfi coast.



Author: Lars

Being an Australian boy brought up in the country, I learnt at an early age to enjoy the freedom and beauty of nature. Leaving Australia at the age of 20, although I didn’t know it then, would be the beginning of a life of adventure. So join me here on our travels and see the world through my eyes.

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