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What do you Want to Read in our Travel Blog?

Fjords, waterfalls, spectacular scenery, mountains and beaches – these have been our constant companions in Norway for the last four months.

For three months we were based around Skudeneshavn in Western Norway. We left there and our last four weeks have been spent driving from south-western Norway to the north of Norway and south through Sweden.

We drove many of the Norwegian scenic routes. These took us past spectacular fjords and waterfalls, winding roads and countless moments of awe-inspiring scenery. We were lucky enough to witness the marvel of the Northern Lights, an unexpected magic, and discover the raw beauty of the Lofoten Islands.

In Sweden, we booked ourselves into an Icehotel for a night. Now that was an experience. The ice designs were breathtaking as was the temperature! We learnt about the Sami culture and got up close and personal with the local reindeer.

Travelling and living as frugally as possible we spent quite a few nights sleeping in the car to stretch our funds. Being on the move and constantly exploring has caused us to be a bit behind on the blogging front.

In a couple of days, we will be arriving in France to begin our seven-month house sit in the beautiful Dordogne region. Having a base for the winter will enable us to focus our efforts on writing about both our travels in Norway and our year in the campervan travelling Europe.

What do you want to read in our Travel Blog?

We have so many ideas for our Travel Blog posts but would really like to know what you, as our readers, would like to read about.

We know that there is a strong interest in Norway and we are sure you have lots of questions. Please let us know in the comments section below or send us an email with any questions or areas of interest you would like us to include.

We are thinking of including posts about: the top ten places to visit in Norway, scenic drives and what you can expect to see,  travel itineraries, beautiful photos and where we captured them.

In the last 18 months, we have visited 28 countries, and have so much to share. Your feedback will really help us to provide the content that you are interested in

What would you like to see included?




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  1. I think the best things to write about are the places/experiences that excited and moved you. Write what’s juicy for you – readers will pick up on it and be drawn into your enthusiasm. It doesn’t matter if it’s chronological or not. Go through your photos and let the memories come and then talk about them: remember when this happened or that happened . . . . and see where the juice is. Write about that! I imagine there will be *many* places/experiences this applies to so you’ll probably want to make a list as you remember things. I personally wouldn’t recommend a list approach for posts. Personal experience is so much more engaging. Have fun!

    1. Great advice Alison – we certainly have many incredible experiences we want to share and always like to include how places made us feel😊 We’re looking forward to reminiscing and writing ❤️

  2. Lars and Michelle! I personally love every photo and every post you have created. I’m a huge fan and I’m so glad we connected when we did with our blogs. I may be a fellow blogger but I’m certainly a fan as well. Keep taking those amazing photos and sharing every travel experience with us.

  3. Hello Lars and Michelle,

    Thank you for sharing your travels and adventures with us! Your update on Twitter on your stay at the ice hotel still amazes me!

    I would love to hear about how you keep safe during your travels. Did you ever expect certain places to be safe and found that they were not, or vice versa?

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!


    1. Thanks so much for your comment Sigrid – we will definitely write a blog post about our stay in the ice hotel and will do another on our safety when travelling. Great suggestions! ❤️

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