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A Change of Plan … Our Journey Goes on.

Picture This …

I could picture it all so clearly. Our motorhome parked by a woodland babbling brook. Me, relaxing in the dappled sunlight whiling away the hours painting and reading. Lars planning his next project. How luxurious! That was the plan.

Before we left Australia, we imagined the journey ahead. Full of excitement, new places to explore and plenty of time for ourselves. We’d both worked full-time for so long. What would we do with ourselves? Other than visiting new places how would we pass the hours?

Worried we might get bored, we packed iPads loaded with books, downloaded hundreds of movies, collected a plethora of crossword puzzles; and I sneaked rather a lot of painting materials into my case! In fact, that was my whole hand luggage allowance accounted for!

michelle and Lars outside the departures entrance with a large grey suit case and . large purple suitcase
Leaving Australia bound for our overseas adventure.

We left fourteen months ago. Our plan back then was to travel around Europe in a van for five months. After that,  a visit to the UK for a few months and finally, voluntary work in Vanuatu, before our return to Australia. The plan was loose, but that was the outline.

Boy, did that game plan change!

Change of Plan

After being on the road for five months, we realised our funds were not dwindling as much as we had expected. Not only that, but Europe had so much more to offer than we had imagined. We chose to stretch the five months in the van to twelve.  We also realised that travelling life swallowed up a lot of our time – we certainly didn’t have time to be bored.

 high green mountain in the background - white motorhome parked to the right with two bikes on the back and a red and white striped sign

Somewhere along the line, we happened upon the website, Trustedhousesitters.  What? We could stay in these places for free and get our furry friend fix?  Not only was the accommodation free, but possibilities existed all over the world. Having only a finite amount of funds, this option was extremely appealing.

Realising that our journey was possibly going to turn into a much longer epic adventure, we decided to start a blog.  We wanted to capture our experiences and memories.

The trails and tribulations of that decision is another story but, needless to say, we began our blogging journey. This new-found passion, combined with our insatiable desire to see and experience as much as possible in the van, made us busy little beavers indeed.

The blog started to grow into more than just a memoir for us. It began to morph into an idea to share and inspire. That’s where the tagline – ‘Satisfy Your Soul’ came from. We thought that maybe others could benefit from us sharing our experiences.

The luxurious idea of wiling away hours by that babbling brook didn’t quite happen. However, we were excited and we were feeling alive.  As an added bonus of setting up the blog, (with the process for us akin to undertaking a crash course in Russian), our middle-aged brains were getting quite the workout. I’d like to see dementia try to tackle these newly pumped-up neurons!

Where are we now?

So, the 365 days in a van was jam-packed with new adventures. Our van rental finished at the end of April and we flew from Germany to London, UK.  We bought a car and set off to complete three house-sits that we arranged through Trustedhousesitters. They were even better than we hoped for and having time with our furry (and feathered) friends was food for the soul!

red setter dog, deep ginger colour with its paw up about to touch a human hand
Rusty, an adorable eight-month-old pup we pet-sat near London.

We are now in Norway and will be for the next three months – our next chapter.  Whilst Lars is working here, I will have time to get stuck into all the projects swirling around in my head. We aren’t sure how long we will be travelling for or where we will be going whilst we do. Who does on this journey called life?

So let’s get serious. It’s Blogging Time!

Whilst Lars takes a break from the blog and instead gets paid to work, I will continue to write about all our adventures in the twenty-two countries we visited throughout our ‘Year in the Van’. Our new experiences here in Norway will also be an exciting feature.

Additionally, I will hone my writing skills, let my creative desires loose and share those moments of our life journey that I hope will offer teachings, experiences, ideas and inspiration for your very own life’s journey. We are always learning and improving, but none the less, we have a trophy shelf full of resilience, positivity and optimism that we worked hard to develop.

Whether it’s travel inspiration and ideas, or little titbits of life’s lessons, it will all be here, to help you find your way in your own ‘Life’s journey’.

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Until next time – take care and remember to do that which ‘Satisfies Your Soul’.

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Author: Michelle

After finishing my Law Degree I decided to become a teacher. I am passionate about teaching, learning and most of all, about inspiring others. Now, as a writer and blogger, I love sharing our travels and our musings on life’s journey. I hope, through these, we can play a part in inspiring you to do whatever ‘satisfies your soul’.

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    1. Thanks for having a read – yes, it was a fantastic year in the van! Where did you visit in Norway – any favourites? We are loving it here – beauty around every bend😊

  1. Wonderful to hear you love Norway and glad to hear all is well. Bear and Tilly are missing you both and send love and licks! Ha det godt og lykke til. Mvh Brian

  2. Great to hear about your travels and the enjoyment you guys are experiencing. Take care and looking forward to your next post.

    1. Thank you, Carrie. There are always countless opportunities around us but sometimes our lives become so structured, predictable and embedded, we find it harder to step outside that ‘comfort’ zone to see them. I hope we can encourage others to stay open to those possibilities and to have the courage to pursue them if they resonate.
      I like the quote by Dale Carnegie, “We all have possibilities we don’t know about. We can do things we don’t even dream we can do.”

  3. such a joyful experience to follow your blogs,pics and the happiness that exudes from your sharing love you both xoxox

  4. Congrats and enjoy the life of freedom. I too.. quit my professinal job in 2010 and travel nonstop for 4 years before finally settle down in Copenhagen Denmark. It was life changing experience. I am waiting for my man to quick his job and travel the world again:)

  5. Very inspiring, thank you !!! You mention volunteering in Vanuatu, is that still part of your plans? We’ve been to the South Pacific and when we came back home, I watched some documentaries about Vanuatu and the Kiribati Islands, in terms of climate change. Heart breaking……….. Also our “garbage disposals” the oceans, are on my mind. What kind of volunteering are you planning to do? Thanks, happy and safe travels 🙂

    1. Thank you Rita,
      Yes, our plans definitely still include volunteering! As I was a teacher I feel I could be of use in that area and Lars is great with his hands, so could help with building projects etc. As our plans seem to evolve as we go along we aren’t sure when that will be or where, but it is something that will happen before we head back to Australia – whenever that may be! I agree the situation for those Islands is critical and they are badly affected by Global warming. Thankfully we, as a community seem to be starting to recognise the terrible impact we are having on our oceans. However, we have a long way to go!
      Thank you for your encouragement and connection Rita. When is your next travel trip and where are you off to?

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