A lightbulb painted on a greenish wooden door as street art. The filament says Utsira

Why Utsira Should be on your Norway Bucket List

The island of Utsira, off the western coast of Norway, may be small, but its spirit and soul instantly capture your heart. Utsira, with its wild and rugged landscape, is bound by an enormous community spirit. It is a haven for birdlife and birdwatchers alike, and is so infused with international street art, that the whole island feels like an open-air art exhibition. 

Pink background with the word Smile writtenin black with a flower in the place of the i.

16 Reasons to Smile and Spread the Joy

Many of us are aware of the latest health fads; the ketogenic diet, super-foods, float tanks and even Netflix and chill (I’m sure that has health benefits), but how often do we pay attention to the time-honoured humble smile? Here are 16 Reasons why brandishing that beam is so good for you and your wellbeing.

Kjeragbolten: Fear at the Rock-face

And here I was, standing on the ledge with a mind numbed to any thoughts that may deter me. One thousand metres below, the sapphire Norwegian fjord ambled along, unperturbed by its familiar steep and impressive confines either side. Still refusing to think, I stepped out, towards Kjeragbolten. 

A Change of Plan … Our Journey Goes on.

Picture This … I could picture it all so clearly. Our motorhome parked by a woodland babbling brook. Me, relaxing in the dappled sunlight whiling away the hours painting and reading. Lars planning his next project. How luxurious! That was the plan. Before we left Australia, we imagined the journey ahead. Full of excitement, new […]