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When we left Australia in 2017 to travel Europe for a year in a motorhome, we had no idea we would begin an adventure of road-tripping around the world or we’d start a road trip blog.

But here we are on this journey with a goal to road trip and explore as many destinations as we can while with a focus on our passions of wildlife and photography.

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What is a Road Trip?

The definition of a Road Trip in the Cambridge Dictionary says it is a long trip or holiday taken by car; Merriam-Webster states it is an extended trip in a motor vehicle.

We prefer the latter definition because a road trip can be taken by many forms of transport, as long as it is by road.

The length of a road trip can be anything from a day to years; it all depends on the type of journey.

Whether you are spending a day, weeks, months or even years, the spontaneity and independence road-tripping presents, make travel even more enjoyable.

We love how taking a road trip offers us freedom, choice and flexibility.

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Road Trips by Destination

As we road trip around the world, we capture all the information we think is useful for you as a reader of our Road Trip Blog.

Jump to a specific country road trip below or browse our destinations page for inspiration on your next road trip adventure.

Destination Road Trips

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Motorhome Road Trip Tips

We hired a motorhome for 12 months for our Europe road-tripping adventure. Back then, we were beginners to motorhomes, so the first few weeks of our road trip involved a sharp learning curve.

Although we loved the freedom of choosing where to go on a whim, we realised we also needed a smooth-running system with the right accessories and gadgets for a motorhome, a fair deal of road trip planning, and a toolbox for travelling as a couple.

We’ve learnt a thing or two about life on the road, and this blog is our way of sharing that knowledge and inspiring you to have a road-tripping adventure too.

Whether you are thinking of or planning a road trip in a motorhome, campervan, car, 4×4 bush camper or even a bicycle, you’re sure to find something useful here in our road trip blog to help you plan the perfect road trip.

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