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About Us

Hi, we’re Lars and Shelley

Founders of Lifejourney4two

We traded the conventional for the open road, selling all our belongings to embrace a life of exploration.

Our journey, initially meant to last a year, has evolved into an indefinite quest for the roads less travelled.

As road-tripping aficionados, we’re passionate about bringing you along for the ride, sharing every adventure, destination, travel hack, and snapshot.

We’ve road-tripped with motorhomes, cars, and 4x4s with rooftop tents. Other than campsite fees, we rarely pay for accommodation, using pet and house-sitting opportunities along the way.

Without a huge amount of funds, we make sure to stretch the little we have a long way so we can explore as much of this beautiful planet as we can.

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Why Come Along For the Ride?

At Lifejourney4two, we’re all about keeping it real.

We’re your go-to for authentic travel insights—think of us as the neighbourhood corner shop of travel blogs.

With no middlemen or ghostwriters, every tale we tell and every photo we share is a page from our own story. We’ve tread the paths we write about, ready to share not just tips but our stories and experiences.

Got a question about a place we’ve written about? Ask away!

We’ve lived the experiences we share, making us your firsthand source of information in today’s world, where authenticity is becoming harder to spot.

What awaits you on our website here?

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We took a leap out of our comfort zone and made it happen.

Our journey is neither that of the youthful backpacker nor the retiree explorer; we’re proudly in the middle-age bracket (actually more towards the make-that-upper middle-age bracket), driven by a desire for something beyond the conventional.

In 2016, in Perth, Western Australia, we sat down one afternoon with pen and paper and mapped out our hopes and dreams for the future.

We wanted to travel and volunteer overseas, so we listed all the countries we’d like to visit. The list became longer and longer.

We felt excited about the future and everything we wanted to do… One day


Once we retired?

After winning the lottery?

We turned to each other – both knowing what the other was thinking,

‘Why not now?’

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lifejourney4two first road trip from Perth to Melbourne
Camping on our west-to-east coast trip across Australia

Our transition from routine to road included a cross-country farewell from Perth to Melbourne, marked by camping under the vast Australian sky.

Friends labelled us various shades of daring and mad, but we were merely following our hearts to a dream now turned reality.

After saving like crazy for about a year, we sold everything we owned (even down to the plant pots — every dollar counted!), quit our full-time professional jobs and set forth.

Our first trip was an epic camping road trip across Australia from Perth to Melbourne to say bye to friends, many of whom thought us either crazy or brave …



We don’t think so.

We followed our hearts and made the decision.

Now, that dream is a reality.

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    And so our road trip journey began …

    Photo collage for lifejourney4two about us page

    Since April 2017, our plans have morphed and evolved, much like the landscapes we travel through.

    Here’s a snapshot of our journey so far, from the European countryside to the wilds of Africa and beyond. Each year unfolds new chapters, destinations, and stories, enriching our lives and the tapestry of Lifejourney4two.

    Our Lifejourney4two Travels so far …  

    April 2017 – May 2018: YEAR 1

    May 2018 – April 2019: YEAR 2

    May 2019 – April 2020: YEAR 3

    May 2020 – April 2021: YEAR 4

    May 2021 – April 2022: YEAR 5

    • Scotland, UK: In September 2021, after almost a year in Norway, we arrived in Aberdeen, Scotland, where Lars worked for a year – more savings for our return to Africa (while Covid was still ravaging travel)

    May 2022 – April 2023: YEAR 6

    May 2023- April 2024: YEAR 7

    • Perth, Australia: At the end of May 2023, we packed up “Bucky” (our 4×4 Hilux bush camper), left it in storage in Maun, Botswana, and flew back to Australia.
      The plan is to grow Lifejourney4two and add more travel guides and tips while we spend about 12 months house-sitting in Perth, Australia, before returning to Africa in late 2024. (This plan has changed to spending 2 years in WA and returning to Africa in 2025, instead)
    • Perth to Nannup Road Trip: December 2023 – A week down south exploring our own backyard!
    • Perth, Western Australia: In January 2024, House-sitting and we bought a 4×4 Isuzu Dmax and popped on a rooftop tent.
      We can now combine housesitting and travelling in Australia while we work on the travel blog.
    Road Trip Tips for Couples header image of Shelley ad Lars of Lifejourney4two stood by their 4x4 on a beach
    Our Isuzu Dmax (Hugo) – our WA home:)
    • Perth to Albany Road Trip: January 2024, 2 weeks camping, trying out our new Isuzu and rooftop tent.
    • Perth to Esperance Road Trip: March 2024, we will spend three weeks camping on the south coast of WA, with our camping set-up almost complete!
    • Perth, WA: House Sitting April 2024

    May 2024- April 2025: YEAR 8

    • Western Australia: House sitting May 2024 to …
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    AlbaniaAustralia (home), Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Bosnia and HerzegovinaCanadaCroatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, FranceGermanyGreece, Hungary, IcelandIrelandItalyLesotho, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Morocco, Namibia, NetherlandsNorway, Poland, PortugalSerbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South AfricaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandUnited Arab EmiratesUnited Kingdom, USA, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe


    Currently, we are in Perth, Western Australia, weaving together more guides and stories for Lifejourney4two,


    Dive deeper into our adventure with our YouTube channel, where our stories come to life through videos and walkthroughs of our travels and our trusty Toyota Hilux Bush Camper.

    Check out our videos on YouTube for more of our story.

    Walkthrough of our Toyota Hilux Bush Camper

    pink arrow
    Walk-through of our 4x4, 2016 Toyota Hilux following modifications

    Some said we were crazy, some said we were brave and many more said, ‘I’d love to do that, one day…’

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