Keukenhof Tulip Festival 2024: Europe’s Spring Garden

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Keukenhof Tulip Festival in the Netherlands exhibits an abundance of blooms, so beautiful you can’t help but be enchanted and impressed by the incredible designs.

It is no wonder that Keukenhof Garden is considered the most beautiful spring garden in the world.

Keukenhof is open for only a few weeks a year, and 2024 sees Keukenhof Gardens celebrate its 75th anniversary.


 2024 Opening Times: Keukenhof will be open from 21/3/2024– 12/5/2024

Come spring, millions of visitors swarm to view the Keukenhof tulip Gardens in the Netherlands.

There are over 800 varieties of tulips at Keukenhof Gardens and although the crowds can get busy at times, Keukenhof emanates an underlining peaceful ambience that soothes the soul.

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Keukenhof gardens tulips - pinks and yellows
Keukenhof Tulips galore



21st March – 12th May 2024
Every day 8.00-19.30


Mid to late April (depending on the season’s weather)

FLOWERS SHOW DATES (Held in Various Pavilions)

2024 TBA: Hyacinths and Tulip Show (in Oranje Nassau Pavilion)

2024 TBA: Freesia and Gerbera Show (in Oranje Nassau Pavilion)

2024 TBA: Rose Show (in Oranje Nassau Pavilion)

2024 TBA: Anthurium and Orchid Show (Beatrix Pavilion)

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Have a peek and enjoy some of the highlights of the Keukenhof Tulip Garden in this video.

Keukenhof Holland


Over 7 million bulbs are planted for the Keukenhof flower festival in The Netherlands. Therefore, it is no coincidence that it is known as the Garden of Europe.

It’s difficult not to be impressed by Keukenhof’s 32 hectares (about the size of 79 football fields), of spring flowers. Adorned with tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths and more, it is The Netherland’s little piece of spring paradise.

It was certainly one of the highlights of our year touring Europe in a motorhome.

Keukenhof greeted us with waves of colourful blooms,  all displayed in spectacular designs amongst swathes of lush green lawns and under cherry tree blossom canopies.

A festival of flowers indeed.

Keukenhof garden pink tulips by lake
Swathes of tulips – blooming lovely at Keukenhof 

At Keukenhof, you will amble along winding paths, cross quaint bridges and pass fabulous fountains and lakes. You’ll encounter countless varieties of tulips and a huge variety of other spring flower displays including narcissus, crocuses and hyacinths.

Several pavilions house flower shows and inspirational designs.

We spent six hours there and even then I was reluctant to leave.

Garden scene at keukenhof gardens - small white bridge over thin stream edged with tulips
Keukenhof amazes with its intricate and varied garden designs
Old car with daffodils growing out of the bonnet in a field of flowers
Daffodils and crocus delight at Keukenhof Gardens


The exquisite dalliance of colour draws you in from the outset, as scores of hues and shades vie for your attention. Nature’s palette splashed on a canvas of petals,  each bloom an intricate masterpiece.

Keukenhof tulip gardens blue muscari path with orange tulips on the side
The famous river of blue Mascari (grape hyacinth) at Keukenhof Holland

Immersion in nature often gives you the feeling of serenity and well-being, but in the Netherlands’ Keukenhof Gardens, nature seems to reach deeper somehow.

Perhaps it is the vast ribbons of colour that enhance your mood. Or the array of colours producing a chromotherapy effect on your senses. Maybe it’s the beguiling mix of floral scents evoking memories of carefree days in springs gone by.  

Whatever it is, Keukenhof’s flower park offers it up in all its blooming abundance.

keukenhof gardens The Netherlands - multi coloured tulips
Get your colour on at Keukenhof


It is not just the Keukenhof Gardens that are full of tantalising tulips in Spring. 

All around the Lisse area, the flower bulb region of  Holland, you’ll find multi-coloured tulip fields with endless rows of captivating colours.  

You can also rent a bike and take tours of the surrounding tulip fields.

I would suggest that this be in addition to Keukenhof, not instead.

I mention this because we ourselves tossed up whether to save money and just cycle around admiring the fields. But I am so glad we visited.

It honestly was spectacular.

pink and purple tulips at keukenhof gardens
Pink and purple hues of tulips, hyacinths and daisies at Keukenhof

National Tulip Day

National Tulip Day: Saturday, Jan 20th 2024

On the 3rd Saturday of January each year, at the start of the cut tulip season, an event is held in Amsterdam where you can pick a bunch of tulips for free.

For times and the location check the website here.


The Bloemencorso Bollenstreek, otherwise more commonly known as the Keukenhof Flower Parade attracts over one million visitors each year.

Parade Day: 20th April 2024

On Saturday the 20th of April 2024, a fabulous Spring Flower Parade will fill the streets.

The Parade begins at Noordwijk Beach, travels past Keukenhof Gardens and finishes in the evening in Haarlem. The floats then stay in Harlem, the flower city of Holland,  the next day so you can get a closer look.

For more information on Bloominstreek Flower Festival click here


2024 date TBA: (Normally held in mid-April) – 30 mosaics bring the town of Lisse to life

Just a ten-minute walk from the entrance of Keukenhof Gardens.

Free viewing.

More info here


Contrary to popular belief, tulips are not native to Holland. It is thought that they originated in Asia, growing wild in mountains north of the Himalayas.

In Persia, legend has it that the red wildflower tulip sprang forth from an act of true love.

A young prince, Prince Farhad, was in love with a maiden and he learnt, (mistakenly as it happened) that she had been killed. He then took an axe to his body and hacked himself to death. Hence, it is said that each drop of blood that fell on the barren earth bore a scarlet flower.

As a result, in Persia the blood-red tulip was of symbolic importance, representing perfection and eternity.

red tulips at keukenhof gardens
Red Tulips Keukenhof

The tulip has been used as a symbol throughout history and across cultures. In the mid-sixteenth century, within the Ottoman Empire, tulips were commonplace and represented in armour, rugs and ornaments.

Indeed, it is believed that it was the Turks who began cultivating the tulip and producing new varieties.

red and yellow tulips at keukenhof gardens
Keukenhof Tulips
Pretty Keukenhof exhibit of man kissing lady
Keukenhof sure brings out the love


Evidence shows that the tulip arrived in Holland sometime in the late 1500s.  To the Dutch, it was seen as a rare and fascinating plant. Therefore, due to its scarcity, it was considered quite valuable. 

Dutch tulip mania really started to take hold in Holland in 1633. The value of these new flower bulbs was increasing so much that three rare tulip bulbs were exchanged for a house.

In his book, Tulipomania, Mike Dash found that in a pamphlet of the time, and in Holland in 1637, one single tulip bulb could buy you:

  • Four oxen or
  • Twelve sheep or
  • Twenty- four tons of wheat or
  • Two tons of butter or
  • Four barrels of beer or
  • A thousand pounds of cheese or
  • A silver drinking cup or
  • An oak bed or
  • A ship

The tulip bulb was used as money and traded just as gold is today.

A few months after the height of tulip mania, however, the market crashed as spectacularly as it had begun, allowing the tulip to once again become a humble flower to be admired, rather than a commodity of the stock market.

However,  tulip bulbs were a valuable asset during the ‘hunger winter’  in Holland at the end of the second world war.

During that time, the Dutch consumed them in quantity to prevent starvation.

blu and white flower display in a blue cart at Keukenhof gardens
Keukenhof spring display



Stationsweg 166a, Lisse, Holland


Keukenhof is only open for two months of the year, normally from late March to late May, with the best time for tulips being around mid-May.

 2024 Keukenhof opening times are: 

21st March 2024 – 12th May 2024

Keukenhof is open daily, with opening hours from 8.00-19.30


The best time to see the Tulips is around mid-April to late April. (However, it can depend on the weather conditions each season).

During this time, the tulips are in full bloom, and the weather is generally mild and comfortable for walking around the park. It’s best to check the park’s social media pages for updated information on the bloom status and weather conditions before planning your visit. 

These are times that have traditionally been less busy for a visit to Keukenhof Gardens:

Days:  Mon, Tues and Weds

Times: Before 10.30 and after 16.00

Note Busy Times: Easter time and the Keukenhof Flower Parade weekend (20th April 2024)


In past years, Keukenhof has set a specific theme for the show. In 2023 however, there were many themes, to give the garden displays more variety. 2024 is the 75th anniversary of the garden display though so the themes (yet to be announced), will likely reflect this.

I’m betting that the theme of diamonds (75 years) will play a role.


There is plenty of parking and costs 6 per day


During the Keukenhof season, buses run from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam to Keukenhof – BUS No. 858

Amsterdam is about an hour’s drive away.


You can hire a bike from Keukenhof in the parking area near the main entrance.

It costs 10 euros for 3 hours or 15 euros all day.  You need to pick up the bike by 12.00 pm.

Book in advance to ensure availability.


There are a variety of Keukenhof guided tours, led by knowledgeable guides who provide insights into the history, design, and horticulture of the garden.

Some day tours offer a combination of a visit to Keukenhof along with other popular attractions in the Netherlands, such as windmills, the Dutch cheese farms or markets, and other popular places in the Netherlands.

Check out the following options or browse more here.

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  • Unguided free time to discover Keukenhof
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Inside Keukenhof Park, your guide will show you some highlights and give tips for your visit, before you have free time to enjoy the flowers at your own pace.

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  • Professional local driver/guide
  • Hotel/port pickup and drop-off
  • Transport by private vehicle
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Along with a visit to Keukenhof, you’ll visit a clog and wooden shoe workshop, a cheese farm and Moten De Kat’s historic windmills.

For lunch, you’ll have typical Dutch pancakes.

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Keukenhof Tulip Festival 2024 …That’s a Wrap

Keukenhof Holland is an absolute delight to the senses. If you are visiting Amsterdam or travelling in Holland / The Netherlands in springtime, then Keukenhof Gardens will both enchant and impress you.

We’d love to hear what you thought of these beautiful gardens if you have visited them.

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