Day Trip from Marrakech to Ait Benhaddou

Are you thinking of an escape from Marrakech for a day? Then Ait Benaddou should definitely be on your list. Haven’t heard of it? Take a read below and decide for yourself! Ait Benhaddou Ait Benhaddou is an ancient, fortified, red earthen village along a former caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakech. Driving from […]

Marrakech, Morocco – Fantastic Things to Do in 6 Days

A country rich with history and culture, Marrakech blew us away with its unbelievable diversity.   We made a spur of the moment decision and booked return flights for 6 nights from Seville, Spain to Marrakech, Morocco. This included accommodation at a riad which is a traditional Moroccan home located in the Marrakech Medina or […]

La Alhambra, Spain – Es Magnifica!

The Islamic palaces of La Alhambra, built over centuries, were all based on the same concept of ‘paradise on earth’. The exquisitely intricate facades, flowing waters and pools, tranquil gardens and beautifully themed structures within the La Alhambra grounds reflect this concept. It was breathtaking to see!     La Alhambra Leaving the campsite in Sierra […]

Sierra Espuna, Spain: A day of Hiking, Geocaching and Clandestine Ops

Walking between pine forests, farmland and orchards, we enjoyed the gorgeous landscape of the Sierra Espuna. We were on our hunt for our elusive geocaches which often takes us to great scenery and out-of-the-way sights. We left the camper van at a great campsite nearby and went off on our hike. Unbeknown to us we […]

Barcelona – A City of Art and Architecture

Barcelona was a surprise package for us. The city oozed Spanish culture. So, with its architectural masterpieces, friendly locals and sights a-plenty, would we plan a return visit to Barcelona? Most definitely! Arriving in Barcelona by ferry from Sicily via Rome, we made our way to a free campsite about 10 kilometres from the city centre. […]

Palermo – A Traveller’s Delight

  Palermo is the vibrant capital of Sicily and sits nestled into the coast by the surrounding mountain range. Full of history, culture and diversity; it’s a place that holds much wonderment. A must-see destination on your Italy travels.   Palermo Parking Driving west on the A19 road took us into Palermo. This city was […]

To Enna and Beyond

Sometimes it’s  just you and the wide open road out in front. Driving with no real plan, only the excitement of knowing that you’ve never seen what’s around that next corner. Cavagrande Cassibile Canyon via Modica to Enna took us from canyons and congestion to alleyways and amazement. It was a roller coaster ride of surprises. […]

Allure of the Hidden Cavagrande Cassabile Canyon

The Cavagrande Cassabile Canyon is approximately 10 kilometres in length with a river that can only be reached by the winding, rocky paths along the steep ravines. The canyon boasts numerous waterfalls, swimming holes and amazing limestone formations. A paradise awaiting exploration.    After three quiet and restful days at Aurora campsite in Giardini Naxos, […]

Taormina, Isola Bella, Castelmora – From Sea to Summit

Oh what diversity: Taormina, Isola Bella and Castelmora, all within a couple of hours walk, offer beautiful waters, a picturesque island, old town charm and fabulous mountain walks. What unforgettable experiences! Taormina is a city on the eastern Sicilian coast that lies on a terrace against a backdrop of orchards and surrounding hills. Nearby is […]

Matera: From Shame to Shine, A City Reborn

     We were unprepared for the effect that Matera would have on us. As one of the oldest cities in the world, its life’s breath has risen and fallen. However, the rest of the world was oblivious to the gradual suffocation of the ‘Sassi’. Death, disease, and horrific deprivation brought this once fine-tuned, prosperous […]

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