31 Top Safari & Travel Gifts for 2024: Perfect for Explorers

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Discover the perfect safari and travel gifts for 2024 with our expertly curated guide.

Drawing from our adventures in the untamed African wilderness and Europe’s historical charm, as detailed in our Botswana’s overland adventures and motorhome journey through Europe stories, we’ve handpicked gifts that promise to enhance every explorer’s journey.

Whether you’re seeking a unique present for a seasoned explorer or a thoughtful gift for a budding adventurer, our selection caters to every need.

From essential gear for African safaris to innovative travel gadgets for globetrotters, find the ideal items to surprise and delight your loved ones and travel lovers in your life.

Drawing from years of global travel and countless adventures, we’ve identified gifts that promise to make any traveller’s experience more memorable.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide featuring the best safari and travel gifts for 2024.

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Quick Guide: Top Safari & Travel Gifts for 2024

Embark on a journey of discovery with our handpicked collection of the best safari and travel gifts for 2024. Each item is linked for your convenience.

Our sections include:

Essential Safari Gear Gifts

  1. Binoculars: Gift the ability to gaze closer into the wild, ideal for any safari enthusiast.
  2. Columbia Sun Hat: A must-have for protection against the fierce African sun.
  3. Don’t Go Out at Night Without a Torch: Essential for those twilight adventures and safe night-time navigation.
  4. Water-to-Go Bottle: A must-have to ensure safe drinking water.
  5. Solar Power bank: An eco-friendly and practical safari gift.

Unique Gifts for Safari Lovers

  1. Wildlife Bracelets: Support wildlife conservation with these meaningful bracelets.
  2. Crossbody Mobile Phone Holder: Perfect for keeping essentials secure and within reach.
  3. 2024 Desk Calendar – African Wildlife: A daily reminder of the wild beauty of Africa.
  4. Safari-themed Wine bottle Holder – Eye-Catching Giraffe: An eye-catching giraffe piece to remind them of the wild.

Gifts For the Practical Traveller

  1. Lightweight Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket: Stylish and practical, perfect for keeping valuables safe.
  2. The Freshette – A Female Urinary Device: A travel essential for women on the go.
  3. Hanging Toiletry Bag: Keep their travel necessities neatly organized and within easy reach.

Safety-First Travel Gift Ideas

  1. Pacsafe anti-theft cross-body purse: A stylish and secure purse to protect belongings and give peace of mind.
  2. Anti-theft Backpack: A traveller’s best friend, offering peace of mind and security.

Travel Gifts for Photography Enthusiasts

  1. Travel Tripod: Capture every moment with this portable and versatile tripod.
  2. Lens Kit for Smartphone: Enhance your phone photography with this easy-to-use lens kit.

Travel Gifts for Comforts and Convenience

  1. Travel pillow: Ensure they rest comfortably between destinations with a supportive travel pillow.
  2. Cable Organiser: Keep all their cables neatly organized and tangle-free.
  3. Packing Cubes (8 Piece): Simplify packing for their next trip with these versatile and space-saving cubes.
  4. Travel Journal: A beautiful journal to record their adventures and inspirations.
  5. Passport Pouch: Stylish and secure storage for their passport, an essential for every international traveller.
  6. Luggage Tags: Personalized tags to make their gear easily identifiable and add a personal touch.

Travel Tech Essentials

  1. Portable Digital Luggage Scale: Help them avoid excess baggage fees with a compact and accurate luggage scale
  2. Kindle: Offer endless reading material in one device, perfect for relaxing after a long day.
  3. Kindle or Audible Subscription: access to a vast library of books, magazines, and audiobooks on any device, anytime, anywhere.
  4. Noise Cancelling Earphones: Provide the gift of peace and focus, essential for noisy plane trips, on-the-go, or relaxing between locations.
  5. Portable phone charger: Keep their phone and camera gear charged and ready to capture every moment.

Cultivating Travel Curiosity

  1. Who Knows Where Game: Spark their curiosity and love for travel with a fun and educational board game.
  2. Getaway Recipe Book: Inspire their next culinary adventure with a book filled with recipes from around the world.
  3. Travel Experience: Gift an unforgettable experience with a voucher for a unique travel adventure.
  4. Ancestry DNA kit: Provide a journey into their past, uncovering their heritage and potentially inspiring their next travel destination.

Essential Safari Gear Gifts

1. Binoculars

Lars using our Avalon Binoculars
Lars, using our Avalon Binoculars.

Personal Experience: Since 2020, our Avalon binoculars have been more than just an accessory; they’ve been our window to the wild. In South Africa’s bushveld, they helped me spot a growling leopard mere meters away — a heart-stopping moment of connection with one of nature’s most elusive creatures.

Having a decent pair of binoculars on safari is a no-brainer. You will want a pair that is waterproof and fogproof. This ensures that they are protected from humidity, moisture and dust.

Another good tip is for each traveller to have their own. Animals and birds don’t wait around while you share a look.

We’ve seen lions resting in bushes, puffins perched on Scottish cliffs, and an array of birds across Southern Africa. They’ve brought us face-to-face with Africa’s iconic animals, turning fleeting glimpses into vivid memories, making them an invaluable gift for any nature enthusiast.

While Avalon is our trusted brand, it’s sometimes hard to get hold of. We recommend other reputable brands well-known in the safari world, such as Celestron 10 x 42, Bushnell 10 x 42, and Nikon 10 x 42 Prostaff Series.

Ensure your gift has multicoated HD lenses, a compact and lightweight design, and complete waterproof and fog-proof features for the best experience.

The right pair of binoculars can make all the difference on a safari. By choosing a pair like the Avalon or other recommended brands, you’re giving more than a gift; you’re providing an essential tool for discovery and enjoyment, ensuring the recipient’s adventure is as vivid and thrilling as it should be.

Avalon 10x42 PRO HD Binoculars (Platinum)

We have these and love them but are hard to get hold of. We will be buying another recommended brand before we head back to Africa and our bush camper, which is in storage in Maun, Botswana.

  • stylish waterproof design
  • fully multicoated optics
  • razor sharp images
  • weigh only 550 grams
  • can be used with or without glasses
  • Difficult to get hold of
Buy on Amazon here

2. Columbia Sun Hat

walking-safari-in-teh south african bush with a guide carrying a gun
Shelley with the obligatory safari sun hat – and her Avalon Binoculars on a walking safari with Ivory Wilderness Guide in Klaserie Nature Reserve

On the sun-drenched plains of Africa, this hat is an essential shield. It’s especially important if you will be travelling in an open-top safari vehicle.

Having a wide brim and UPF 50 fabric protected us from the harsh rays, while the cooling mesh has been a boon under the sweltering heat.

It was particularly useful on a rhino safari tracking trip we took with our Ivory Wilderness Guide, Craig, where the sun beat down relentlessly. The chin strap is also useful as the wind can catch your hat unexpectedly and the last thing you need on safari is a flying hat!

In our years of safari adventures, our Sun Hats have become as crucial as any piece of gear.

Gift this Columbia Sun Hat, and you’re giving the traveller in your life a piece of essential gear that will accompany them on every step of their journey, ensuring they stay cool, protected, and ready to embrace the wonders of the wild.

Columbia Unisex Sunhat 50 UPF

Unisex Tillie Creek Omni-Shade 50 UPF Booney Hat (Beige, One Size).

This is a must-have item while on safari - especially if travelling in an open-top safari vehicle

  • Cooling mesh upper panel lets the breeze through.
  • Omni-Shade fabric provides UPF 50 protection from the sun.
  • Chin strap secures hat in windy conditions.
  • Lightweight to pack
  • Hand wash only
Buy on Amazon Now
02/18/2024 05:00 pm GMT

3. Safari Torch

This sturdy torch is a necessity for wandering around at night on safari. For example, if you are on safari in Botswana, there aren’t any fences, so wildlife can be right outside your accommodation.

We have about 4 torches like this dotted around the place for emergencies. In the glove box, two in our tent and one in our backpack.

We’ve used them to spot wildlife around our tent – like when I saw what I thought was the shadow of our camper and realised it was a huge hippo grazing less than a metre from us when I shone the torch.

Obviously, this is a handy and practical gift for anyone who loves the outdoors and camping, too

$18.49 ($9.24 / Count)

Compact Powerful Emergency Flashlights Made from Military-Grade Aluminum - Drop-resistant and Water-resistant.

Another of our must-have items while on safari - a great safari essential gift.

  • Sturdy
  • Bright light
  • Drop resitant
  • Water resistant
  • High Lumens light means battery depletes quicker
Buy on Amazon Now
02/18/2024 05:30 pm GMT

4. Water-to-Go Drinking bottle

water to go bottle on a table with a botswana beer can
Don’t get distracted by the beer – see our Water-to-go bottle in the background 😉

When gifting to someone heading to regions in Africa, where water can often be less than ideal, a Water-to-Go bottle is a thoughtful and practical present. It’s not just a gift; it’s a safeguard, ensuring that your loved one can hydrate safely wherever their adventure takes them.

These bottles are great at eliminating the muddy taste and harmful contaminants from water, a feature we’ve heavily relied on during our travels.

Personal Insight: We’ve personally used these bottles and can vouch for their effectiveness. They provided us with clean, taste-free water in areas where we otherwise might have hesitated to drink. From dodgy camp taps to rivers, it kept us supplied with germ-free water.

Gifting these means you’re offering peace of mind and health, something every traveller will appreciate.

Lifestraw as a Thoughtful Alternative: For a gift that’s easy to carry and just as protective, consider the Lifestraw. It’s an excellent option for eco-conscious travellers who prefer to pack light but still prioritize safety.

It’s a simple, and highly effective tool for making water drinkable, ideal for hikers, campers, and safari-goers.

The Gift of Safety and Sustainability: Providing a loved one with a means to purify their own water is not just a practical gift; it’s a deeply caring one. It shows consideration for their health and well-being and a nod to sustainable practices by reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles.

A Tip for Gift Givers: Accompany this gift with a note sharing why you chose it — perhaps mention a story or two from our experiences or express your wishes for their safe and exciting travels. It personalizes the gift and shows the thought you’ve put into their adventurous journey.

Closing Thoughts: In choosing a gift like a Water-to-Go bottle or Lifestraw, you’re providing a piece of essential gear that will accompany your loved one on every step of their journey, ensuring they stay safe and hydrated as they explore the wonders of the world.

Water to Go

We had two safari-style water-to-go bottles, and they were great. Travelling through Southern Africa, the water isn't great, and these were good at taking the muddy taste out of the water as well as all the nasties.

Another great gift option is this Lifestraw - which is even easier to pack.

  • Large 75cl bottle
  • Drinkable water anywhere
  • Fast and easy use - just fill and drink
  • Filter lasts about three months - buy a bundle for a better deal
Buy a Water-to-go bottle here

5. Solar Power Bank

In areas where electricity is a luxury, this solar charger stands out as a thoughtful, practical gift. It’s not just about keeping their phone charged; it’s about ensuring safety, enhancing convenience, and supporting their eco-conscious values.

  • Qi Wireless Fast Charging: The convenience of wireless charging means they can effortlessly power up their devices without fumbling for cables.
  • Camping Battery Power Pack: Its 10000mAh capacity ensures they have enough juice to keep their essential gadgets running throughout their journey.
  • Flashlight & Compass: These added features make it more than just a charger; it’s a multi-functional tool that’s invaluable in the bush or while camping.
  • Portable & Eco-Friendly: Its compact size means it can easily slip into a backpack, and its solar charging capability is a nod to sustainable travel practices.

We have solar chargers on our rooftop tent, but this solar charger is useful for saving charging problems in the bush or while camping.

Travel Sustainably
BLAVOR Solar Power Bank Solar Charger
£39.99 £32.99

Solar Charger 10000mAh, USB C Portable Power Bank With Solar Panel

We have solar chargers on our rooftop tent, but this solar charger is useful for saving charging problems in the bush or while camping.

  • Wireless charging
  • Portable & Eco-Friendly
  • Flashlight & Compass
  • Great for camping and hiking
  • Some buyers have reported a glitch with the solar charging - so check on arrival that it is working properly
Buy on Amazon here
02/18/2024 05:45 pm GMT

🐘 While these gifts are perfect for any safari enthusiast, you might want to dive deeper into our curated list of safari accessories. It’s specially designed to enhance the safari experience with practical and innovative items

Unique Gifts for Safari Lovers

  1. Wildlife Bracelets: Aid conservation with impactful accessories.
  2. Crossbody Mobile Phone Holder: Keep essentials secure and handy.
  3. 2024 Desk Calendar – African Wildlife: Daily glimpse of Africa’s wild beauty.
  4. Safari-themed Wine bottle Holder: An eye-catching cute giraffe gift.

6. Wildlife Bracelets – Contribute to Not for Profit Wildlife Programs

Experience a unique connection with wildlife through Fahlo’s partnership with non-profit organizations. These beautifully crafted bracelets represent a commitment to wildlife conservation, with each purchase contributing to the protection of various animals.

I have all of them apart from the Save the Dolphin one. The hardest thing for me was deciding which colours to choose. I decided I’d likely wear them together, so I chose similar colours, but in hindsight, I’d choose the colours that appealed to me most because I often just wear two or three at a time.

Choose from bracelets dedicated to:

🐢 Save The Sea Turtles

🐘 Save The Elephants

🦁 Save The Lions

🦒 Save the Reticulated Giraffes

🐬 Save the Dolphins

🐧 Save the Penguins

Each bracelet comes in a variety of colours and includes a fascinating story about a specific animal. You’ll also gain access to an interactive tracking map to follow your animal’s journey.

These bracelets make for a meaningful and impactful gift, perfect for safari enthusiasts who cherish wildlife and wish to contribute to its preservation.

Animal Tracking Bracelets

With each purchase contributing to wildlife conservation, choosing to gift one or more of these bracelets is a great eco-friendly choice.

 Use this discount code for 20% OFF: LIFEJOURNEY4TWO20

  • Helping wildlife
  • Well-made bracelets
  • Easy to wear
  • Make a statement
  • Track your animal
  • Lots of colour choices
  • They are very popular - so your delivery might be delayed around Christmas time - order early
Buy Your Bracelet here

7. Crossbody Mobile Phone Holder

By choosing this CHALA handbag as a gift, you’re offering more than just a place to store belongings; you’re providing a piece of practical art that celebrates the spirit of adventure and the love of wildlife.

When I’m not using my Pacsafe handbag, I have my mobile phone bag with me.

I bought an old leather one in Morocco when visiting Marrakech, but I came across this one on Amazon and fell in love with it.

Why do I recommend this? I find that popping my phone in my jacket pocket isn’t convenient because I risk losing it when I bend down to take photos (Yep – that’s happened more than once! Lars and I spent two hours looking for my phone in the sand dunes of Luskentyre Beach in the Outer Hebrides once!)

Also, getting out of trouser pockets when in a safari vehicle is not easy, so having it easily accessible in this little bag is perfect. It’s also a nod to your love of wildlife, so it makes for a nifty little bag at any time.

It’s a perfect gift for anyone who holds a special place in their heart for these majestic creatures.

Crossbody Cell Phone Bag

CHALA - - Women's PU Leather Multicolor Handbag with Adjustable Strap (Giraffe-Safari Sand)

  • Adjustable strap
  • Compact and convenient
  • Lined to prevent friction
  • The only cons I could find from reviews were:
  • Someone's strap broke
  • Couldn't fit a wallet and phone (I fit my small wallet and phone in my bag which is same size)
Buy on Amazon here
02/18/2024 06:10 pm GMT

8. 2024 Desk Calendar – African Wildlife

Give the gift of daily inspiration with this exquisite desk calendar featuring 12 fine art photography prints from our travels through Southern Africa.

Each month, your safari lover can turn the page to reveal another stunning snapshot of the wild, bringing the beauty of Africa into their daily life.

Our Boutique Unique Desk Calendar
African Wildlife Desk Calendar 2024

2024 Desk Calendar: African Wildlife. FREE SHIPPING 12 beautiful fine art photography prints from our travels through Southern Africa.

This calendar features a fold-out triangular centre to make it free-standing.

Printed on high-quality paper stock and measures 10 x 5 inches (25cm x 12.5 cm).

Makes a fabulous gift for friends and family who love wildlife and as inspiration for those heading off to or planning an African safari.

Buy on Etsy Now Check out our downloadable printable version too

9. Safari themed Wine bottle Holder – Eye Catching Giraffe

Don’t you just love this cute giraffe – It caught my eye immediately, and I think it would make a great gift for someone who loves wildlife or safaris.

With its quirky safari theme, this delightful giraffe wine bottle holder is a perfect gift for safari enthusiasts. It boasts impressive ⭐️ 5-star ratings for its realistic, high-quality paint job and sturdy build.

A fun addition to any home – especially for giraffe lovers.

Drinking Giraffe Wine Bottle Holder

  • Fun gift
  • Could be gifted with a bottle of wine to add to present
  • Buyers said it was well made and attractive
  • Mainly 5 star reviews but a couple reported that the giraffe arrived with a small chip.
Buy on Amazon here
02/18/2024 06:25 pm GMT

Gifts For the Practical Traveller

  1. Lightweight Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket: Chic and handy for securing valuables.
  2. The Freshette – A Female Urinary Device: Essential for women travellers.
  3. Hanging Toiletry Bag: Organises essentials for easy access.

10. Lightweight Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket

I always have a scarf with me, and this Infinity scarf has the added bonus of a zipper pocket – just perfect as a travel gift!

Having a lightweight scarf has been handy on our travels. It can be used to keep out the chill, dress up a plain t-shirt, put over your face when dust blows up, and be popped over your head when visiting religious places.

This quality infinity scarf has the added bonus of a zip pocket for storing a credit card or other light belongings, such as lipstick. It’s great for hiding credit cards and IDs while travelling.

Gifting this scarf means you’re giving the gift of peace of mind, knowing their valuables are safely tucked away yet easily accessible. You’re providing a multifunctional accessory that will become indispensable to any travel lover’s travel wardrobe. It’s a gift combining elegance with practicality, ensuring they travel comfortably and in style.

Infinity Scarf with Pocket

WAYPOINT GOODS Stylish and Lightweight Pocket Scarf for Women with Hidden Zipper for Passport, Wallet, and Other Travel Accessories.

  • Well hidden and deep pocket
  • Perfect for plane travel keeping small items handy
  • Beautiful designs to choose from
  • Mixed use as scarf, shrug, hood
  • Pricier than other brands but the quality is there
  • If you weigh down the zipper pocket, the scarf will hang funny
Buy on Amazon Now
02/18/2024 06:40 pm GMT

11. The Freshette – A Female Urinary Device

My freshette - a beige coloured funnel with a clear plastic flexible tube
My Freshette, which I keep wrapped in a flannel in the car door pocket

I use my Freshette all the time when we are road-tripping and camping. I’ve tried a few different types of female urinary devices, but this is by far my favourite.

I absolutely wouldn’t be without my Freshette when travelling.

It’s the perfect travel gift for all women ... especially if travelling in the bush or the outback, on long road trips and hiking.

When you gotta go, you gotta go! This reusable, washable funnel can easily be packed in a backpack, car glove compartment or even a handbag.

It is my lifesaver when we are travelling in Africa. You can see how excited I was about it on our Lifejourney4two Instagram story here.

One of my must-have road tripping items
Freshette Travel Female Urinary Device

And here is another of my travelling gems! Particularly when on safari and camping.

I've tried a few She-wees, and in my opinion, this is the absolute best.

  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and made to last for years
  • Retractable tube for easy storage
  • A flexible extension tube so flow can easily be directed.
  • No other colour options
Buy on Amazon here
02/18/2024 08:55 pm GMT

12. Hanging Toiletry Bag

My open toiletry bag showing it in use
My hanging toiletry bag
Hanging Toiletry Bag

Narwey Travel Toiletry Bag for Travel Size Essentials Accessories Cosmetics etc.

Having a place for all your toiletries is a must while travelling, and after having been in so many showers that don’t have a bench to put your things on — just a hook on the door —this hangable toiletry bag comes in handy.

I have this actual one and love it. It's my portable tardis 😉 I just keep filling it up, and it somehow still zips up. It has lots of pockets too for organising your bits and pieces. It's sturdy and great quality, and although it gets thrown a lot while we're camping and overlanding in Africa - It's still going strong.

This is a great travel gift for someone travelling in a motorhome, campervan or camping.

Buy on Amazon Now
02/18/2024 07:05 pm GMT


Safety-First Travel Gift Ideas

  1. Pacsafe anti-theft cross-body purse: Stylish security for belongings.
  2. Anti-theft Backpack: Ensuring peace of mind for travellers.

13. Pacsafe anti-theft cross-body purse

Shelley and Lars surrounded by tulips and shelley is wearing a black pacsafe bag
My Pacsafe bag and me (oh, and Lars) at Keukenhof Tulip Festival, Netherlands, 2017

This little beauty has been my constant companion since we started travelling full-time in 2017. With all of its anti-theft functions, it takes all the worry out of walking around busy tourist areas. It’s big enough for my iPhone, phone charger, passport, wallet, and a few other bits and pieces.

It has slashguard material, Turn and Lock-zip security and an in-built RFID to protect credit cards and passport IDs from scam scanners. The design has changed slightly since my purchase, but it still has all the same features … and more.

Top Pick
Pacsafe Citysafe Cx Anti Theft Convertible Crossbody Bag

I have a Citysafe Pacsafe anti-theft handbag, and it is fantastic. I bought it in 2016, and it is still going strong today. It has been my only travel handbag since then! I cannot recommend this brand highly enough.

Buy on Amazon Now
02/18/2024 07:20 pm GMT

Pacsafe has various designs that you might like, all with great anti-theft designs and although a little more expensive than some other brands, I can vouch that they last the distance! We also have a Pacsafe backpack going strong that we bought back in 2016!

Some other designs you might like:

14. Anti-theft Backpack

Pacsafe Metrosafe X Anti Theft Backpack

This anti-theft backpack has been another lifesaver whilst we have travelled across Europe. It has anti-slash mesh material and a lockable strap. Our is older and has a pulley system that works in the same way, but the newer versions are much more stylish and less fiddley. This means the bag can also be locked to something to prevent a grab and run.

In the campervan, we attached it to the table and locked all our laptops, etc., inside. It would make things very difficult for opportunistic thieves, and it puts safety at the top of the agenda.

Buy on Amazon
02/18/2024 07:25 pm GMT

Travel Gifts for Photography Lovers

  1. Travel Tripod: Portable and versatile for perfect captures.
  2. Lens Kit for Smartphone: Upgrade your phone’s photography game.

15. Travel Tripod

For your loved ones who are passionate about photography, this tripod will be a much-appreciated addition to their gear.

Its small size means it can go anywhere they do, ensuring they’re always ready to capture the perfect shot, whether that’s a landscape, a street scene, or a close-up of nature’s wonders.

our Manfrotto travel tripod
Our Manfrotto travel tripod
Mini Tripod
$64.45 $50.40

2-Section Mini Tripod for Mirrorless Cameras, Compact System Cameras, DSLR, Video,

We use our Manfrotto Travel tripod when we are taking macro pics, and it's great to fit into your travel case.

Due to its compact nature, it's great to fit into our camera bags and to use when we aren't lugging our full-size ones.

Buy on Amazon here
02/18/2024 07:30 pm GMT

16. Lens Kit for Smartphone

Selvim Phone Camera Lens Kit (4 in 1)

We love photography, and if you follow us, you'll know Lars is an experienced, award-winning and extremely passionate photographer. While on safari, we mainly use our a9 cameras for both photos and video, but I also use my iPhone.

For those who only have a phone camera - this is a really good option to help capture those distant shots and play with macro and wide-angle photography.

Customers who have bought this like the quality and ease of use of the camera lenses. They mention that the fish-eye lens is super fun and works great, and the wide-angle lens works well on stationary tripods.

4 in 1 Lens kit compatible with iPhone 7 8 11 pro max X XS XR Android Samsung

  • 22X Telephoto Lens
  • 235° Fisheye Lens
  • 0.62X Wide Angle Lens
  • 25X Macro Lens

Buy on Amazon here
02/18/2024 07:35 pm GMT

If you’ve found our guide helpful, you might also enjoy our detailed posts on travel photography gear and safari accessories. These guides delve even deeper into specific needs and preferences for travellers and photographers alike, ensuring you’re well-equipped for any adventure.

Travel Gifts for Comforts and Convenience

  1. Travel pillow: Comfort on the go.
  2. Cable Organiser: Tangle-free travel.
  3. Packing Cubes: Simplify and save space.
  4. Travel Journal: Record adventures.
  5. Passport Pouch: Stylish security.
  6. Luggage Tags: Personalized for easy ID.

17. Travel Pillow

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

This travel pillow is a little different to the standard as it is a Twist, Memory Foam Travel Pillow.

It provides head, chin and neck support and is particularly great for long travels. 

It comes with earplugs, a sleep mask and a travel bag. The cover is machine washable for a fresh experience every time. 

I haven't got this as we are always so short on space in our camper at the other end of our flights (normally to Africa), but I always wish I had one when I see others sleeping soundly on the plane!

Customers who've bought this like the body positioner's comfort, travel, and adjustability. They mention that it's a very comfortable pillow, works great for travel, provides perfect support for travel or home, and has a zip-off cover that makes it easy to clean.

4.3/5 star (over 3000+ reviews)

Buy on Amazon Now
02/18/2024 07:55 pm GMT

18. Cable Organiser

Cable organiser packing bag
This had been an awesome purchase – keeps all our camera, kindle, etc, connections and bits and pieces all in one place
Electronics Organizer

Travel, Travel Cord Organizer Case, Compact Electronics Accessories Bag for Cable, Cord, Charger, Phone.

Travelling with laptops, iPhones, cameras, iPads, portable phone chargers, hard drives, etc., means we have a lot of cables that tended to get jumbled up and lost in the bottom of our bags – until we bought this cable organiser.

It saves so much time because we’re not searching around in every little nook and cranny trying to find the right cable. It also comes in different colours.

This is one of our travel items we couldn't be without.

Buy on Amazon here
02/18/2024 02:35 pm GMT

19. 8 pce Luggage Packing Cubes

black and grey and see trhough mesh packing cubes with our clothes in packed in a black bag.
Our Bagail Packing Cubes – these make life so much easier when travelling as I pack similar items together and it saves rummaging around in my bag.
BAGAIL 6 Set Packing Cubes

BAGAIL 6 Set Packing Cubes,3 Various Sizes Travel Luggage Packing Organizers.

These lightweight, premium, upgraded nylon fabric packing cases are just fantastic. They are hard-wearing, and the mesh part enables you to see the clothes that are inside. You can pack all the same types of clothes together, saving heaps of time rather than rummaging around in your suitcase to find something. I just love these and am really happy with this brand. 

They are an invaluable part of our travel accessories and would make a handy, practical travel gift. They come in assorted colours, too.

We'd recommend getting different colours for each person to differentiate packing. 

Buy on Amazon here
02/18/2024 08:00 pm GMT

20. Travel Journal

Leather Writing Journal

Leather Vintage Travel Journal - Refillable Notebook with Lined Pages. I was given a travel journal as a gift before leaving on our road-tripping adventures and it made it that little bit extra special every time I used it.

My favourite pick is this Vintage Travel Journal But there are so many designs to choose from on Amazon.

You could think about adding some coloured journal pens to help make journal writing more fun. This is a great, easy travel gift.

Buy on Amazon here Now
02/18/2024 08:05 pm GMT

21. Cute Lilly Pulitzer Vegan Leather Passport Pouch

Lilly Pulitzer Vegan Leather Passport Holder

This cute Lilly Pulitzer Vegan Leather passport holder is that extra special travel gift for her.

It comes in 7 different pretty designs, has three card slots, and easily fits purses and bags, making this the perfect travel accessory for any adventure.

Buy on Amazon here
02/18/2024 08:10 pm GMT

22. Luggage Tags

You can’t go wrong with these gorgeous luggage tags as a small travel gift or stocking filler. There are so many varied designs to choose from. We always have tags on our luggage – for two reasons.

One, is to recognise our bags easily, and another is to make sure the airline knows how to contact us if the bag goes astray.

Click on the images above or check out all the other amazing designs on Amazon. 

Tech Essentials For Modern Explorers

  1. Portable Digital Luggage Scale: Avoid excess fees.
  2. Kindle: Endless reading anywhere.
  3. Kindle or Audible Subscription: Library at their fingertips.
  4. Noise Cancelling Earphones Peace in the chaos.
  5. Portable phone charger: Always powered up.

23. Digital Luggage Scale

Portable Luggage Scale

Portable Digital Hanging Baggage Scale for Travel, Suitcase Weight Scale with Rubber Paint, 110 Pounds, Battery Included - Blue.

One of our main concerns each time we take a flight is whether we will be over on our luggage allowance.

It’s also not ideal when you are checking in and trying to juggle weights between your bags or deciding which items you can get rid of so you don’t have to pay any astronomical excess baggage fees.

This small and lightweight digital scale is just perfect for popping into your bag and is great for taking the stress out of possible excess baggage fees. This is another really practical and handy travel gift.

Buy Now
02/18/2024 08:15 pm GMT

24. Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof Signature Edition

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

Essentials Bundle including Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition - Wifi, Without Ads, Amazon Leather Cover, and Wireless charging dock.

When travelling you need as much space-saving as possible. Up until recently, I was reading books on my Ipad but it was always difficult to read outside, so I am loving my paperwhite Kindle which is easy to read outdoors and has the added bonus of being waterproof.

This version comes with a wireless charging unit and leather cover.

Give this great travel gift of easy reading to your travel lover and they’ll think of you every time they open it.

Buy on Amazon Now
02/18/2024 08:20 pm GMT

25. Subscription to Kindle Unlimited or to Audible

Why not gift a subscription to Kindle Unlimited? You can cancel the subscription anytime, so it’s really worth signing up for at least the first month free.

Another great gift idea for a traveller is Audible. Whether on a road trip, a long flight or backpacking, being able to listen to a book while on the move is an added bonus. This comes with a free one-month trial.

26. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Lars listening to music through his Bose headphones
Bose QuietComfort 45 Headphones Bundle

We both have noise-cancelling earphones - but Lars' Bose pair are the best. I have a generic brand and am always trying to swap with him on long flights as he is much better at noise cancelling and is a better fit.

Lars listens to a lot of music on our long flights, and the sound quality is superior on his Bose earphones. He bought his in 2012, and they are still just as good. Technology has moved on, and most noise-cancelling earphones are now wireless, which is even better.

Having noise-cancelling is a must on a long flight - especially if you are near an unsettled baby or toddler.

This bundle includes:


Buy on Amazon here
02/18/2024 08:25 pm GMT

Another good option, and cheaper than Bose, is the Sony Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones with Mic, 30 Hours Battery Life, Quick Charge, and ALEXA voice control.

Noise-cancelling earphones definitely make a flight more comfortable, and with 30 hours of battery life, these will last most long-distance flights. 

27. Portable phone charger

Portable iPhone Charger
$22.99 $12.74

Abnoys Portable Charger, Power-Bank, Mini Ultra Compact Portable Phone Charger Battery Pack for iPhone Comes with a Type-C Conversion.

This travel phone charger fits in your purse just like lipstick—a useful travel gift for those on the go.

A portable phone charger while travelling is super handy — especially if you use your phone as a camera or GPS because the battery runs down much quicker.

Buy on Amazon now
02/18/2024 08:30 pm GMT

Cultivating Travel Curiosity

  1. Who Knows Where Game: Ignite travel curiosity.
  2. Getaway Recipe Book: Culinary world tour.
  3. Travel Experience: Unique adventure voucher.
  4. Ancestry DNA kit: Heritage discovery journey.

28. Who Knows Where Travel Game

Our Who Knows Where game playing board with some cards on a world map with a dice and two small cubes
Our Who Knows Where Game
Who Knows Where?

This is a Location Educational Family Board Game for Adults Where You Guess Famous geographical locations on a map of The World.

This is one of our favourite games.

This brilliant, award-winning board game has over 1000 questions in 5 categories, including capitals, major cities and towns, events and facts, famous tourist sites and beautiful images of iconic landmarks.

Everyone plays at the same time, so no hanging around waiting for your turn. Where in the World is an educational and fun game for travel lovers.

🎲 For more travel games, check out our Best Travel Games Here 

Buy on Amazon Now 👉 Click here for more travel games we love
02/18/2024 08:35 pm GMT

29. Getaway Recipe Book and Travelogue

Getaway: Food & Drink to Transport You
$40.00 $26.91

For travel lovers who love to cook this is a wonderful gift to bring back memories or to inspire future travels. 

Acclaimed chef Renee Erickson invites the reader on a culinary journey via her favourite places in the world―Rome, Paris, Normandy, Baja California, London, and her hometown, Seattle.

A travelogue and practical guide to cooking at home, the book offers 120 recipes and 60 cocktail recipes for simple meals that evoke the dreamiest places and cuisines

Buy on Amazon here
02/18/2024 08:40 pm GMT

30. Buy A Tinggly Travel Experience

Tinggly - World's most inspiring experience gifts in one gift box

Now, if there is one gift that is a no-brainer for a travel lover is the gift of an ‘experience’ rather than ‘things’. I definitely get the ‘travel tingle’ when I look through all the amazing options available.

Give the gift of the ‘travel bug’ showing your travel lover all the possibilities open to them. In addition to a wide variety of worldwide experiences to choose from, there is no limiting time frame and each purchase goes towards offsetting CO2 and removing toxic plastics from the environment.

This is the perfect travel gift offering travel excitement and experiences. Some of the Tinggly Gift Boxes include:

  • Experience the World Collection
  • Merry Christmas Collection
  • Bucket List Collection
  • Ultimate Collection

Tinggly makes it easy to find inspiring and unique gifts, saving you time and hassle. It takes just a couple of minutes to purchase one but the memories last a lifetime. 

Buy from Tinggly here

31. Ancestry DNA Kit

AncestryDNA Genetic Test Kit

Embark on a journey into the past with a DNA Ancestry Test.

While we were living in Scotland - I bought we bought a test for Lars and me and also as gifts for my three sons. I am 40% Scottish, as it turns out, so tracing my family tree and visiting places where my ancestors had lived was really cool.

It's a gift that offers a glimpse into one's heritage, linking to diverse cultures and rich histories. A DNA adventure for any traveller.

Buy on Amazon Now
02/18/2024 08:45 pm GMT

More Gift Ideas for Every Type of Traveller

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Fantastic Safari and Travel Gifts … That’s a Wrap

Discovering the perfect gift for your adventurous loved ones has never been easier.

Our curated selection of travel and safari essentials combines practicality, style, and a deep love for exploration. From life-enhancing gadgets to inspiring accessories, these gifts are sure to delight any traveller.

Whether they’re setting off on a safari or embarking on a global adventure, your gift will be a cherished companion on their journey.

Choose wisely, and you’ll give more than just a present — you’ll be part of their next great adventure.

Happy travel gift shopping, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

Have we missed anything that you think would make the perfect travel gift? Drop us a line or leave a comment below.

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