35 Fun Travel Games for Adults 2023

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We’ve put together this list of adult travel games that are perfect for travel lovers setting off on a road trip, for packing in your suitcase or backpack, or simply great to play because they feed your love of travel.

These travel games are sorted into four categories to make things easier for you:

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Whether you are looking for travel games for adults, couples or for families, there are plenty to choose from here.

But … if we had to pick the very best travel games, our top three would be:

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🏆 Who Knows Where

This is our favourite travel game. There are 1000 questions in 5 categories: capitals, major cities and towns, events and facts, famous tourist sites and awesome images of many iconic landmarks. It’s a fantastic way to learn about the world.

It’s really simple to play — you place a pyramid on the world map to guess an answer and everyone plays on each turn so there’s no waiting for your turn.

The Perfect gift for travel lovers

🏆 You can buy WHO KNOWS WHERE on Amazon here.

🏆 Dobble

Image of Dobble travel game

Dobble is such an easy game to learn but so much fun and so simple to pack in a suitcase. so just the ticket for taking with you on holiday or camping. We have played it for years and it still provides plenty of entertainment and is also great for keeping the brain active.

All ages can play this inclusive game and it’s often the younger ones who can play the best! What’s even better is that there are now several themes to choose from. So, there is no excuse ever to get bored with the items you’re trying to match up on the cards.

The idea is to be the first to call out what symbol or picture matches between two cards — there is ALWAYS one, but sometimes you feel that there can’t possibly be a match.

🏆 You can buy Dobble on Amazon here.

🏆 Randomise

Randomise is the perfect travel-size game with a fun mix of acting, drawing or describing. It’s a great portable size ( 2 card packs) so just great for taking on your travels or playing at home

It’s so easy to play and you can choose how you can best convey what’s on your card. Can you describe a confused dinosaur selling lemonade or act out a clumsy beaver hula hooping? This hilarious game is suitable for ages 8 upwards and from 4 to 40 players.

🏆 You can buy Randomise on Amazon here.

List of Assorted Adult Travel Games

We love playing games, and when we’re on the road we look for easy-to-pack, compact, light and fun travel games to take with us.

We also enjoy games related to travel, which often means we are learning something new about the world around us at the same time.

Playing fun travel games is one way you can recharge and develop closer relationships with your loved ones.

There are many studies that show that playing board and card games lower stress, increases cognitive abilities and increases your ‘feel-good endorphins.

travel games for adults image with letters spelling fun

If you are on the road and have limited space, you will want travel games that take up little space and are easy to store in your travel bag, campervan, motorhome or RV.

Therefore, we’ve included plenty of small travel games.

You’ll find all of our favourite travel games here, those recommended by other campers, and we’ve also scoured the internet to find those that we think you’ll enjoy.

This post will save you precious time searching the internet and provide you with a fun range of travel games to choose from, for plenty of entertaining playfulness on your next travel adventure or road trip


While many games in this Travel Game post can be played by young and old and make for great family travel fun, the games listed in this section are travel games geared towards adults only.

They include a mix of games, some related to travel and also those games that are small and compact enough to take on your travels.


The Who Knows Where is a great travel game for adults and is perfect for travel lovers.

If you like to test your knowledge of the world or want to improve on it, then this game is tops. Although it’s not easy to fit in a backpack, if you have a camper we’d recommend making room for it.

The World version tests your knowledge of places around the world, with all players placing their pyramids on a square on the map. Both questions and photos have you guessing locations around the globe.

This is one of our all-time favourite games and it can be played with either easy (which are challenging enough), or hard questions. The board can also be turned over for an even more difficult game not showing the countries.

As well as the World version there is also a UK version of the game too.

⭐️ View Who Knows Where Price on Amazon

Codenames game - an adult travel game


Codenames is a really cool game where you give one-word clues to your partner and hope to solve the puzzle together.

I found this helpful and thorough video on how to play here. You have limited turns and

It’s a fantastic game of focus and fun for two players.

Ideal for playing in a motorhome, as you need a table or flat surface to lay out a grid of cards.

⭐️ View Codenames Price on Amazon


Love Escape Rooms?

Take one away with you on your travels for a fun, sleuthing time.

There are several types to choose from and come in an easy-to-pack bag, full of clues, posters and secret codes to help you solve the problem and ‘escape the room’. 

Try this Mission to Mars, or solve the Mystery of Flight 937 or The Bank Job

⭐️ View Escape Rooms Prices on Amazon

I should have known that travel game


A box of trivia card questions of things you really ‘oughta know.

Points are subtracted for every wrong answer. 

The box is only 14cm x 14 x 4 cm so it’s a great travel-size game for adults and easy to slip into your travel bag or pack in your motorhome, RV or campervan. 

⭐️ View Price on Amazon


This game is based on the TV show Mr & Mrs, which I remember watching as a kid and wondering whether I would know my husband well enough to answer the questions right.

It’s a great game for long drives and also good fun with friends using the paddle round.

⭐️ View MR & MRS on Amazon


Mapominoes are similar to Dominoes and it is good for those wanting to increase their knowledge of flags, capitals, seas and knowledge of which country borders which.

It took us a few games to get the gist but with continued playing, you start to think more strategically. The game has a few alternative rule options to keep things fresh.

It’s a neatly compacted card game so easy to take travelling.

⭐️ View Maponimoes Price Here


A compact trivia card game for the family that includes 80 quiz questions from around the globe plus bonus facts. It comes in a small durable plastic box making it the perfect travel companion.

With a good cross-section of questions, everyone will be wanting to join in.

⭐️ View this Travel Trivia Card Game on Amazon


Image of Dobble travel game


Dobble has been one of our favourite games as a family. My adult sons absolutely love it and it’s a fabulous all-rounder and compact enough to pop in any travel bag.

We have the above original pack but the game is so popular now that there are heaps of assorted packs to choose from.

Dobble comes in several different themes, including:

It is a fun game that can be played with 2 or more players. Great for exercising the brain, improving reaction times and having some friendly competitive fun.

Fantastic fun for any age and one of those perfect games that are suitable for 4-year-olds to 90-year-olds.

⭐️ View Dobble Price on Amazon


Zilch gets raving reviews and is a fun game for couples or the whole family.

It’s a fast-paced game and a cross between Dobble, Scrabble and Uno. This frenzied word game involves 102 brightly coloured letter cards and the aim is to be the first to make a certain number of letter words.

It’s compact, fun, and perfect for holidays, road trips and … well, just about any time.

⭐️ View Zilch Price on Amazon


The 5 Second Rule game now comes in a handy travel-size version.

You have to name three items in 5 seconds. Sounds easy right? Not so when the clock is ticking and the pressure is on!

⭐️ View 5-Second Rule Price on Amazon

Hive travel game


The fun strategic game of Hive now comes in a smaller size with a drawstring bag for easy travel storage. No board is needed, just a flat surface to place your tiles.

The aim is to stop your queen bee from being completely surrounded by the other insects in the hive. The insects can make different moves depending on what they are, some can even land on opponent tiles which adds another dimension to this almost chess-like game. 

A great travel game for two players who love a bit of strategising. 

⭐️ View Hive Price on Amazon


Image of banagrams banana shaped case with letter tiles

You can’t get a word game much more compact or easy to travel with than the award-winning word-building game of Bananagrams.

The fun banana-shaped travel case is a terrific shape for fitting into small spaces, just perfect for travel games to take on your road trip.

The game is a little like Scrabble but without the board, the perfect travel-size game.

⭐️ View Bananagrams Here

Yahtzee game


Yahtzee involves 5 dice and a scorecard and is a game involving predicting possibilities and odds. It’s a little complicated to get the hang of but a great game once you grasp the rules and how to score.

It comes with a natty little bag that is light and easy to tuck into travel bags. One or more players.

⭐️ View Yahtzee on Amazon

Rummikub travel game


Another travel version of a favourite strategy game, Rummikub, in which you make ‘sets’ and gradually get rid of your tiles.

Rummikub Travel is basically a compact tile version of the card game, Rummy.

Supplied in a sturdy tin, this is a great travel game for 2, 3 or 4 players for ages 7 +.

⭐️ View Rummikub Price on Amazon

Boggle travel game


A fantastic travel game that takes up very little space and gets the old grey matter working.

The aim of the game is to form as many words as possible from the shaken letters. You have 90 seconds to write down as many words as you can find on the grid of letters before time is up. At the end of the round, score the words.

If two or more players find the same word, that word doesn’t count. The player with the highest score wins.

Travel Boggle comes in an easy-to-store travel case for both timer and dice and is suitable for players 7+.

⭐️ View Boggle Price on Amazon

Pass the pigs travel game


Pass the Pigs is an addictive dice game for 2  to 4 players. Its small plastic case makes it easy to carry and a terrific travel game to have with you on a trip.

Points are gained and lost depending on how the pig has landed. Whatever you do you don’t want to throw an oinker or a piggyback!

⭐️ View Pass the Pigs Price on Amazon

Qwirkle tiles


The new Travel Qwirkle is an easy-to-play game that can be played as simply or as strategically as you like.

The aim of the game is to create rows of similar shapes or colours. Therefore it is great for all ages and is now the perfect size for taking with you on your travels.

⭐️ View Qwirkle Price on Amazon

Game of Quidler


We’ve not played this game yet, but so many fellow travellers have recommended it so we added it to this list

It’s a fun word game that is quick to play and challenges the brain matter.

Suitable for 8 years and up and from 1-8 players.

⭐️ View Quiddler Price on Amazon

Monopoly Deal Card Game


MonopolyDeal is the most popular of the Monopoly card games. It is just as much fun for two players as five.

The game takes about 5 -15 minutes (longer with more players) and the aim of the game is to collect three sets of properties. 

⭐️ View Monopoly Deal on Amazon

Magnetic Travel Chess Game


There’s nothing quite like a game of chess to focus and quieten the mind.

This easy-to-store magnetic board makes it easier to play without knocking the pieces over and therefore makes a wonderful game to have in your camper, motorhome or travel bag. 

⭐️ View Travel Chess on Amazon

Travel Scrabble image


Scrabble. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t play online Scrabble with my youngest son (He’s in his 20s).

I love this game, and the more you play the more strategic you become.

This is a great travel version that keeps the tiles in place and comes in a compact case.

Wonderful for keeping the brain active and just the thing to wind down after a day on the road.

There is also a deluxe travel version available if you want to splash out.

⭐️ View Travel Scrabble on Amazon

22. Taco v Burrito Card Game

This award-winning family-friendly card game has been a massive hit. Be the first to build the first valuable meal.

It can be simple or very strategic. Can be played with 2-4 players.

Fun for both kids and adults” – Bustle

⭐️ Buy Taco v Burrito on Amazon


The first few games listed in this section are just awesome, and we have them all.

Not only are these games great fun to play, but we love to recommend this company, Gamely, because of their ethos.

Gamely give 10% of their profits and thousands of games to charity, as well as planting 10 trees for every one they use in the production of their games.

The icing on the cake for us, as travellers and road trippers, is that Gamely Games are all compact and therefore absolutely perfect for taking on road trips, packing in a backpack and stashing in a campervan or motorhome.

You take a look at their whole range of Gamely games here.

23. RANDOMISE by Gamely

Randomise comes in a small package but packs a huge bundle of fun. We love this game which combines mime, drawing and describing hilarious random characters.

As the game box says, ‘Big laughs in a small box. Randomise is guaranteed to make everyone smile‘… and that’s exactly what it is.

⭐️ View Randomize Price on Amazon

24. SOUNDICULOUS by Gamely

Another hilarious and fun game, Soundiculous is for 4 or more players, it’s easy to learn and can be played at various levels. You need to make a sound that can be guessed by your teammates.

Don’t be surprised if you have tears rolling down your cheeks and aching cheeks from laughing so much after this game.

From the easier noises such as trains and monkeys to the more difficult of wrestling or a scuba diver.

This game will have you in stitches as the noises that come out of your mouth don’t quite match what you might have in your head 🙂

⭐️ View Soundiculous Price on Amazon


The game of fast draws and quick thinking deciphering. Everyone plays at the same time with one minute to draw ten items. To win points players need to guess what has been drawn.

Another totally entertaining game by Gamely that will have you scribbling like crazy and scrambling your brain to work out what on earth it is you are looking at.

One of my favourites, and I can’t draw to save my life! Playing this was so much fun, my sides hurt from laughing.

Again, super compact and perfect to take travelling and as a campervan game.

⭐️ View Six Second Scribbler Price on Amazon

Pictionary card game


Always sure to get the merriment moving along is this fast-paced game of Pictionary with a twist.

Clues are given using a mixture of cards and charades – no drawing is required.

⭐️ View Travel Pictionary on Amazon

Exploding Kittens


One of the latest games to hit the world by storm is the card game, Exploding Kittens. It’s sold over 10 million copies and is an Amazon Bestseller.

The aim of the game is to not get blown up but you can get help from old Back hair, rubbing the belly of a pig-a-corn or seeking out the wisdom of a Goat Wizard. 

Fun for all the family, easy to learn and takes 15 minutes to play. 

⭐️ View Exploding Kittens Price on Amazon

Sasquatch Camping game


Get your ‘roar’ on with this fun family card game. Similar to the card game rummy but with camping-themed cards.

The Sasquatch is the fun wild card. This game can be played anywhere and is nice and compact making it just right for a travel game.

⭐️ View Camping Sasquatch Price on Amazon

Articulate game


Articulate is one of my all-time favourite games. You can buy a travel version of this game but there aren’t many cards in that version so it is well worth investing in the full-sized game.

Inside there is a large box of Articulate Cards — so just take that smaller box with you on your road trip and use a point system rather than the game board that it comes with.

‘You have to describe a word without actually saying it — when you’re racing the timer, it’s not as easy as you might think. 

⭐️ View Articulate Price on Amazon

Travel Uno


I used to play UNO with my kids all the time when camping. It’s the classic family card game that’s easy to learn and fun to play.

This travel tin version is the perfect size for taking on your road trip as a handy travel game. 

You can use strategic tactics with special action cards like skips, reverses, draw twos and colour-changing wild cards. 

This is a fun family game for adults, teens and kids 7 years old and up. 

⭐️ View Uno Price on Amazon

Monopoly bid travel game


Monopoly Bid is an offshoot of the classic board game Monopoly and although similar to the Monopoly Deal, it is easier to play and more fun with more than two players. Suitable for 7-year-olds and up,  straightforward rules and the game takes about 15 minutes.

If you want to take the board game on your travels then consider this Monopoly Travel Board where pieces stay in place while you travel!

⭐️ View Monopoly Bid Price on Amazon

32. PIT

It’s hard to find a bad review of this game – everyone seems to love it and it’s a great game to play in a group of 3-8 players.

PIT is a compact card game, with a trading bell to be rung once the winner has collected all commodities. A fast, frantic trading game with lots of calling out and frenzied fun.

⭐️ View PIT Price on Amazon


Bean Bag Cornhole Game


This is a travel version of the Cornhole bean bag game that comes in a convenient travel case and is easily assembled and collapsed.

The aim of the game is to score points by throwing the bean bag into the hole. A great way for all the family to practise their coordination and throwing skills.

⭐️ View Bean Bag Game Price on Amazon

Bocce Ball


Who doesn’t love Bocce?

Fun for 2 to 8 players this set is a terrific addition to any campervan game kit … if you have the room.

It’s also a pleasurable way to while away the time at a campsite, on the beach or in a park. Encourage your fellow campers to join in the fun and get social. 

A game that can be enjoyed by all ages. 

⭐️ View Bocce Price on Amazon

Quoits game  image


Quoits is another fun game to take camping which everyone can enjoy.

This pack is easy to assemble and comes with its own travel case. 

⭐️ View Quoits Price on Amazon


Creating this post, with all of our favourite travel games and researching other great games, has inspired me to take some of these back to Africa when we return to our 4×4 bush camper and continue our Overlanding Africa trip.

I must admit I am, and always have been, a lover of games and they go perfectly with a road trip lifestyle, where you don’t always have access to electricity and wifi.

I keep a keen eye out for games to play in a camper and two-player adult travel games. I’m not even that competitive — though my family may disagree with me on that. I just enjoy the whole process and like sharing the moment with my loved ones or friends.

These travel games are equally great as gifts as they are for collecting your own stash of fun games.

Do let us know your favourite travel games and remember to share or save this post for future reference.

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