Tin Horse Highway: A Quirky Journey in Kulin, Western Australia

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As we started out along the Tin Horse Highway, we quickly realised this was no ordinary ‘mane‘ road. Each tin horse beckoned us to rein in our pace and appreciate the ‘neigh’-bourhood artistry.

Chuckling and snapping pics the whole way, we enjoyed this unique 15-kilometre stretch filled with creative fun and charm.

Perfect for families, photographers, and anyone who loves the quirky and unusual, the Tin Horse Highway is a true ‘horsey‘ hoot!

Tin-horse-highway-Kulin Horse as a postie
Special delivery: one horse-powered mail service! ©Lifejourney4two

In the golden fields of Kulin, local creativity turns scrap metal into charming roadside attractions. Beginning more than twenty years ago as a local joke, this artistic stretch has captured the hearts of visitors from across the country.

Each sculpture tells a story of local pride and friendly competition.

So get ready and keep your cameras handy as we explore this outdoor gallery—every piece brings a smile and shares a story of boundless creativity and camaraderie.

Tin horse higway horse - brown tin barrels with yellow shorts and sign saying Rocky the Italian stallion
Rocky – the Italian Stallion on the Tin Horse Highway ©Lifejourney4two

🐴 The Quirky Tin Horse Highway, Kulin in a Nutshell

On our way back from Wave Rock to Perth, we decided to check out the Tin Horse Highway. It was way more entertaining than we expected!

This road stretches about 15 kilometres and is dotted with playful tin horses. We couldn’t help but stop several times to take photos and admire the local community’s creativity and humour.

We go into more detail on all of this below, but here’s a quick rundown of what this funky place is all about:

What is the Tin Horse Highway?

The Tin Horse Highway is a road with over 70 horse sculptures dotted around on both sides of the road in the adjacent paddocks. The sculptures are made from various spare parts, such as old barrel drums, farm equipment, and odd bits and pieces.

Silver horse with Kulin written on the side
Silver Stallion me thinks ©Lifejourney4two

Where Tin Horse Highway Begins and Ends

The journey starts just outside the town of Kulin and continues straight for 15 kilometres to the intersection of Kulin-Lake Grace Rd and Jilakin Rock Rd N.

Cost and Opening

The road is open all year round and is free.

Why It’s There

Over 20 years ago, some folks in Kulin started making these tin horses to drum up interest in their local horse races. It has now turned into this awesome roadside gallery that showcases the town’s quirky sense of humour and artistic flair.

It Keeps Changing

What’s cool is that it’s always getting updated. With over 70 already in place, new horses pop up yearly, especially around the time of the annual Bush Races, keeping the whole thing fresh and exciting.

Tin-Horse-Highway-Kulin large yellow horse made from barrels and a farmer made of tin sitting on the yellow barrel horse
A bright addition to the Tin Horse collection ©Lifejourney4two

What You’ll See

You’ll come across a range of tin horse sculptures, from simple ones to some really intricate ones that tell little stories about life in and around Kulin.

If you’re curious about what’s next, keep reading—there’s plenty more to see, and yes, that includes a whole gallery of photos just waiting to be explored!

So, let’s giddy up and dive into the artful world of Kulin’s Tin Horse Highway.

Andy Capp tin horse playing darts on the Tin Horse Highway
Andy Capped Horse Racing ©Lifejourney4two

Where is the Tin Horse Highway?

You’ll find the Tin Horse Highway in the town of Kulin, one of Western Australia’s Wheatbelt towns.

The Tin Horse Highway starts in the town and stretches for 15 km to the east on Kulin – Lake Grace Road, ending at the intersection of Kulin-Lake Grace Rd and Jilakin Rock Rd North.

For more adventures in Western Australia – check out our dedicated page to all it’s wonders.

You’ll see this sign at the start of either end of the Tin Horse Highway ©Lifejourney4two

Tin Horse Highway Map

Tin Horse HIghway Route
Tin Horse Highway start and end

However, you’ll also spot these delightful stallions, mares, colts and fillies all over town and on the road heading north through Kulin West on the Corrigen-Kulin Road until you reach the Corrigin-Kondinin Road.

Full route for spotting Tin Horses
Tin Horses are found along this whole route ©Lifejourney4two

About the Tin Horse Highway

The Tin Horse Highway began as a way of advertising the Bush Races, but with friendly rivalry between the local Kulin residents and a drive to encourage tourists to Kulin, it has galloped into the limelight.

Local farmers and residents have since created many quirky, clever, funny tin horses made from scrap metal, old drums, and bits of pieces. This display now captures the hearts and minds of all who drive by, spreading the word far and wide.

Play horse Magazine - a horse sat on a toilet reading the magazine
Enjoying the Playhorse Magazine while on the loo! ©Lifejourney4two

A 15 km Stretch of Imagination

Stretching over 15 kilometres from the town of Kulin to the Jilakin Rock, the highway (officially the Gorge Rock – Lake Grace Road) is dotted with over 70 imaginative tin horses.

These sculptures line the Tin Horse Highway and are spread throughout the Kulin Shire and the town itself, showcasing the community’s light-hearted spirit.

Tin Horse Highway Tomato sauce bottle lookalike horse called Tomato horse
Heinz Tomato Horse ©Lifejourney4two

Dynamic and Ever-Growing

The Tin Horse Highway is a living project, with new and increasingly cheeky tin horses appearing regularly.

From the colossal ‘West Kulin Whoppa’—the largest tin horse in the region—to the patriotic Tilly, the Filly at the Recreation Centre, the highway offers surprises around every bend.

Tilly Filly dressed in soccer colours of the Matilda soccer team
Tilly the Filly’ doing her bit for our amazing Matildas Soccer team ©Lifejourney4two

Our Favourite Tin Horses

Each tin horse on the Tin Horse Highway tells a story, showcasing the vibrant spirit and creativity of Kulin’s community.

From whimsical takes on popular culture to charming depictions of rural life, these sculptures do more than decorate the road; they capture the heart and humour of Kulin.

Here are a few of our favourite tin horses that not only caught our eye but also brought smiles to our faces.

Our Top Picks

Tin-horse-highway-Kulin horse in a daisy dress with flowers on the fence and gardening
Flower power ©Lifejourney4two

This pretty gardening filly was my favorite tin horse. It was just so cheery and colourful, instantly bringing a smile to my face with its ‘feel good’ display.

In contrast, Lars’s favourite took a more humorous turn. Featured above, his ‘Playhorse magazine horse on the toilet’ showcases a witty and playful side of the Tin Horse Highway.

It’s a brilliant depiction of a horse in quite the unexpected situation proving that creativity here knows no bounds!

Tin horse painting
An equine artist in the making ©Lifejourney4two

This was another of my favourites, that I almost missed as we drove through the town. You need to keep your eyes peeled on both sides of the road to spot these horsey gems.

The community must have such fun making these sculptures and I would imagine they get a good sense of achievement knowing how much fun they give both the locals and the tourists.

Movie Mischief

Ben Horse: A Charlton Horseton Epic ©Lifejourney4two

Meet ‘Ben Horse,’ a playful twist on the classic film ‘Ben Hur.’

It’s a fun nod to movie history, reimagined with a local twist, bringing a touch of Hollywood to the Wheatbelt. This creative piece is not just entertaining but shows off Kulin’s sense of humor and community spirit.

Easy Rider horse on motorcycle
Easy Rider ©Lifejourney4two

And another take on a classic road trip, Easy Rider, and apt as the characters there rode through open country and desert land.

Culture Trip on The Highway

Tin horse dressed in a kilt and playing bagpipes
Kilted melodies on the hoof! ©Lifejourney4two

This Scottish attired horse reminded me of our time in Scotland where we heard many renditions of the Bagpipes and learnt all about the differnet types of clan tartans. I wonder if the designer of this horse has Scottish roots?

For more on our journey across Scotland’s captivating landscapes and rich history, check out our detailed Scottish adventures

Green horse dressed as a leprechaun
Luck of the Irish in Kulin ©Lifejourney4two

And not to be outdone, the charming leprechaun horse brought back fond memories of our epic road trip through Ireland, where folklore and tales of leprechauns added magic to our travels.

Dive into our full Irish road trip experience to explore Ireland’s enchanting countryside and legendary tales.

Red white and blue striped horse on a scooter
Scooting through with French flair—this horse knows the way of ‘le trot’ chic! ©Lifejourney4two

Sporting Spirits of the Tin Horse Highway

As we continue along the Tin Horse Highway, the playful spirit of Kulin shines through in every corner, especially where the local talent takes on a more athletic form. Here’s a look at four sporting heroes, each with a unique twist:

Footy Fanatics: The Kicking Colts

Two horses made like footy players with one on the others back catching the ball
Footy in the town ©Lifejourney4two

Meet the dynamic duo of the Tin Horse Highway, two horses caught in the heat of a footy match. These sculptures, cleverly positioned as if taking a mark, bring a touch of competitive spirit to the roadside.

Fillypoosis: The Tennis Star

Tin horse in tennis gear with raquet and ball
Fillypoosis ©Lifejourney4two

Not far along, you’ll encounter ‘Fillypoosis,’ named with a nod to the famous tennis player, Mark Phillippoussis.

This filly stands ready at the baseline, racket poised and serving up a dose of inspiration and humour for all who pass by.

Wal the Weightlifter

Tin horse lifting weights and name Wal painted on chest
Wal the weightlifter ©Lifejourney4two

Look out for Wal, who has to be the the strongest horse in Kulin.

This sculpture, with barbells hoisted overhead, celebrates strength and determination. Wal’s robust form, is a symbol of the community’s resilience and hardworking nature.

Aussie Hockey Heroine

White tin horse dressed in yellow gym gear playing hocky
Aussie Hockey Star Filly ©Lifejourney4two

Completing our lineup is the hockey-playing filly, proudly donned in the Aussie team colours. As a proud member of Australia’s field hockey team, she not only adds to the highway’s diversity but also celebrates women’s achievements in sports, highlighting gender equality in athletics.

The Kulin Bush Races

The annual Kulin Bush Races began in 1995 and has grown into an attraction that attracts thousands of visitors. Combined with the take-off of the Tin Horses, it plays a pivotal role in supporting local tourism.

The Bush Races are held at the end of September or the beginning of October and include a weekend filled with races, live music, children’s entertainment, fireworks, and food and bar facilities.

Pink tin horse with shoes and accessories on it
I’m guessing this is a shoehorse! ©Lifejourney4two

Things to Know Before You Go to The Kulin Bush Races

  • Ticket Cost: $150, includes camping and access to food and bar facilities
  • No Dogs Allowed: To ensure a smooth experience, dogs are not permitted at the event.
  • Ticket Tips: Printing your ticket beforehand is recommended for ease of entry.
  • Book Accommodation Early: Due to the event’s popularity, it’s wise to book early
  • More Information: Kulin Bush Races official website.
  • Tin Horse Competition: Design a horse and enter the Bush Races Competition to add your horse to the Highway
Inventive use of hay bales on the Tin Horse Highway. ©Lifejourney4two

Tin Horse Highway Camping

The nearest campsite is in Kulin itself, the Kulin Caravan Park. We didn’t stay there as we were on our way from Wave Rock, where we camped in the Wave Rock Caravan Park, but Kulin has a very unusual offer for your stay.

The Kulin Caravan Park allows you to decide how much you want to pay – for up to five days. They encourage guests to,

Contribute an amount which they feel their stay and experience is worth, according to their own financial ability. This is a unique financial model that is centred on the values of trust, generosity and respect.

Kulin is also an RV-friendly town, providing a free 72-hour RV parking facility for fully self-contained vehicles.

Tin horses pulling a cart with a tin rider
Multicoloured horsepower ©Lifejourney4two

Kulin Accommodation

For those who might be looking for other accommodation options, this fully self-contained two-bedroom apartment has fabulous reviews:

🏡 Kulin Erindale Apartments | 2 bedrooms (5 beds), 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room | ⭐️ 8.8/10-star ratings | Check availability and reviews here

Rustic Runner ©Lifejourney4two

Safety Guidelines for Exploring the Tin Horse Highway

The Tin Horse Highway is a delightful and visually engaging route.

However, it’s important to remember that it is still a functioning roadway with a 110 km/ hour speed limit. Although it’s not a particularly busy road, cars and heavy trucks can come through at quite some speed.

Policeman tin horse holding a sign that says stop by an old police car
License and registration, please. Only kidding—just your smiles are required here! ©Lifejourney4two

Here are a few pointers for admiring the Tin Horses while staying safe:

  • Safe Stopping: Always pull off the road as best you can and use your hazard lights.
  • Choose Visible Locations: Make sure to stop in areas where you are clearly visible to other road users. Avoid bends or crests where visibility might be clear.
  • Stay Alert: The road may occasionally seem quiet, but vehicles can appear suddenly. Remain vigilant, especially when pulling over or rejoining the road.
Tin Horse with rider and horse is eating grass

Quirky Sights in WA

Tin Horse Highway isn’t the only quirky destination in Western Australia.

We still have quite a few more to visit, but the ones we’ve enjoyed so far include Stonehenge in Esperance, a life-size replica of that in the UK—only as it would have originally looked—and the delightful Gnomesville, where thousands of gnomes have set up home.

You might also like to visit Corrigin Dog Cemetery near by and also the Kondonin Statue Lake which has some intriguing scrap metal figures on the shore, and Quairading’s mindfulness labyrinth. All rather quirky attractions.

Horse holding a triton and named Horseidon
The equine version of Poseidon ©Lifejourney4two

Tin Horse Highway … That’s a Wrap

The Tin Horse Highway in Kulin represents the community’s spirit and sense of fun. It offers a unique experience that combines art, humour, and the great outdoors.

We discovered many of the towns in the Wheatbelt have vibrant and community minded locals who pull together with pride in their towns to add to the town’s attractiveness.

Other than Kulin, Quairading was very well presented and in Hyden it was clear that the locals had rallied together to increase things to do at their famous Wave Rock.

So on your next road trip into the Golden Outback, stop by the Tin Horse Highway for bucket loads of horsing around.

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