Perth to Wave Rock: Ultimate Road Trip Itinerary and Tips

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I’ve called Perth home for nearly thirty years, yet the iconic Wave Rock had always eluded my travel radar—until now.

Interestingly, when I mentioned our upcoming Perth to Wave Rock road trip, the responses were as varied as the landscapes of Western Australia. Some friends quipped, “Why bother? It’s just a rock in the middle of nowhere,” while others insisted, “You absolutely have to go—it’s amazing!”

These polarised views only fueled my curiosity and determination to do this self-drive from Perth to Wave Rock.

shelley and Lars at wave rock - a rock shaped like a wave
Enjoying our wave rock visit ©Lifejourney4two

But I was so glad to finally check this WA icon off my bucket list.

Sure, it’s nestled in the heart of the Wheatbelt, and the journey there can sometimes feel a bit monotonous.

But it’s aptly nicknamed the Golden Outback for a reason—you uncover these special golden nuggets amid the wheat fields and sheep farms.

On this Perth to Wave Rock road trip, we’ll guide you to find these Outback treasures. You’ll encounter quirky, stunning natural landscapes and unforgettable experiences along the way.

Perth to Wave Rock Itinerary Overview

Embark on an adventure through Western Australia’s picturesque landscapes and historical landmarks with these detailed itinerary options. Each offers unique experiences and sights on your drive from Perth to Wave Rock.

Whether you’re looking for a direct route or an extensive exploration of the region’s towns and attractions, we’ve got you covered.

Wave Rock ©Lifejourney4two

Our Personal Perth to Wave Rock Road Trip: A Detailed Guide

Perth to Wave Rock Road Trip Route

Here’s a breakdown of our own road trip, complete with distances and approximate driving times, ensuring you experience the best of Western Australia’s unique attractions:

  • Perth to York (97 km, 1.5 hours): Begin your adventure in York, exploring its charming colonial architecture.
  • York to Quairading (70 km, 50 minutes): Visit the striking Pink Lake and serene Toapin Weir.
  • Quairading to Rabbit Proof Fence Gazebo: (15 km, 12 minutes)
  • Rabbit Proof Fence to Corrigin (40 km, 25 minutes): Reflect at the poignant Dog Cemetery.
  • Corrigin to Kondinin (39 km, 25 minutes): Stop at Statue Lake for a peaceful break.
  • Kondinin to Wave Rock, Hyden (79 km, 50 minutes): Marvel at Wave Rock’s prehistoric natural wonder.
  • Wave Rock to Kulin (74 km, 1 hour): Enjoy the quirky Tin Horse Highway.
  • Kulin to York via Quairading (return route, 216 km, 2.5 hours): Revisit these charming towns to conclude your loop.

Throughout this trip, we camped in our 4×4 with a rooftop tent, adding an element of adventure to our nights.

Check out our video below for a quick taster of what you’ll see on this trip.

The Direct Route: Fastest Way to Wave Rock

Perth to Wave Rock route on a map bia brookton 3 hrs 56 mins

For those short on time or want to visit as a day trip from Perth and eager to experience the iconic Wave Rock:

  • Duration: Approximately 4 hours direct drive.
  • Route: Perth -> Brookton -> Corrigin -> Wave Rock
  • Total Distance: 340 km

This straightforward route focuses primarily on getting you to Wave Rock without additional stops.

Whether you’re crafting the perfect itinerary or seeking inspiration, check out our comprehensive guide on planning a road trip. Along the way, keep spirits high with our favourite road trip quotes that capture the essence of adventure.

Additional Towns to Consider

Expand your journey with visits to other notable towns along the way, each offering unique local attractions:

  • Brookton: Experience rural Australian life and visit the local museum.
  • Beverley: Known for its aviation museum and colonial architecture.
  • Narrogin: Offers a vibrant arts community and historical buildings.
  • Pingelly: Ideal for nature lovers with its nature reserve.

👉 Check out our Free Printable Road Trip Planner here.

Perth to Wave Rock Map

How to Use This Route Map

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  2. A key will appear on the left, guiding you through various locations.
  3. Clicking on any site reveals information about that spot.
  4. The places we’ve personally visited are also highlighted with distinct location icons.

To save the map and use it in Google Maps:

  1. Once opened, as above, click the star on the top right in the key
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  3. Go to the menu on the right-hand side (three horizontal lines)
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  5. A menu will appear under the blue header section, click Maps
  6. Click on the saved Perth to Wave Rock Map
Iconic wildlife in WA ©Lifejourney4two

Perth to Wave Rock 

🗺️ Distance: 350 km | ⏱️ Driving Time: 4 hours

Embarking on the road trip from Perth to Wave Rock will guide you through diverse experiences—a golden outback road trip.

This 350 km adventure from Perth’s urban sprawl to the prehistoric natural wonder of Wave Rock in Hyden offers more than just a drive—it invites you to explore the heart of Western Australia’s Wheatbelt.

From the monotonous stretches that make you appreciate the destination even more to the unexpected delights hidden along the route, this trip perfectly blends the expected and the unexpected in the Golden Outback.

As you journey through the outback landscapes, make the most of your travel photography with our road trip photography tips.

The incredible Wave Rock in Hyden Western Australia ©Lifejourney4two

Perth to York

🗺️ Distance: 97km | ⏱️ Driving Time: 1 hour 20 mins

York was our first pit stop after leaving Perth early in the morning, making it an excellent start to our adventure. We grabbed a chance to stroll through this historic town, starting our day with the obligatory road trip steak pie for breakfast!

The town of York, filled with heritage buildings, lies gracefully along the River Avon, offering a picturesque backdrop to our morning.

It’s a delightful place to explore, rich in vibrant history and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether at the start of your road trip or as a concluding stop before returning to Perth, York offers a peaceful and enriching break from the road.

York town hall on the main street
York Town Hall, WA ©Lifejourney4two

Here are some York attractions:

  • York Town Hall: A stunning example of colonial architecture, offering regular exhibitions and events.
  • The Motor Museum: Home to an impressive collection of vintage cars and motorbikes.
  • Avon Park: Perfect for a picnic or a leisurely walk, with scenic views along the river.
  • The Residency Museum: Offers insights into York’s fascinating history, from its early days to the present.
  • Mount Brown Lookout: Provides panoramic views of the town and its lush countryside.

🚐 For those travelling by motorhome or camper, York also hosts a fantastic free park on the opposite side of the river, just off Janet Millar Lane from the old town centre.

We camped in Hugo, our Isuzu 4×4, with a rooftop tent. While the RV park doesn’t boast facilities, it’s just a short walk across York’s historic Suspension Bridge to Avon Park, where public toilets are available.

York suspension Bridge across the Avon River
York’s Historic Suspension Bridge ©Lifejourney4two

This proximity to the town’s charming centre means you’re never too far from a cozy cafe or a scenic spot by the river to relax and reflect on your journey.

Adding to the charm, hundreds of white cockatoos were around, and their raucous calls filled the early morning and late afternoon air, creating a lively atmosphere that’s hard to forget.

York-overnight-and-cockatoos in a tree
White cockatoos above us in York ©Lifejourney4two

York to Quairading

🗺️ Distance: 70 km | ⏱️ Driving Time: 50 mins

  • St Andrews Church and cemetery
  • Toapin Weir
  • El Toro
  • ‘The Gathering’ Mural
  • Quairading Labyrinth
  • The Stacey Lamb Train
  • Quairading Pink Lake

St. Andrews Church

About 26 minutes into your drive from York, you’ll come to St Andrews Church, a quaint little church on the right. It’s worth a stop here to look and walk to the nearby cemetery, where the original church used to be.

St Andrews Church, Greenhills, WA ©Lifejourney4two

Toapin Weir

As you head towards Quairading, you’ll come to a turn-off on your left for Toapin Weir. Take this to visit this scenic weir. Toapin Weir is around a natural granite rock outcrop and is listed on WA’s State Heritage Register.

Toapin Weir ©Lifejourney4two

Walk up to the top of the hill for lovely views of the weir and surrounds.

This spot is particularly great because you can camp here for free, with free electric BBQs and toilet facilities. So, if camping, this makes a great spot to overnight.

Toapin Weir Shelley looking down towards the weir
Taking in the view at Toapin Weir ©Lifejourney4two
Quairading---Toapin-Weir our Isuzu Dmax parked in the camping spot with trees and a shelter behind
Free camping spot at Toapin Weir ©Lifejourney4two

Quairading Town

El Toro

The sights in Quairading include the welcoming El Toro Bull outside the Shire Hall.

The bull, a Jordan Sprigg Sculpture, is made from old scrap iron bits and pieces. A sign beside it says it symbolizes strength, prosperity, and fertility—qualities mirrored in the community spirit of Quairading.

The bull is also the local football, netball, and hockey teams’ emblem.

Weighing a mighty 500kg, El Toro, which took 400 hours to build, was bought by the town’s crowdfunding efforts. This is a testament to the community spirit of Quairading.

El Toro outside the Shire Hall - a bull made from metal scraps.
El Toro, Quairading, WA ©Lifejourney4two

A little further along the road, you see the colourful mural painted by local artist Charlie Colbung on the Town Hall wall.

As luck would have it, Charlie drove by just as we snapped away at this gorgeous piece of art! So we got a snapshot of him with this masterpiece, and he told us more about it and how he had to finish it during a heatwave!

Charlie Cobung stood by his wall mural by a couple of galahs
Charlie Cobung, with his artwork – ‘The Gathering’ in Quairading ©Lifejourney4two

Quairading was one of the most well-kept and pretty country towns we passed on this road trip, and it is well worth a stop.

We bought a pie in the bakery on the main street (you can never eat enough pies) and sat on the bench by the bull, discussing how the locals’ pride in their town definitely shines through here.

The Gathering Mural with pink and grey galahs red, oranges, purples
The Gathering mural on Quairading Town Hall ©Lifejourney4two

Quairading Community Labyrinth

If it’s not too hot, you might also like to visit the quirky Community Labyrinth at St Faith’s Anglican Church on Harris Street.

I was expecting a maze-like structure, but it’s a labyrinth with shapes marked out on the bricks designed to quiet the mind.

I’m all in for some mindfulness and was keen to test it out, but we visited in the heat of the day, and I must admit it was difficult to quieten my mind in searing temps. I eventually hopped off the labyrinth to escape to our air-conditioned car.

Quairading labyrinth -a geometric pattern on pavers
Quairading labyrinth ©Lifejourney4two

Although I thought this was a quirky idea, walking labyrinths has become a globally popular way of destressing. In the Middle Ages, almost 25% of cathedrals had them, so this one in Quairading isn’t quite as unusual as I originally thought!

Quairading Railway Museum and The Stacey Lamb Train

Adjacent to the Old Railway Station Museum in Quairading stands the Stacey Lamb Train wagon, a gazebo thoughtfully fashioned from an original train wagon by a local farmer.

Stacey Lamb Train by the museum
Quairading’s Stacey Lamb Train ©Lifejourney4two

For many in Quairading, the train wagon evokes fond memories of community efforts during sheep shipments. Locals often reminisce about loading prime lambs at the Badjaling siding and feeding the numerous workers.

Visiting this historical relic offers a glimpse into the days when the railway was a lifeline for the town, connecting it to distant markets and bringing the community together in unique ways.

Quairading Museum and Stacey Lamb Train display (on the left) ©Lifejourney4two

Quairading Pink Lake

My favourite stop in Quairading was the town’s Pink Lake. Before you get too excited, though, like many of the lakes called ‘Pink Lake’ in the area, it isn’t pink anymore.

Though it might not be pink, its high salt content made it an impressive sight.

salt on dead tree branches sticking out of the sand and shallow water
Quairading Pink Lake – not pink, but an interesting landscape ©Lifejourney4two

The lake, surrounded by a sandalwood plantation, is separated by the road, which runs through the middle.

The pink colour, caused by certain bacteria, only occurs under particular conditions and hasn’t been pink for a few years.

Quairading---pink-Lake road with lake either side
Quairading pink lake separated by the main road ©Lifejourney4two

Quairading to Rabbit Proof Fence Gazebo

🗺️ Distance: 15 km | ⏱️ Driving Time: 10 mins

Stop here to take in the enormity of the problem that early pioneers faced in trying to keep hordes of invading rabbits out of Western Australia.

Shelley stood in the Rabbit-Proof-Fence-info-board and gazebo
Rabbit-Proof Fence no, 2 Gazebo ©Lifejourney4two

Learn why the world’s longest fence was built, and there’s also some advice for keen cooks out there. Note down a couple of rabbit recipes for your next dinner party—taken from Mrs. Beeton’s “All About Cooking‘ from 1913.

1901 saw the beginning of the fence build, with fences 1, 2 and 3 stretching for a total of 3,236.8 km (2,023 miles) by 1907.

Rabbit Fence no.2 ©Lifejourney4two

Rabbit-Proof Fence to Corrigin

🗺️ Distance: 40 km | ⏱️ Driving Time: 25 mins

As our journey continued, we made a poignant stop at the Corrigin Dog Cemetery, a unique and heartfelt landmark showcasing the deep bond between humans and their furry companions.

Nestled on the outskirts of Corrigin, this special place is home to over 200 graves, each marked with heartfelt tributes to beloved pets who have passed on.

Large dog statue at the entrance to Corrigin Dog cemetery
Corrigin Dog Cemetery ©Lifejourney4two

The cemetery was established in 1974 following the tragic accidental death of a local farmer’s dog, which inspired the community to create a dedicated space to honour the faithful service of man’s best friend.

As regular house and pet sitters, we deeply understand the connection many pet owners have with their pets, and losing them leaves a huge hole in their hearts. This visit reminded us of the lasting impressions pets leave on our lives.

Wandering through the rows of small graves, reading the inscriptions filled with love and gratitude from the owners was incredibly touching.

graves at the dog cemetery in Corrigin with trees above
Dog Cemetery, Corrigin, WA

Just opposite the cemetery, off the Brookton Highway, you’ll see the Corrigin Wildflower Driving trail. Wildflower season peaks between late August and early October. The trail goes for about 4km along a gravel road.

Corrigin to Kondinin Statues Lake

🗺️ Distance: 39 km | ⏱️ Driving Time: 25 mins

Shelley stood looking at Kondonin Statues Lake a pale blue green lake with metal statues on the shore
Kondonin Statues Lake ©Lifejourney4two

In Kondinin, we stumbled upon the curious Statue Lake, a site that surprised us with its artistic installations. The lake features four metal figures standing on the lake’s edge, each representing people in various poses.

Crafted from recycled materials, these sculptures stand out starkly against the aquamarine-coloured water.

Statues Lake, Kondinin, WA

Another giant sculpture of a metal-framed person is designed to look like it is caught in the middle of an overarm swimming stroke across the lake.

This playful yet thoughtful installation invites visitors to ponder the interaction between human creativity and the natural environment.

Lars stood by the statues at Kondinin
Spot the odd one out! ©Lifejourney4two

Kondinin to Wave Rock

🗺️ Distance: 74 km | ⏱️ Driving Time: 50 mins

This part of the road trip takes you straight to Wave Rock.

However, if you aren’t planning on returning to Perth, we suggest taking a 40-minute detour south of Kondonin to include Tin Horse Highway.

If you are returning to Perth, we recommend doing this on your return.

Perth to Wave rock last detour
Kunin Tin Horse Highway – Playhorse ©Lifejourney4two
A tin horse dressed in a flower dress with sunflowers beside it
Tin Horse Highway, Kunin, WA ©Lifejourney4two

If you add this to your road trip on the way to Wave Rock, then the new distance from Statues Lake to Wave Rock via Kulin Tin Horse Highway is:

🗺️ Distance: 126 km | ⏱️ Driving Time: 1 hour 30 mins

We did it on our return to Perth, but it’s so much fun we wouldn’t want you to miss it!

Arrive at Wave Rock

Wave Rock offers a variety of activities that cater to different interests, from natural history enthusiasts to outdoor adventurers.

👉 For detailed descriptions of each activity, including what to expect and tips for visiting, check out our full guide of all the Best Things to Do at Wave Rock.

Below, you’ll find a summary of the many things to do.

Perth to Wave Rock Wave-Rock- showing the length of the wave shaped rock

Things to do in Wave Rock Summary

Here’s a quick list of what you can explore:

  • Walk around the base and top of Wave Rock for different perspectives of this natural marvel.
  • Hippos Yawn: A rock formation nearby that resembles a yawning hippo.
  • Wave Rock Wildlife Park: Encounter rare white kangaroos and other native wildlife.
  • Miniature Soldier Museum: A unique collection for history buffs.
  • The Lace Place: Admire intricate lacework and historical garments.
  • Salt Pool: Float in the salt-saturated waters near Lake Magic and the rock.
  • The Humps and Mulka’s Cave: Discover ancient Aboriginal rock art and enjoy scenic trails.
  • Hyden Streetscape Art: Visit the then and now of Hyden – and its quirky scrap metal figures depicting life in Hyden
Shelley looking at a rock shaped like a hippo yawn
Looking into the Hippo’s yawn at Wave Rock ©Lifejourney4two
White parrot trying to reach a cap on lars's head
George, the resident parrot at the Wildlife Park ©Lifejourney4two
The Lace Museum entrance in the Wildflower Shop and Cafe ©Lifejourney4two
Ceiling of Mulka's cave with ancient handprints
Mulka’s Cave at the Humps ©Lifejourney4two
Gnamma trail at the Humps - a small waterhole in the granite
Gnamma Trail at the Humps with a natural waterhole ©Lifejourney4two
Hyden Street Scape Art Trail ©Lifejourney4two

Wave Rock Accommodation

When planning your visit to Wave Rock, you have several comfortable accommodation options to choose from, ensuring your stay is enjoyable and convenient.

Here are the main places to consider:

  • Wave Rock Caravan Park: Ideally situated right beside Wave Rock. You also receive a free pass for the carpark at Wave Rock and a free pass to Magic Lake and Salt Pool.
  • Wave Rock Resort: Offers more luxurious facilities for a comfortable stay.
  • Wave Rock Hotel: Perfect for visitors who prefer hotel accommodations.
  • The Cottage – Wave Rock Short Stay: A homely option, great for families or groups needing more space. | 🛌 3 bedroom home | ⭐️ 9/10 star reviews| Check availability

Wave Rock Caravan Park

We camped at Wave Rock Caravan Park, which sits beside the great rock. It’s the perfect location for grabbing sunrise and sunset shots and the night sky around Wave Rock. 

Staying here also means free parking in the Wave Rock car park—handy if you want to explore the rock before check-in time. You also get a key card pass to enter Magic Lake and the Salts baths, which would cost $10 otherwise. 

Entrance to Wave Rock Caravan Park
Entrance to Wave Rock Caravan Park ©Lifejourney4two

If visiting in peak season – and school holidays make sure to book ahead as it can get very busy. 

As with many caravan parks, the spaces weren’t particularly roomy—the caravan section wasn’t too bad, but the trailer section was quite tight. If you choose a powered site, you might also find that you need a long extension cord to reach the power.

We visited just after Easter and at the beginning of the school holidays, so it was quite busy, but we didn’t have anyone on either side of us, so that gave us more elbow room.

Contact them to book: 📞 +61 8 9880 5022 or 📧 [email protected]

Our camping spot at Wave Rock Caravan Park ©Lifejourney4two

Return Trip: Wave Rock to Perth

Wave Rock to Kulin Tin Horse Highway

🗺️ Distance: 82 km | ⏱️ Driving Time: 1 hour

As mentioned earlier, this route is definitely worth a drive. It features hilarious horse-themed humour in the form of tin horses along the road on both sides; it’ll have you chuckling the length of Tin Horse Highway.

Don’t miss Tin Horse Highway near Kundin ©Lifejourney4two

Kulin to Quairading

🗺️ Distance: 120 km | ⏱️ Driving Time: 1 hour 15 mins

Stop for a coffee in the local cafe or bakery and check out any attractions you didn’t see on the way to Wave Rock. You might like to stop over and camp at Toapin Weir for a slower return from Wave Rock to Perth.

Quaraiding to York

🗺️ Distance: 70 km | ⏱️ Driving Time: 50 mins

We stopped overnight in York, relaxed by the River Avon, and watched the antics of the hundreds of white cockatoos.

River Avon at York
River Avon, York, with free RV camp on the banks ©Lifejourney4two

York to Perth

🗺️ Distance: 98 km | ⏱️ Driving Time: 1 hour 20 mins

And there you have it – a fantastic Perth road trip to Wave Rock and back.

Road in York
York’s main road with its historical buildings ©Lifejourney4two

For those looking to extend their journey without breaking the bank, explore our strategies for travelling cheaply.

Additional Towns to Explore on Your Perth to Wave Rock Road Trip

While our detailed itinerary covers the key stops on a road trip to Wave Rock, there are other charming towns along the route that you might consider adding to your journey in either direction.

Each offers unique attractions and a slice of local culture:

  • Brookton: Known for its picturesque countryside and agricultural landscapes, Brookton is a great place for those interested in rural Australian life. The Brookton Museum and Heritage Centre offers insights into the area’s history and development.
  • Beverley: A short detour from the main route, Beverley is renowned for its aviation history and stunning colonial architecture. The Beverley Aeronautical Museum is a must-visit for aviation enthusiasts.
  • Narrogin: A major service centre for the Wheatbelt region, Narrogin boasts beautiful heritage buildings and a vibrant arts community. The Narrogin Regional Art Gallery frequently features exhibitions that showcase local talent.
  • Pingelly: Known for its natural beauty and conservation efforts, Pingelly is home to the Pingelly Nature Reserve, a fantastic spot for bushwalking and observing native flora and fauna.

These towns provide additional opportunities to experience Western Australia’s diverse landscapes and communities.

The iconic galah of Western Australia ©Lifejourney4two

Video Snippet of Our Perth to Wave Rock Road Trip

Perth to Wave Rock road trip - The Magical Outback of Western Australia

Popular Onward Routes in WA

Perth to Wave Rock to Albany 

Journey from the ancient landscape of Wave Rock to the dramatic coastlines of Albany, then on to one of our favourite regions in the southwest, the tranquil wilderness of Walpole.

After exploring the breathtaking views at The Gap and the pristine waters of Little Beach at Two Peoples Bay, continue your adventure to Walpole.

Here, you can immerse yourself in the ancient, towering forests of the Valley of the Giants. On the Tree Top Walk, walk among the treetops and marvel at the majestic Tingle trees.

This extended route offers a blend of coastal beauty and forest grandeur, comprehensively exploring Western Australia’s diverse landscapes.

Tree top walk - a steel mesh bridge through the giant tingle tree canopy
Tree Top Walk, WA’s south ©Lifejourney4two

Perth to Wave Rock to Esperance

Travel from the iconic Wave Rock to the stunning coastal beauty of Esperance.

Don’t miss the white sands and views at Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park, and climb Frenchman’s Peak for spectacular views. For a historical twist, visit the replica of Stonehenge near Esperance.

Esperance is a haven for those who love spectacular coastal panoramas and unique historical landmarks.

Lucky Bay on a sunny day with bright blue waters
Lucky Bay near Esperance © Lifejourney4two

Best Time to Embark on the Perth to Wave Rock Road Trip

Timing can greatly enhance your road trip experience from Perth to Wave Rock.

If you want to make the most of your journey, consider planning it around the wildflower season, which typically peaks between late August and early October.

During this time, Western Australia’s landscapes come alive with a vibrant display of native wildflowers, creating breathtaking scenery and offering exceptional photography opportunities.

Pink everlastings – WA’s wildflowers ©Lifejourney4two

The cooler months from April to October are ideal for travel. They offer pleasant weather, making outdoor activities more enjoyable and comfortable.

This period avoids the intense heat of the Australian summer, allowing for longer explorations of the natural and historical sites along your route without the discomfort of high temperatures.

By choosing the right time for your road trip, you experience the spectacular natural phenomenon of the wildflower season and enjoy the journey in the best possible conditions.

Wedge tailed eagle
Wedge-tailed eagle seen between The Humps and Wave Rock ©Lifejourney4two

Travel Safely: Tips for Long-Distance Driving in Remote WA

When embarking on a road trip through the remote areas of Western Australia, it’s crucial to prioritise safety.

Here are key points adapted from the RAC’s guide on long-distance driving:

Preparation: Ensure your vehicle is well-maintained and serviced before setting out. Check the brakes, tyres, lights, oil, and water levels.

Rest: Avoid fatigue by taking regular breaks during the journey. The RAC recommends stopping at least every two hours for a break from driving.

Hydration and Snacks: Light snacks and water are especially important in the outback heat, as they can help you stay hydrated and maintain energy levels.

Plan Your Route: Know your route and have a map or GPS navigation system. Mobile service can be unreliable in remote areas, so offline maps are a good backup. Telstra is the best mobile option in the outback.

Emergency Kit: Carry a first aid kit, extra water, and food supplies. Including a flashlight, blanket, and a fully charged power bank for your phone is also wise.

Inform Someone: Let a friend or relative know your itinerary and expected arrival time. Check-in with them regularly.

Wildlife and Livestock: Be cautious of wildlife and livestock that may wander onto roads, particularly around dawn and dusk. Kangaroos are unpredictable and a particular hazard at night.

For a more detailed guide on ensuring your safety while driving long distances in remote parts of Australia, visit the RAC’s long-distance driving safety tips.

Our CAr with roof top tent set up
Our home on wheels 🙂 ©Lifejourney4two


1. Is it worth going to Wave Rock?

Visiting Wave Rock is well worth it, especially if you appreciate natural wonders and enjoy exploring unique landscapes. The rock’s impressive size and wave-like formation make it a fascinating site. Additionally, the surrounding area offers various attractions like hiking trails, historical sites, and local wildlife, enhancing the overall experience.

2. Is the road from Perth to Wave Rock sealed?

Yes, it is fully sealed and well-maintained, making it accessible for all types of vehicles. The journey offers a comfortable drive, although some stretches can be monotonous as they pass through extensive farmland and open fields.

3. What is there to see between Wave Rock and Perth?

Between Perth and Wave Rock, there are several notable stops, including:

  • York: Known for its charming colonial architecture and historical significance.
  • Quairading: Offers attractions like the Pink Lake and the quirky Community Labyrinth.
  • Corrigin: Famous for its touching Dog Cemetery.
  • Kondinin: Home to the artistic Statue Lake with its intriguing metal sculptures. These stops add cultural and visual interest to the journey, making the road trip more enjoyable and diverse.
Perth to Wave Rock Lake-Magic-and-salt-pool,-resort with emu metal cutouts on a fence bordering the lake
Lake Magic, Hyden, WA ©Lifejourney4two

Perth to Wave Rock Road Trip … That’s a Wrap

Embarking on a road trip from Perth to Wave Rock offers a remarkable blend of natural wonders, historical insights, and unique local culture.

As you journey through Western Australia’s stunning landscapes, you’ll discover the charm and adventure that lie in the outback’s vast expanses.

For Couples on the Road: Traveling with your significant other? Make the most of your shared adventure with our expert guidance. Dive into our ultimate guide on road trip tips for couples, designed to keep the fun in your journey and keep you sane while travelling together.

Enjoy every moment together as you explore, photograph, and create lasting memories on the road.

Whether it’s capturing the perfect sunrise over Wave Rock or enjoying a quiet moment in a hidden scenic spot, these tips will help ensure your journey is as smooth as it is enchanting.

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