Farewell Greece – Athens to Patras Final Drive

  Arriving back in Athens from Santorini, we faced a short drive to the ferry at Patras port on the western coast. Drawing ever closer to our next country, Italy, we thought that we had seen the last of our surprises – we were wrong! Having arrived late at Athens airport, we caught the Megaparking […]

Savouring the Winter Delights of Santorini

We’d heard that Santorini was something not to be missed; that it was breathtaking and a bucket list destination. Did Santorini deliver?  Absolutely! Leaving our campervan in Athens close by the airport at Megaparking (booking completed online via Parkcloud), we flew 200 kilometres south-east to the famed Greek island of Santorini for a 5 day hiatus. We […]

Syntagma square with 2 greek Evzone guards slow marching with a rifle placed on their shoulders in front of the white Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Corinth to Athens (Canal to Cosmopolitan)

With Corinth firmly in our sights, and Nafplio disappearing behind us, we continued the day’s drive with no solid plan for our campervan overnight stop. But hey, this is Greece – it’s full of beautiful parking possibilities! Ancient Corinth With the day’s light rapidly fading we agreed to take a shot at the parking lot […]

Next Stop: Nafplio

Leaving magical Monemvasia behind us, we began the next part of our journey. We headed to Nafplio with a few interesting stops on the way. Our days were filled with canons and castles, goats and greek mythology, olive trees and ocean. Palaio Beach We left Monemvasia late afternoon after stocking up on a few supplies […]

Mesmerising Monemvasia

Old town Monemvasia took us unawares. Beautiful winding, cobbled streets with spectacular quaint houses, views of the fortified, towering hills and sparkling coastlines. It was an unexpected pleasure on our travels around the Peloponnese of Greece. 

A Fabulous Hike Through the Spectacular Lousios Gorge

        We’d read that the Lousios Gorge hike in the Arkadia Region was not to be missed. This fabulous hike took us through the spectacular scenery of the Lousios Gorge passing the Prodromou and both the old and new Philosophou monasteries. We parked in the small carpark (co-ordinates N37.539579, E22.046523), near the start of […]