13 Best Things to Do in Sasbachwalden Germany 2024

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If you’re looking for the best things to do in Sasbachwalden, in the Black Forest, then we’ve got you covered.

We found ourselves in the Black Forest on our German road trip, and we would highly recommend stopping and exploring the pretty village of Sasbachwalden and its surroundings.

Sasbachwalden, on the western edge of the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, is known for its beautiful blooms and vibrant colours that can be seen from every window box, park, and green space.

Moreover, the village has won several awards for its flower displays and has been voted one of Germany’s prettiest villages.

If you visit in late spring or summer, you will be treated to a spectacular flower display all around the village.

But Sasbachwalden is not just known for its floral displays.

It is home to one of the most beautiful hikes in Germany, the Alde Gott Panoramic Hiking Trail.

The trail is the perfect showcase for all that Sasbachwalden has to offer: vineyards, pine and chestnut forests, waterfalls, meadows, orchards, its iconic German half-timbered houses and, most interestingly, its schnapps fountains.

small path leading towards half timbered houses with vineyards either side in Sasbachwalden Germany
Sasbachwalden scenery – vineyards, half-timbered houses, and gorgeous nature walks throughout the area. 



To use this map, expand it using the square symbol on the top right-hand side, and you will find the key on the left-hand side. 

sign at the start of the Sasbachwalden trail
Sasbachwalden Sign

💡 While travelling in Germany, include a trip to Bavaria’s southeastern corner of Berchtesgaden and Konigssee. And definitely take an electric boat trip out to St. Bartholomew Peninsula and listen to the famous flugelhorn at the famous Echo Wall.

13 Top Things to Do in Sasbachwalden

One of the top things to do in Sasbachwalden is to explore the village itself.

Stroll along the cobblestone streets and admire the traditional architecture. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the local wineries and sample the region’s famous wines.

For nature lovers, plenty of hiking trails offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. The Waterfall Trail is a popular route, and make sure to indulge in the local cuisine at one of the charming restaurants in the area.

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1. Stroll Through Sasbachwalden Village

Sasbachwalden is a picturesque village full of half-timbered houses, surrounded by vineyards, verdant meadows and lush forests, all set against the backdrop of the Black Forest Mountains.

Wander through the quaint streets. You’ll find houses adorned with colourful flowers and beautiful facades. The architectural charm of the village is entrancing.

Sasbachwalden was one of our favourite stops on our Germany road trip, part of our larger Europe by motorhome trip.

We parked our motorhome in the Sasbachwalden Wohnmobil Stellplatz beside a bubbling stream with views across the village and the mountains beyond. 

Sasbachwalden motorhome site
Sasbachwalden motorhome campsite

Our first stop was at the Tourist Information Office, where a young woman who spoke several languages greeted us with a huge smile and enthusiastically told us all about what to explore in Sasbachwalden and the surrounding area.

Here, we first learnt about the unique schnapps trail — refreshment for the hikers.

I knew Germany was famous for its Oktober Fest and beer drinking, but schnapps as refreshment on a hike?

This was a concept we were keen to learn more about. 

2. Explore Sasbachwalden’s Schnapp Fountains (Schnappsbrunnen)

schnapps Brunnen sign in Sasbachwalden
Schnappsbrunnen in Sasbachwalden

There are over ten schnapps fountains (also called schnappsbrunnen) around Sasbachwalden.

At each ‘station’, you’ll find a small tray of clean glasses and resting in a crate partly submerged in the fountain water, you’ll find a selection of schnapps, liqueurs, cider, or if you need to stay hydrated, some non-alcoholic options such as juice.

tray of glasses beside a fountain trough
80 cents for a glass of schnapps at one of Sasbachwalden’s many schnapps fountains

The cold mountain spring waters supplying the fountains in Sasbachwalden keep the schnapps cool, and for a small fee, you can choose from the variety of flavours on offer.

Of course, being in the Black Forest, it would be remiss not to try its famed cherry brandy. Be warned, though, that schnapps in Germany are not sweetened and can, therefore, pack a burning punch on the way down.

lars by a schnapps fountain in sasbachwalden
Schnapps fountain in Sasbachwalden

Schnapps is a clear brandy from fermented fruits such as cherries, plums, apples and apricots.

The Black Forest climate provides excellent growing conditions for stone fruit, and you’ll see plenty of orchards in Sasbachwalden. Any property that grows fruit can apply for a licence to produce schnapps, so many varieties are homegrown versions. 

In Sasbachwalden, the large cooperative, Alde Gott, produces wine and brandies (schnapps) with the local fruit of cherry, plum and pear distilled in local homes.

You may be happy to hear that the Alde Gott premises are beside the motorhome parking.

3. Hike The Alde Gott Panoramic Loop

The Alde Gott Trail is a stunning hike, of about 10km, which takes you on a circular route around Sasbachwalden. It is one of the Black Forest Schnapps trails. (The other is the Oberkircher Brennersteig Trail)

This trail is commonly regarded as moderately challenging and typically takes around three and a half hours. It’s an excellent hiking route, and you’re unlikely to come across many other individuals while you’re exploring.

The Alde Gott trail takes you past vineyards, meadows and forests. You’ll pass by the Königsrain Winery and the Schelzberg Monastery Winery and Distillery, so you might want to stop and sample their local products. 

The route begins and ends at the entrance to the Gaisholl Waterfalls trail, and you can pick up a route map at the Tourist Information Office. The scenery on the route is spectacular. After about 4.5 hours, you’ll circle back to the start of the trail. 

The best time to check out this trail is between March and November, avoiding the worst winter weather.

Gaisholl waterfall gorge - green mossy rocks and pine trees
Walk to the Gaisholl Waterfalls on the Alde Gott Trail

 4. Climb to Gaisholl Waterfalls

If you don’t want to do the whole Alde Gott Loop, then the first part of the Alde Gott Hiking Route includes a one-kilometre hike up to the Gaisholl Waterfalls or Sasbachwalden Wasserfall.

As you hike upwards, you’ll come across multiple small waterfalls flowing through the gorge. Along the way, you’ll crisscross charming wooden bridges while the scent of fresh pine fills the forest.

This is the steepest part of the hike, ranked as ‘medium’ difficulty and should take about an hour.

Along the way, you will stumble upon either a schnapps fountain or a wooden box where you will find a choice of schnapps or wine to ‘ refresh’ you on your climb.

lars stood on wooden bridge acrossthe river on the Alde Gott Trail, Sasbachwalden
Sasbchwalden forest with stream and mossy rocks in pine forest
bridge across a stream in a pine forest at Gaisholls waterfall
Walk to the Gaisholl Waterfalls on the Alde Gott Trail

5. Sample the Local Black Forest Gateaux

You will find two restaurants at the top of the Gaisholl Waterfalls Gorge: the Wilderer Stube and the Bischenberg Restaurant.

(Check their opening times to make sure you aren’t disappointed looking for cake when you’ve climbed the Falls)

We felt compelled to rejuvenate by sampling the regional speciality, Black Forest Gateau Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte at Bischenberg Restaurant. This sumptuous gateau consists of layers of chocolate sponge, whipped cream and cherries.

And of course, in true Black Forest style, it’s also infused with kirsch, a morello cherry brandy.  

In Sasbachwalden’s village, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and wine producers, mainly on a single street, Talstrasse. It’s nicknamed the ‘Badische Genussmeile Sasbachwalden’ — Sasbachwalden’s Baden Pleasure Mile.

lars and shelley eating back forest gateau
The obligatory tasting of authentic Black Forest Gateau at the Bischenberg Restaurant, Sasbachwalden

6. Mountain Biking

If you are into mountain biking, the Schaeffler Mountain Bike Arena in Sasbachwalden is the place to head.

You can read the Trail rules and more about it here.

7. Head to the Local Outdoor Adventure Pool

The Adventure Pool in Sasbachwalden is open from mid-May to the end of September, so if you are a family, this is a great place to visit in summer.

Fitness-oriented visitors can enjoy the four 25-meter lanes, while the 56-meter-long giant slide with the adjoining fun pool provides lots of fun.  And if you’re feeling adventurous, the diving pool with 1 and 3-metre towers awaits you. 

There is also beach volleyball, table tennis, and a kiddies’ paddling pool. And, as an added bonus, there is also free wifi at the pool.

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🤎 Enjoy and Happy Travels


Sasbachwalden’s central location in the Black Forest makes it an excellent starting point for various day trips to explore the surrounding attractions and nearby towns.

Here are some enjoyable day trips you can take from Sasbachwalden:

8. Hike the Renowned Oberkircher Brennersteig

Oberkirche is the schnapps epicentre of the Black Forest. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the Black Forest Scnapps Trail starts here, about 15km or a 20-minute drive from Sasbachwalden.

The Oberkircher Brennersteig is a 14-kilometre trail loop in Baden-Württemberg. It passes several distilleries and, as on the trail in Sasbachwalden, you’ll also find schnapps and honesty boxes along the route.

9. Visit Baden Baden

Baden Baden is a spa town (with traditional Roman baths) that is a 35-minute drive away.

Take a trip here to enjoy museums and gardens and explore this upmarket town. Baden Baden is renowned for its luxurious spas and thermal baths.

The natural hot springs’ healing properties have attracted visitors for centuries. Relax in the warm waters or indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment.

Aside from its wellness offerings, Baden Baden boasts stunning architecture and a rich history. The Baden-Baden Casino, for instance, is considered one of the most beautiful casinos in the world.

Stroll through the town and admire its elegant buildings, including the famous Kurhaus.

It also has plenty of hiking routes. situated at the foothills of the Black Forest.

view of baden Bade with fountain and path leading to greenery and village in background
Baden Baden ©Canva

We were recommended to visit Baden Baden by fellow travellers, but there were several diversions and road works the day we visited.

All the signs were in German, and after we had driven the same route with our 8-metre motorhome three times and knocked down several traffic cones (in fact, a whole row of traffic cones down one street!), we decided Baden Baden wasn’t for us.

Once we eventually found a route out, we didn’t venture in again.

It’s a shame we have such cringe-worthy memories of a town we didn’t see much of except for one-way narrow streets that we couldn’t fit down!

However, many visitors sing its praises.

10. Take a Day Trip to Gengenbach

Gengenbach is about a 30-minute drive from Sasbachwalden and a delight to visit.

Genbach is a charming German town that features a medieval-style town centre. Its narrow cobblestone streets are lined with picturesque half-timbered houses, and the windows are adorned with shutters and flowers that spill out from the window boxes. Take some time to explore this quaint town and soak up its unique atmosphere.

Gengenbach’s old town hall becomes an Advent calendar at Christmas time. Its 24 windows are magically lit up, making it the World’s largest Advent calendar. 

Gengenbach cobbled street with flowers and half timbered houses
Gengenbach, Germany

11. Have Fun at Europa Park

Germany’s largest theme park for adventure lovers is a 45-minute drive from Sasbachwalden.

Europa Park is one of the most popular amusement parks in Europe and offers a wide range of attractions for visitors of all ages.

With over 100 rides and shows spread across 15 themed areas, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Thrill-seekers can get their adrenaline pumping on roller coasters, and families can have a blast on the water rides and attractions in the Scandinavian and Adventureland sections.

For those who prefer a more relaxed experience, there are a variety of shows and live performances happening throughout the day.

Europa Park also boasts several hotels, camping sites, restaurants, cafes, and snack bars, ensuring that visitors can refuel and recharge during their visit.

Europa park

🏆 Germany’s Largest Theme Park
⭐️ Europa Park | ⭐️ 4.7/5 Star Reviews | Book Here

12. Explore the Cuckoo Clock Town of Triberg

One and a half hours south of Sasbachwalden is the town of Triberg, famous for its amazing cuckoo clocks.

A visit to this charming town is like stepping into a fairytale. Triberg is famous for producing handmade cuckoo clocks, and visitors can explore a variety of shops and workshops dedicated to this traditional craft.

The town’s highlight is the world’s largest cuckoo clock, standing at an impressive 12.5 feet tall. Every hour, on the hour, the cuckoo emerges from the clock and delights visitors with its familiar “cuckoo” call.

In addition to its iconic clocks, Triberg offers stunning scenery with waterfalls, hiking trails, and beautiful landscapes.

You can take a leisurely stroll through the town, admiring the charming half-timbered houses, or venture further into the forest for a more adventurous experience.

Lots of wooden cuckoo clocks
Cuckoo clocks galore in Triberg

13. The Alsace Region

If you enjoy visiting Sasbachwalden, then I’m sure you would love travelling through the Alsace region of France.

You can reach the beautiful towns of Colmar, Ribeauville, Eguisheim, Riquewihr, and the Alsace region’s capital, Strasbourg, in about an hour and a half’s drive from Sabachwalden.

Like Sasbach, these towns and many others boast half-timbered houses adorned with flowers, cobblestone streets, and a cozy fairytale that captivates visitors.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, wine, food, or simply seeking a relaxing and picturesque getaway, the Alsace region offers a truly memorable and enriching experience.

Road Trip Alsace Header Photo


We were in Sasbachwalden in mid-May. Spring was in full force, butterflies flitted around the hedgerows and bees buzzed amongst the wildflowers.

However, the best time to visit Sasbachwalden depends on your preferences for weather, activities, and the type of experience you are looking for. Each season offers something special.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect during different times of the year:

  1. Spring (March to May): Sasbachwalden brings pleasant weather with milder temperatures. The surrounding landscapes come to life with blooming flowers and greenery. It’s an ideal time for hiking and nature walks as the trails are less crowded. Additionally, this season is excellent for wine enthusiasts as the vineyards begin their growth, and some wine-related festivals may take place.

  2. Summer (June to August): Summer is a popular time to visit Sasbachwalden, but it can be busier with tourists. The warmer weather makes it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and exploring the Black Forest. Summer also brings various local events and festivals, offering a glimpse into the region’s culture and traditions.

  3. Autumn (September to November): Autumn in Sasbachwalden is a magical time when the forests turn into a symphony of colours. The vineyards are ready for harvest, and the wine festivals are in full swing. In early October, Sasbachwalden it holds its annual Thanksgiving and Wine Festival. The weather remains pleasant, making it another great season for outdoor activities.

  4. Winter (December to February): Winter in Sasbachwalden transforms the landscape into a winter wonderland. The Black Forest receives snow, making it an ideal time for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding in nearby areas. The village itself exudes a cozy atmosphere, and you can enjoy the traditional Christmas markets in nearby towns like Baden-Baden and Freiburg.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Sasbachwalden depends on your interests and preferred activities.

Spring and autumn are excellent choices for enjoying milder weather and vibrant green landscapes.

For outdoor adventures and wine-related experiences, summer and autumn are ideal.

If you’re a winter sports fan or want to experience a charming winter atmosphere, the winter months suit you best.

View across a field towards the village of Sasbachwalden
View across a meadow towards Sabachwalden village in spring

Good To Know When Visiting Sasbachwalden

Visit the Tourist Office for local maps and information.

Sasbachwalden Tourist Office

Talstraße 51, Kurhaus “Zum Alde Gott”

77887 Sasbachwalden,

Phone: +49 7841 64079-80 

If you are staying in Sasbachwalden, either at a hotel or the motorhome parking, you are able to claim the KONUS Card (from the Tourist office or Hotel Engel), which entitles you to free bus and train rides within the Black Forest and free entry to the village’s outdoor pool.

Accommodation in Sasbachwalden

These are the top rated Hotels with the best reviews in Sabachwalden:

Engel restaurant

Hotel Der Engel
✔️ Breakfast included
✔️ ⭐️ Rating 9.1

Lovely village and gorgeous hotel. Staff friendly and helpful, good food and wine! Highly recommend!” — Brendan, Australia

Pension am weinberg sasbachwalden

Pension am Weinberg
✔️ Great location
✔️ ⭐️ Rating 9.2

In a glorious location in the middle of vineyards but only a three-minute walk to village centre restaurants” Anne, UK

Pension am weinberg sasbachwalden

Relax Hotel Tannenhof
✔️ Breakfast & Spa
✔️ ⭐️ Rating 8.7

Great views, very nice breakfast, and the sauna is a plus!” Juan, Germany

Things to do in Sasbachwalden, Germany … That’s a Wrap

So there you have it.

Sasbachwalden, nestled in the Black Forest of Germany, offers visitors a charming and diverse experience.

The unique schnapps fountains add a flavourful twist to your hiking experiences here, and the local wineries and delicious regional cuisine will further enhance your visit.

Beyond Sasbachwalden’s borders, day trips to destinations like Baden-Baden, Strasbourg, Europa Park, and the Alsace region offer additional delights, making Sasbachwalden an ideal base for exploring the best of the Black Forest and its surrounding attractions.

Whether you visit in the bloom of spring, the warmth of summer, the colours of autumn, or the charm of winter, Sasbachwalden promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Black Forest.

Also … let us know if you have a good recipe for a Black Forest Gateau;) Drop us a line here or leave a comment below.

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