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Planning your next road trip but dreading the nitty-gritty details? You’re not alone.

The anticipation of an exciting road trip often comes with the task of meticulous planning – selecting routes, booking accommodation, meal planning, and the list goes on.

It’s a common hurdle that can dim the excitement. Drawing from our extensive road-tripping experience experiences across Europe’s calm countryside to Africa’s rugged trails, we’ve crafted this Free Printable Road Trip Planner in an easy-to-print PDF format to help with these planning woes.

Planning our hundreds of road trips has given us an insight into the practicalities that need recording and are useful. Whether you’re hitting the road in a motorhome, camper, car, or bike, this free road trip planner template is your go-to resource.

Dive into our free planner below, let each page guide your steps, and turn every road trip into a well-organised, memorable adventure!

Your Passport to Stress-Free Travel Planning

Road Trip Planner

Our 23-page Free printable Road Trip Planner, available in A4 and A5 sizes, is a click away and ready to streamline your travel plans.

Perfect for managing your road trips, our road trip planner printable helps in creating daily to monthly itineraries, tracking expenses, and journaling your travel experiences. Its comprehensive lists and organisers have got the pre-travel and on-the-go planning covered.

Being seasoned road trippers, we’ve integrated essential pages into this planner that we have found useful from our numerous adventures.

It’s not just a road trip planner but a versatile travel planner you can print repeatedly.

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Discover the Ultimate Road Trip Planner

  1. 5 choices of cover page
  2. Weekly road trip planner
  3. Monthly planner
  4. Year planner
  5. Daily itinerary
  6. Destination notes
  7. Travel overview page
  8. Travel budget
  9. Expense tracking
  10. Planning to-do list
  11. To-Do list
  12. Weekly meal planner
  13. Bucket list notes
  14. Packing list
  15. Travel journal with prompts
  16. Travel journal with lines
  17. Travel notes page
  18. Vehicle details
  19. Campsite details
  20. Departure checklist – blank
  21. Departure checklist – partly filled in
  22. Emergency contacts page
  23. Back cover quote

Details of the Pages in Free Printable Road Trip Planner

Road trip Planner with 5 different covers, car , camper, motorhome and Bush camper

Five Unique Cover Choices

Our free trip planner comes with five different cover pages for you to choose from. Therefore, you can pick one that resonates best with you.

Whether you’re hitting the road by car, exploring the wild in a camper, venturing forth in a motorhome, or experiencing the outdoors with a pop-up tent camper, there’s a cover that perfectly captures the essence of your journey.

4 road trip planner pages

Daily to Yearly Planners

Whether you’re going on a road trip, planning a week’s holiday or setting off on a year-long adventure, this road trip planner PDF will help keep all those useful bits of information in one place.

The Daily Itinerary page includes space for things to see, notes and meals. 

💡 Our Tip: Depending on the season and destination, you may need to book accommodation up to a year in advance. When we spent Christmas skiing in Bettmeralp, Switzerland, it was so popular that families booked accommodation up to 18 months in advance!
Similarly, with campsites in peak seasons. Kruger campsites in South Africa can be booked out a year in advance.

Road trip planner pages

Stay Prepared and Organised

Meal Planner Page

Ideal for budget travellers. Plan your meals, organize your shopping list, and discover local eateries, ensuring less waste and more savings. If you are on a road trip in Brittany, make sure you try Breton Cake – a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth cake come shortbread not to be missed:)

Packing List Page

Ensure you have all the essentials packed for your journey by filling in this packing list, making forgetfulness a thing of the past. If you are packing for a safari, make sure you have all the essential safari gear on your list.

Emergency Contacts Page

Stay prepared for unexpected situations by having all crucial emergency contacts listed in one place, always ready at a moment’s notice. You don’t want to be searching around for this information if an emergency actually happens.

Bucket List Page

Jot down your dream destinations, adventures, and experiences in the Bucket List section, turning your travel dreams into plans.

There is science-based evidence that writing down your goals means you are more likely to achieve them. So, get filling out your bucket list in our free travel planner today!

Road trip planner Journal pages

Journal and Travel Notes Pages

Journaling is a tradition on our travels, and these pages are perfect for jotting down memories. Whether it’s a ticket stub or a funny incident, it all finds a place here, ensuring no memory fades away with time.

I always think I’ll remember places and what we did there, but it’s surprising how quickly the memory gets jumbled up with all the other places we visit. So it’s nice to have a record of what we got up to.

There are two types of journal pages in the printable travel planner – one to note specifics and the other to let your thoughts flow. We’ve also included a lined notes page for all the extra bits and pieces you might need to record.

Road trip planner pages

Travel Details and Accommodation Planning Made Easy

Campsite Details Page

Record vital campsite information like price, booking status, check-in/out times, facilities, and contact details.

Departure Checklists

One is prefilled with some suggestions for motorhome, RV or camper checks, and another page is blank for your personal checklist.

We had our checklist on the fridge in the motorhome so I could do a quick check just before moving off. We realised it was a vital component of our camping system after too many mishaps!

Like the time I forgot to turn the water pump off — a falling towel in the shower knocked the tap on, and water sprayed everywhere! Or the time I forgot to retract the step. Or the time … Suffice to say, the list saved us a lot of hassle.

Our motorhome in Bosnia

Road Route and Distances

Keep a precise log of your journey’s routes and distances, helping in both navigation and reminiscing the miles travelled with every adventure.

Recording this before your trip can show you that you might need to make more stops because spending all your time on the road isn’t too much fun. We learnt the hard way that fitting in less on a road trip is sometimes much better value because you actually get to enjoy each place more.

Vehicle Details

A page to jot down your vehicle details. A minor accident as we motorhomed through Italy taught us the importance of having these details at our fingertips. Scrabbling around looking for car insurance details whilst being screamed at by an irate Italian isn’t much fun!

Now, we never hit the road without them neatly placed in the glove box.

Budget and expense tracking planners

Expense Tracking and Budget Pages

Expense Tracking Sheet

Embarking on a road trip is a whirlwind of excitement, yet it’s essential to keep a watchful eye on your spending to ensure your adventure remains enjoyable and stress-free.

Our Expense Tracking Sheet is designed to be your financial companion on the road, providing a straightforward way to record your expenditures as they occur. Whether it’s fuel costs, campground fees, or that irresistible souvenir, jotting down your expenses will give you a clear picture of your spending habits.

Over time, this transparency can help you manage your budget more effectively, ensuring you have the means to continue exploring the roads less travelled.

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Budget Planning Sheet

Every road trip has its set of financial considerations, and planning your budget is a prudent step towards a successful journey. Our Budget Planning Sheet assists you in allocating your funds wisely before you hit the road.

This sheet encourages you to outline your anticipated expenses in various categories like accommodation, food, attractions, and unexpected costs.

By having a financial roadmap, you can prioritise your spending, ensuring you have enough for the must-do activities while also being prepared for the unforeseen.

Moreover, as you compare your planned budget with the actual expenses recorded on the Expense Tracking Sheet, you’ll gain valuable insights into your spending behaviour, aiding in better financial planning for your future adventures.

Road trip planner

Travel Planning Pages

Travel Overview Page

This page allows you to segment your journey into different destinations, noting arrival and departure dates, accommodation, and daily activities.

Travel Destination Notes

Dream, research, and plan with these pages, ensuring a well-prepared, stress-free adventure. The internet is a treasure trove for travel planning, but jotting down your findings here makes them easily accessible.

So, what’s holding you back? Download this FREE travel planner pdf now and start sketching your next adventure!


Follow these simple steps to get your planner:

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  5. Print, plan, and hit the road!

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And That’s a Wrap

Planning your road trip planning doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With our free printable road trip planner, you’ve got a companion to help organise your adventures to run smoothly.

This free printable travel planner is designed to cover all your bases. So why wait? Download the best free road trip planner now and start charting your journey on the open road.

Your adventure awaits, and now you’ve got the perfect tool to plan it out.

Safe travels!



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