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When exploring France, you will encounter wild coasts, flower-filled fairytale towns, medieval castles, enchanting chateaux and, let’s not forget, the most romantic city in the world, Paris.

Exploring each region of France is like eating your way through a box of chocolates. You’ll have your own particular favourites, but in the end, they are all worth trying.

Whether your France travel involves a road trip in your trusty motorhome or you’re simply looking for inspiration and information on places to visit in France …

Dive in here and get the ooh la la feel of France.

France offers the traveller so many varied experiences.

Explore the rugged northern coastline with a road trip through Normandy or Brittany, or head southwards to experience the delightful Dordogne villages and head along the Loire Valley to admire the plethora of grand old chateaux.

In the east, in the Alsace region, you’ll find half-timbered houses festooned with flowers oozing the storybook charm of old.

France has no less than 57 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore, with 35 more on UNESCO’s tentative list. Perfect for the history buffs among us.

photo of the Eiffel Tower

French culture abounds both in its cities and rural villages. Though seemingly miles apart in lifestyles, you will spot the tendrils of French pride creeping through all aspects of life. Fine Dining, fashion, famous art galleries and museums, croissants, coffee and crepes are all typically French.

Stay long enough to sample local life and enjoy France with an inquisitive mind and palate. For nine months, we lived in a French village where foie gras was handmade with pride, and the local ladyfolk used snail slime as a face moisturiser.

Exploring France: Popular Destinations

Overall, we spent about 12 months in France but didn’t manage to visit many other wonderful French destinations. We do lean towards the lesser-known places when travelling, but know that many of you enjoy a mixture of both.

Here are many of the popular places you may like to include on your travels through France, with links to things to do and top sights in these regions:

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