Road Trip Across Breathtaking Brittany, France


What amazed us most whilst travelling through Brittany, a region in the northwest of France, is the absolute jaw-dropping panorama. From the raw coastal stretches to the old-world villages, there is such amazing diversity on display. Some places reminded us of scenes from our own Australia. We’ve captured 8 ‘Bretagne’ memorable locations that really gave us the ‘wow’ factor!


This restored hamlet of 18 thatched cottages lies in the Saint-Lyphard municipality of Brittany. It is pedestrian access only, is free to wander and has a tourist information centre with interactive displays. Walking though here gives you a feel of life in by-gone times.


Green moss covered house in a historic village

Green moss covered house in a historic village


Mesquer, a municipality of Brittany, is a popular seaside summer destination with many of the homes remaining unoccupied over the colder months. We visited in winter and found things to be pretty quiet but we were told by the locals that this is definitely not the case come summer.

Sandy beach with 2 green trees shadowing a house on a peninsula

White sandy beach stretching into the horizon with surfboards lying near-field


This municipality of Brittany boasts not only beautiful contrasting views of its coastline but also a long 5 kilometre beach of pristine sand. You can understand why people descend here in droves over the summer to enjoy this little patch of paradise.

White houses in the background overlook a blue sea and white boats in the foreground

Rocky sea front in front of a peninsula of houses

Small winding stretch of beach with boogy boards leaning against a stone wall


This 14 kilometre long peninsula juts out from the Morbihan coast in southern Brittany. It is just 23m wide at its narrowest point. Swimming here is forbidden due to the rough seas. Don’t worry though as the many coastal walkways give you unforgettable views of the wild coastline. A landmark not to be missed is the majestic Arche de Port Blanc or White Port Arch close by the town of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon.

Rock arch in a foamy blue sea

Waves breaking in a rocky inlet with the spray forming a rainbow

Sandy beach with a blue sea and green sparse low vegetation on the rocky hilltops


Famous for its pink granite rocks carved out by the sea, this coastal town lies in the Cotes d’Armor municipality in western Brittany. The day we were here, the fog rolled in from the sea and enveloped the hill and crept down the beach – it created an eerie but mesmerising landscape!


Sunlight shining through the trees and highlighting the beach rocks below

Fog shrouding a hill top seen from a wide beach


Standing at the very northern peninsula tip and still within the Cotes d’Armor is an amazing house nestled between two towering boulders. It is called Castel Meur or La Maison des Gouffre (‘House between the Rocks’). The surrounds are just spectacular. The combination of the sea colour, the wildness of nature and the vast rocky formations creates a kind of magical serenity. Therefore, it’s a perfect getaway location for those seeking solace!

2 story house built between large boulders with a blue lake in the foreground

Rocky coastline with a blue sky and green tinged sea


This well-preserved town with its cobbled stone streets and half-timbered houses also lies in Cote d’Armor. This town also has the oldest ramparts in Brittany. It actually feels like you have stepped back in time as you wander the old town streets.


Half timbered houses cluster together in a narrow town street

Half timbered houses cluster together in a narrow town street

Blue themed houses with blue window sills, blue shutters

Half timbered steeple type house with red framed windows


This town in Brittany has recently merged into the commune of Dinan and is home to the quaint Abbey Saint Magliore de Lehon. It has both Romanesque and Gothic architecture dating back to the 6th century which gives it a distinctive character. Unfortunately the church was closed during our visit. It is said to house statues, colourful stained glass windows and a rare bone relic which forms part of a shrine.

Dilapidated church with archways surrounding a garden

Bronze coloured church front

Dilapidated church with archways surrounding a garden


We were left in awe of the breath-taking scenery in Brittany. We departed with not only beautiful photos, but beautiful memories. Have you been to other places in Brittany that you felt were absolutely stunning? We’d love to hear about them.


Author: Lars

Being an Australian boy brought up in the country, I learnt at an early age to enjoy the freedom and beauty of nature. Leaving Australia at the age of 20, although I didn’t know it then, would be the beginning of a life of adventure. So join me here on our travels and see the world through my eyes.

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