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Himakana (written as Himakånå in Norwegian ) is also known as Mini Trolltunga or Trolltunga’s little sister. Trolltunga is a demanding hike, a little further north in the Hardanger region of Norway. 

Both Himakana and Trolltunga are incredible rock formations with precipices that overhang the fjords far below. However, the Himakana hike is roughly a 2 hour round trip compared to Trolltunga’s demanding 9-12 hour trek. This makes it a very family-friendly hike for all ages. It has plenty of the wow factor throughout the hike and you spend just a fraction of the time and effort required for either of the popular hikes Trolltunga, Preikestolen or Kjeragbolten.

Lars stood on Himakana overlooking fjords

View from Himakana (Himakånå)

Another particular attraction of Himakana is that it is off the usual tourist route. The beauty of this place is magnified not only by its fabulous nature and views but by the fact that it does not yet share the busyness of its nearby big brothers and remains relatively unknown among tourist circles.

Himakana is situated in the Tysvaer Municipality of Rogland and is the perfect afternoon hike. The hike rewards the visitor with changing landscapes, a well-trodden marked walking path and absolutely stupendous views from the top of the surrounding fjords.

It is also a perfect stop if you are on a Norway road trip.

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Himakana provides great views of the fjords

Stunning 180-degree views from the top of Himakana (Himakånå)

HImakana trail is a well signed path

Well marked trail all the way to the top

Himakana path scenery

The early part of the trail

Himakana path flattening out at the top

Wooden walkways are provided when the going gets are bit rocky underfoot



Himikana Level: Blue/medium: (medium’ meaning moderate incline with possible steep sections)

Himakana Hike time:  2 hours return trip (We took 3.5 hours with plenty of stops for photos)

Himakana Elevation: 357m above sea level


The climb follows both dirt roads and grass tracks passing over fences. There are some short rather steep sections but generally, it’s a nice, even ascent. The early part of the climb has you picking a path through a forest where the twisted, tree roots are reminiscent of a scene from a Harry Potter movie.

Himakana with its Harry Potter like feel

Overlapping tree roots add an element of mystery to this magical forest

Himakana's pine forests

The forest fires up the imagination ..

Exiting the forest, the path opens to views of the majestic Boknafjord with its many islands. Ferries were plying their route across the fjord, fishing boats dotting the landscape and the many red cabins tucked into the shoreline made for a picturesque scene.

Himakana's views over Boknafjord

Views around the halfway mark across Boknafjord

Himakana's captivating scenery

More halfway mark views on the way to Himakånå peak

With a final, steepish section of path conquered, a gentle rise through scrubland brought us out onto Himakana. You then realise that it’s not just a single rock projecting out into the fjord but a series of closely grouped craggy outcrops. This gives you some different options when choosing to capture some landscape photos. And yes, you are spoilt with 180-degree views covering both Lysevatnet (the fjord at your feet) and the grander Boknafjord (to your left).

The view from Himakana summit

Himakana – the mini Trolltunga

You have the opportunity to sign the visitor’s register at the top, which we did, and took some time to discover a geocache


Like many Norwegian places, Himakana is steeped in legend. The rock face at the top is said to resemble the face of Himakana, a female troll, who was said to have lived nearby. The legend tells us that the local people were poor and asked the rich Himakana for money to buy church bells. She agreed, but only on the condition that the bells were not rung whilst she was alive.

For many, many years this was the case, until one day, the daughter of the priest died. Ignoring the agreement, he rang the bells, with beautiful sounds echoing throughout the valleys. Himakana was greatly angered, but on her way down the mountain to the church, the chimes turned her to stone. The craggy, distinctive rocks at the summit are said to be her angry face, forever immortalised in stone.

Himakana hike was a rewarding hike in many ways and we definitely felt that Himakana, in some mysterious way, had worked her magic on us.

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Himakana's rocky face

Views over Boknafjord

HIMAKÅNÅ – That’s a Wrap

This lovely hike ticks all the boxes. It’s family-friendly, has a low degree of difficulty, has majestic views and is very accessible. You could easily hike it all in the space of a morning or an afternoon and why not plan for a picnic at the top. Himakana should definitely be on your list of Norway hikes.

Have you visited Himakana before and what was your impression? Can you recommend similar hikes? We’d love to hear of your adventures.



  • From Skudeneshavn = 1.5 hours
  • From Stavanger = 2.25 hours
  • From Bergen = 3.5 hours


Access to the start of the hike is from a point 750m from the Joker store in Nedstrand. You’ll need to park here, not in the church grounds. Just keep your eye out for the big, white Nedstrand church off road 515 with the Joker carpark just opposite. You may need to pay a small parking fee (100 Nok); the proceeds of which go towards maintaining the hike.

From the carpark, follow the ‘Himakana’ signs that start at the church footpath.


Bus: 246 Haugesund – Nedstrand

High-speed ferry: Stavanger – Ryfylke

Ferry: Fogn – Judaberg – Nedstrand – Jelsa

Nedstrand church near start of Himakana Hike

Nedstrand Church opposite the parking for the Himakana Hike

The trail head to Himakana

The start of the Himakana Hike



Norway classifies its walks and hikes depending on the degree of difficulty, as follows:

  • Easy (Green) – Novice Hikers/ No experience necessary
  • Medium (Blue) – Intermediate some hiking experience /average fitness level
  • Demanding (Red) – Experienced walkers/high fitness level well equipped with good hiking boots/ basic navigation skills /map and compass.
  • Expert (Black) – Longer and more technical hikes /Experienced hikers/ high fitness level well equipped with good hiking boots/ basic navigation skills/map and compass

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