29 Best Things to do in Skudeneshavn and Karmoy

29 Best Things to do in Skudeneshavn and Karmoy
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She is not a Stavanger or a Bergen and she is certainly not an Oslo. Skudeneshavn, Norway, is more than all of them. She has a heart and soul and her very breath welcomes you with a whisper.

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The Best Things to do in Skudeneshavn and Karmoy

Skudeneshavn, Karmoy

We lived in this pretty town for six months and it didn’t take long before Skudeneshavn and her incredible allure enveloped us and swept us along like the waves on its shore. Skudeneshavn sits quietly, self-assured and confident. It knows its beauty and has a strong sense of self-worth, patriotism, and community. Skudeneshavn is an experience that deserves your attention. We regularly return and it’s magic never wanes. 

Situated on the southernmost tip of the island of Karmoy, in Western Norway, Skudeneshavn remains relatively undiscovered. However, it is one of the most beautiful, historic towns of Norway. It is known as the ‘White Lady’ of Norway for a reason. Demure, proud and picturesque.

Not only that, but this stunning town of Skudeneshavn is in the ‘Homeland of the Viking Kings‘ (Karmoy island), so it is the ideal base to explore the Island and close surrounds.

Skudeneshavn's white houses

Skudeneshavn’s classic white houses with red roofs

Quick View: What to do in Skudeneshavn and Karmoy

  • Wander Søragada – Skudeneshavn old town
  • Visit Majorstuen Kafe for coffee and waffles
  • Use the Time Travel App to tour Skudeneshavn
  • Hire a free rowing boat
  • Visit ‘Kormt’ and taste test local brews
  • Visit Maelandsgarden Museum
  • Explore the local art galleries and exhibitions
  • Indulge in some homemade cake at the ‘World’s Smallest Cafe’
  •  Stroll in Skudeneshavn Park and admire the figurehead and famous Moonstone
  • Sleepover at Vikholmen Lighthouse
  • Experience the Skudeneshavn Festival
  • Do some Forest Bathing
  • Picnic at the New Zealand Hut
  • Have a coffee at Takelurfabrikken Cafe, the old Foghorn Factory
  • Walk the Heritage Trail
  • Take a boat to Geitungen Lighthouse
  • Swim or stroll in Syre, Karmoy
  • Visit the WWII Bunkers at Syrenesetfort, Karmoy
  • Take a photo of Skudeneshavn Lighthouse
  • Explore Kysefort bunker
  • Visit the beautiful beach of Sandvesanden
  • Visit Ferkingstad Fishermen’s Memorial
  • Swim at the blue flag beach of Akrasanden, Karmoy
  • Walk the coastal route from Akrasanden to Ferkingstad
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty in Visnes, Karmoy
  • Walk in the footsteps of the Viking kings at Avaldsnes, Karmoy
  • Find the Virgin Mary Needle at St Olav’s Church, Karmoy
  • Explore Utsira Island full of street art
  • Visit the incredible ‘Rising Tide’ sculpture in Haugesund
Skudeneshavn, Karmoy

Reminders everywhere of Skudeneshavn’s nautical past

Skudeneshavn and Karmoy: The Perfect Mix of Everything

Skudeneshavn, (pronounced as Skoodnusarven) and affectionately referred to as Skudenes (Skoodnus) by the locals has a rich history. The town was built up around the fishing industry and, as you wander the rose-laden, meandering laneways, you will get an immediate sense of its nautical history and influence.

Skudeneshavn’s spirit fondly remembers the times of old, for she was once the queen of the harbours. She grew with speed in the early 19th century, as her seas gave forth to an abundant herring harvest. Her nautical prowess is immediately evident, as the shimmering waters reflect the softly swaying yachts and boats in her harbour. She has weathered a few storms in her time and welcomed many a seafarer to her port. Here, her inhabitant’s lives are so closely integrated with the sea, that both young and old navigate her waterways as adeptly as they do her paved pathways.

Skudeneshavn Harbour
Black and white photo of boathouse and anchor in Skudeneshavn

Though it’s not just the sea and sparkling harbour that gives Skudeneshavn its allure. It is surrounded by forests, lakes and heather moorland and just along the coast, you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches in Norway.

The island of Karmoy itself is only about 40km in length, so it is relatively easy to explore everything that Karmoy, the Homeland of the Viking Kings, also has to offer.

We’ve put together a list of all the things to do in Skudeneshavn and included trips to other parts of Karmoy that can easily be reached from this enchanting town.

Read More on our Norway Road Trips 

Video of Skudeneshavn and Karmoy

For a peek into the sensational sights of Skudeneshavn and surrounding areas in Karmoy take a look at this short video.

29 Top Things to Do in Skudeneshavn and Karmoy

Map of Things to do in Skudeneshavn and Karmøy

1. Wander through Søragadå

If Skudeneshavn strode the catwalks, you’d admire her classic style and empirical beauty. She is meticulous in her appearance, with bountiful blooms adorning her dazzling white homes.  Some call her the ‘White Lady of the Empire’, due to her old wooden homes being inspired by the designs of ancient Rome.

In the centre of this white town is ‘Gamle Skudeneshavn’, meaning ‘old town’. The main street of Skudeneshavn Gamle is Søragadå, and here you will be surrounded by some of the most well-preserved timber houses in Norway, which date from the 1800s.

While strolling through Søragadå, Skudeneshavn, you can admire the well-kept homes, pretty floral displays and find little clues that highlight the nautical essence of the town. In summer, you’ll be accompanied by the faint scent of roses and the welcoming aroma of waffles and coffee hidden in unassuming little cafes that you might miss if it weren’t for the delicious smells drawing you in.

Gamle Skudeneshavn

Skudeneshavn Old Town

2. Visit Majorstuen Kafe for Waffles and Coffee

As you wander along in Gamle Skudeneshavn, you’ll come to this most interesting little cafe, Majorstuen Kafe, run by an elderly gentleman by the name of Johannes. His laughter and the smell of fresh waffles will be the sign that you’ve found this quirky cafe frequented by the locals in Karmoy.

Majorstua Kafe, Skudeneshavn

Majorstuen Kafe in Skudeneshavn

3. Take a tour of Skudeneshavn with the ‘Time Travel’ App

You can download this free app on to your phone and take a historical tour around the town with little film snippets and information about the various parts. As you walk, the information relevant to where you are pops up.

To get the app, type in ‘Time Travel in Skudeneshavn’ on your phone app store and you should find it. It’s run by Opplev Karmoy. These are some of the screenshots below to give you an idea about it. It’s a really cool activity and you can wander the town at your own pace and get a snippet of Skudeneshavn’s history.

Skudeneshavn Time Travel App screenshot
Skudeneshavn Time Travel App screenshot
Skudeneshavn Time Travel App screenshot

4. Hire a Rowing Boat

Most of our suggestions for things to do in Skudeneshavn and Karmoy are free, and this one is no exception. You can hire a rowing boat for free, from the tourist office in the main square. You pick up the oars and lifejackets here and then can set off and explore Skudeneshavn harbour from a different perspective.

We were struck by how much of life happened on the water here. Children, not much older than nine or ten, hop in their dinghies and go off for a little jaunt around the harbour. With a boat, you can pass the old timber boathouses and get a great up-close view from the water.

Skudeneshavn Tourist Office Opening times: 1st June to 31st August (every day)

You can also hire bikes from the Tourist Office: NOK 250 First Day and then NOK 100 afterwards

Calm waters of Skudeneshavn harbour

Calm waters of Skudeneshavn harbour

5. Have a doughnut and coffee at Humler 13

Right in the Skudeneshavn town square, you’ll find the newly opened ‘Humler 13‘. Translated, Humler means bumblebee, and this cafe/pub represents carefree summer days in Norway.

Hummler 13 is open all year round and offers snack food and delicious doughnuts and cakes – perfect to go with a coffee or even a beer or wine if you so desire.

Hummler 13 cafe in Skudeneshavn

Hummler 13 boasts a very cosy interior

6. Explore Skudeneshavn History at Maelandsgarden Museum

This museum is located in the heart of Skudeneshavn old town and is housed in one of the old listed timber buildings. Here you can find out how the town grew up around the herring fishing boom and how this has moulded the town into what you see today.

In the museum, you’ll find a shop, a wealthy merchants house, a dental surgery,  hairdressers, blacksmith and cooper (barrel maker) tools, and also a boathouse in which the herring used to be dropped. We paid for the museum tour which was worth taking because you get to hear so many of the stories surrounding the articles in the house. You also learn so much more about how life used to be in the late 1800s in Karmoy.

In the month of July, you can also follow 18th-century locals through the town as they tell of life as it was in the 1800s onwards.

Cost of the tour: NOK 70

Opening Times: Check the website here.

Maelandsgarden Msuem, Skudeneshavn

Maelandsgarden Museum, Skudeneshavn

Skudeneshavn Museum old shop
Skudeneshavn Museum Coopers Barrels

7. Explore the art exhibitions


Galleri Blonde Fabriken

The main gallery in the town is this one and has various exhibitions during the year. The gallery itself was used for salting herring back in the 1800s and has its own unique story. You’ll find this Gallery just beside Skudeneshavn Museum. 

Inside the main art gallery in Skudeneshavn

Galleri Fabriken, Skudeneshavn

Studio 21

Studio 21 is an intimate Art Gallery which has 2 -3 exhibits a year, representing well-known artists. You’ll find it along the main street in old Skudeneshavn, at 21 Søragadå.

Paintings on display at Studio 21, Skudeneshavn
Studio 21 in Skudeneshavn
Two paintings and a sculpture on display at Studio 21 in Skudeneshavn

Studio 21, Skudeneshavn

8. Have some cake in the World’s Smallest Cafe

This Skudeneshavn cafe, ‘The World’s Smallest Cafe’,  is small, but I really can’t verify that the name holds true! What I can verify, however, is that the service was delightful and the homemade cakes were scrumptious.

Skudeneshavn's World's Smallest Cafe

Skudeneshavn’s version of the ‘World’s Smallest Cafe”

Friendly service in the cafe

Super-friendly service matches the great menu

9. Take A Stroll in Skudeneshavn Park

Above the charismatic old town, you’ll find Skudeneshavn’s haven of tranquillity. Befittingly, an old ship figurehead takes guardianship, and is known as ‘The Lady in the Park’. In this little sanctuary high above the town, you’ll also find the famous moonstone. Not a meteorite as first presumed, but a remnant of rock left behind 800 million years ago.  You also get a great view over rooftops of the town and glimpses of the ocean through the trees.

The boat figurehead of a woman attached to the rock at the entrance to Skudeneshavn Park
Skudeneshavn park
Skudeneshavn moonrock

Also in the park,  you’ll find this lover’s bench. Depending on which seat you choose, will determine your answer to a proposal of marriage. So be mindful of where you sit;)

Skudeneshavn yes/ no sign at the park
Skudeneshavn yes or no bench

10. Sleepover at Vikholmen Lighthouse

At the entrance to Skudeneshavn harbour, you’ll find this cute little lighthouse. It was the guiding light for many a sailing ship in its time. It has now been renovated and you can rent it out to stay on its tiny little island.

Visit: https://visitkarmoy.no/en/vikeholmen-fyr  for more details. 

Blood Red Moon, Skudeneshavn, Karmoy

Blood Moon over Vikholmen Lighthouse, Skudeneshavn

11. Experience the Famous Tall Ships Skudeneshavn Festival

Every year, normally on the first weekend of July, boats of every type convene at Skudeneshavn for the largest nautical festival in Western Norway. Tall ships, wooden boats and pleasure yachts fill the harbour to the brim. Local artisans display their wares and give demonstrations of handicrafts that have been passed down through the ages. Concerts, food trucks and a feeling of general merriment invades the old town. It is an event that the people of Skudeneshavn, Karmoy are very proud of.

For the dates of this year’s Skudeneshavn Festival check here.

[Note: 2020 Skudeneshaven Festival is cancelled due to Covid-19 – and will return 4th July 2021]

Tall ship passing Vikholmen Lighthouse, Karmoy_770

Tall ship passing Vikholmen Lighthouse, Skudeneshavn

The water path fun at the Skudeneshavn festival
Local rope maker at his stall at the Skudeneshavn Tall Ships Festival
View from the back of a boat at Skudeneshavn Harbour

12. Do some ‘forest bathing’

 Just behind Skudeneshavn town are many forest and moorland walks to enjoy. The perfect thing to do in Skudeneshavn is to step out into nature and do some ‘forest bathing’ (the new expression for absorbing all the health benefits from being out in nature amongst greenery and trees).  

Forest walk, Skudeneshavn

Soothing forest walks

There are also lovely lakes that you can walk around or hike to. The area is well signposted with the various walking trails which lead you further into Karmoy’s nature. We took a walk around one of the lakes (Follow the sign for ‘Allmannamyr rundt‘ to the right just after you start on the forest trails behind Skudeneshavn Sports Centre). We took a detour upwards towards ‘Nauthydleren‘ to find a geocache and came across a great lookout over Skudeneshavn.

For another enjoyable hike – take the blue hiking route to Litlavatn. This trail takes you over wooden walkways, through forest and hills and leads you to a beautiful lake and a small waterfall. It’s only about a 3km round trip but gets the heart pumping and makes for the perfect outdoor exercise.

Lars overlooking Skudeneshavn

The view from Nauthydleren, Skudeneshavn

Signpost in the Skudeneshavn forest
Overlooking Skudeneshavn Lake
Overlooking Skudeneshavn

13. Have a BBQ or Picnic at the New Zealand Hut

This authentic replica of a New Zealand Gold Diggers hut was built the Skudeneshavn forest in 1936 by Kristian Kristiansen. He had travelled overseas at an early age and had been a gold digger in New Zealand. When he returned to Skudeneshavn, he built this cottage, called the ‘New Zealand Hut’, as a memory of the old gold diggers cottages in which he had lived in New Zealand.

You can easily walk to the New Zealand Hut as it’s only about a 5-10 minute walk from the back of Skudeneshavn Sports Hall. Once there you’ll find a huge campfire area, a BBQ  and picnic benches.

New Zealand Hut in Skudeneshavn Forest
Sign post to New Zealand Hut, Skudeneshavn
New Zealand Hut sign in Skudeneshavn Forest
Close up on 1936 date on wall of New Zealand Hut in Skudeneshavn Forest

 14. Have a coffee at Takelurfabrikken Café

Have a coffee in this old Foghorn Factory and browse local handmade handicrafts in the attached shop.

O.C. Hansen’s statue sits outside the cafe, as it was here that he built his famous foghorn. The ships coming into Skudeneshavn harbour used to use signal flags but these were ineffective in foggy weather. Hence the invention by Skudeneshavn local, Captain O.C. Hansen, who patented his foghorn in 1881.

The factory is now a coffee shop during the summer season (with volunteers running the community building). It is also a meeting place for local handicraft clubs, who can then sell their handiwork in the shop here.

Takelurfabrikken, Skudeneshavn, Karmoy

Takelurfabrikken, Skudeneshavn

Inside Takelurfabrikken Cafe, Skudeneshavn

A cosy interior awaits

15. Walk the Skudeneshavn Heritage Trail

Download the Heritage Trail Map here and walk through the town to learn more about the history and the significant cultural heritage of Skudeneshavn. One of the interesting building you’ll find on the trail is this ‘Half house’ in the old town, at 60 Søragadå Street. Known as Vaskehuset,  this house was built around the adjoining hillside.  It was built and used as a laundry and woodshed for the house on the opposite side of the street. 

Half house in Skudeneshavn

The interesting ‘half house’ in Skudeneshaven’s old town

16. Take a Boat to Geitungen Lighthouse

Geitungen Lighthouse, in Karmoy,  is a protected National Monument. The lighthouse was first lit in 1924 and was manned up to 1994. Take a picnic onto the island and enjoy the splendid views back to Skudeneshavn.

Geitungen Lighthouse at Skudeneshavn

Geitungen Lighthouse

17. Swim or stroll in Syre, Karmoy

Syre is a small village just a short walk along the coastline from Skudeneshavn. It has a cute little harbour and a gorgeous beach cove perfect for swimming or paddling your feet.

Syre harbour, Karmoy

The boats add a nautical feel to Syre 

Syre Beach, Karmoy

Over-sized wooden deck chairs are a beach feature

18. Visit the World War II Bunkers at Syrenesetfort, Karmoy

One of the best things to do in Skudeneshavn is to get out in nature.  The walk to Syrenesetfort takes you through the forest, open fields and along the rocky coastline. We walked along the coastline from Skudeneshavn to get there but it would be easier to take the roadway.  If you enjoy clambering over rocks and hiking though, the coastline may be the way to go. It’s only about 4km from Skudeneshavn.

The pathway leading up to the fort is across Karmoy’s forested moorland and that in itself presents you with stunning scenery. The fort was built in WWII by the occupying Germans and was used to monitor the shipping lane action. You can climb in among the bunkers and there are still plenty of German signs which seem out of place in the peaceful Norwegian surroundings.

Syrenset Fort near Skudeneshavn

Syreneset Fort

Syrenset Fort path near Skudeneshavn
View of forest and sea on the way to Syrenset Fort, near Skudenshavn

19. Skudeneshavn Lighthouse

Skudeneshavn Lighthouse is automated nowadays and sits on private land. However, we were lucky enough to be there when a relative of the owners was staying from America – he welcomed us up when he spotted us taking pics from below. 

You can still get some shots from below and the scenery around the area is worth exploring. 

Skudeneshavn Lighthouse

Stupendous views over Lysefjord

20. Visit Skudeneshavn Kystfort

Kystfort is another war bunker and can be found up on top of the hills around Skudeneshavn overlooking the ocean. Lars had fun looking around, whilst I enjoyed the scenery, the views across the ocean, playing with my camera and talking to the sheep. If you are into photography you can get some great shots here, the sheep aren’t particularly chatty though.

Kystfort, Skudeneshavn, NorwayIMG_9854

Old gun tracks at Krysfort

Kystfort, Skudeneshavn, NorwayIMG_9852


21. The beach at Sandve – Sandvesanden, Karmoy

You may not be expecting to find beaches like this in Norway – we certainly weren’t. These beautiful white sand beaches, just five minutes drive from Skudeneshaven, Karmoy, are nestled by outcrops of rock and this one, at Sanvesanden, is particularly scenic.

When we were here the weather was warm and birds flitted around us as I kept stopping every few metres to admire the different types of plant life growing here.

Sandve beach, Karmoy Norway


22. Ferkingstad Fishermen’s Memorial, Karmoy

About a 20 mins drive north from Skudeneshavn, and you’ll see signs from the main road down to the Ferkingstad Fishermen’s Memorial. Many of Karmoy’s fishermen headed to America to make their living, especially when the herring boom dried up.

This memorial is to remember those who left and lost their lives in American waters. The memorial plays a tune of remembrance at various times of the day. We didn’t know this but were lucky enough to be there when it started playing.

Ferkingstad Fishermens memorial Karmoy

Ferkingstad’s Fishing Memorial

The cross of Ferkingstad Fisherman Memorial

Memorial by the coastline

23. Akrasanden, Karmoy

Akrasanden is another gorgeous beach at Akrahamn, Karmoy, about 20 minutes north of Skudeneshavn. It has been awarded the eco- friendly blue flag award (and awarded again for 2020)  and it also won the ‘most beautiful beach’ in Norway award in 2014. There are shops, cafes and a Coastal Museum in Akrahamn.

Akresanden, Karmoy

Beautiful white sandy beaches

24. Coastal Walk from Akrasanden to Ferkingstad

A coastal path, on the western side of Karmoy, leads from the beach at Akrasanden to the Fisherman’s Memorial in Ferkingstad. It takes about two hours to complete the walk and is the best way to experience the western coast of Karmoy. The winds can get fresh on the coast so make sure to take some warm clothes in case you get nippy.

Akra to Ferkingstad walk, karmoy, Norway

Akrasanden to Ferkingstad Walk – Some magical scenery 

25. Visit The Statue of Liberty

We thought they were joking when Karmoy locals told us we could visit the Statue of Liberty!

In the 1870s, the town of Visnes, Karmoy, operated the largest copper mine in Norway. And it was this mine that supplied the copper that the New York Statue of liberty was made from. It was in operation until 1972 and now has a museum on site.

Statue of Liberty at Visnes, Karmoy

Norway’s very own Statue of Liberty

26. Walk in the Footsteps of the Viking Kings at Avaldsnes, Karmoy

The island of Karmoy is the home of the Viking Kings. They ruled from the site at Avaldsnes, about a 30-minute drive from Skudeneshavn. Here you can visit the Viking History Centre and also experience what life was like on a Viking homestead. For more information about the Viking connection to Karmoy and what to do in Avaldsnes, have a read of our post, In the Footsteps of the Viking Kings, Avaldsnes.

Signs to viking farm at Avaldsnes, Karmoy

The modern cultural centre in the background

27. Visit St. Olav’s Church at Avaldsnes, Karmoy

Just beside the Viking History Centre, in northern Karmoy, on the hill overlooking Karmsund Strait, sits St. Olav’s Church. This stone church was built in 1250, but it is believed that it replaced a wooden church built by King Olav Tryggason in around 1000AD.

Here you’ll also find the Virgin Mary’s Needle,  an ancient stone that dates from around 200AD. The story passed down through the ages is that if the stone touches the church then Doomsday will descend. Legend suggests that priests would climb up the pillar at night and chip away pieces to make sure it did not touch the church. Hence, we are apparently now 9.2 centimetres away from it being the end of the world.

Olav's Church, Karmoy, Norway

St.Olav’s Church and the Virgin Mary’s Needle

St-Olav's-Church-Virgin Mary's Needle,-Karmoy,-Norway

‘Doomsday’ Needle

28. Go for a Day trip or Overnight at Utsira

We found this awesome island of Utsira, just west of Karmoy, at the end of our stay in Skudeneshavn. However, we wish we’d found it sooner. If you enjoy hiking, (this was one of our best hikes in Norway),  or love street art then Utsira is a must to have on your bucket list while in the area.

You can get a ferry from Haugesund, which is about a 30-minute drive north of Skudeneshavn. For detailed information on Utsira, check out our article, ‘Why Utsira Should be on Your Norway Bucket list’. 

Utsira pink and blue huts

You can overnight at the ‘Love’ and ‘Conversation’ Huts 

There are so many things to do in Skudeneshavn and on the small island of Karmoy,  that a week here would keep you more than busy. So next time you are looking to visit Norway, be sure to put Skudeneshavn and Karmoy on your itinerary. It’ll take you away from the crowds and offer you a tantalising, diverse taster of Norway, all within easy reach.

29. Visit the ‘Rising Tide’ Sculpture in Haugesund

Hidden almost out of sight is the sculpture, entitled The Rising Tide.  It is the work of Jason deCaires Taylor, a British artist who first placed the sculpture on the Thames in the United Kingdom. 

The sculture comprises four life-size horses, and represent of the origins of industrialisation but are also meant as a warning for climate change. Each horse head has been modelled on an oil well pump, making a political comment on the impact of fossil fuels on our planet.

Haugesund is about a 40-minute drive North from Skudeneshavn.

You’ll find the sculpture at the end of Kvalsvikvegen, Haugesund. (Take the right-hand fork along the road, not the left) 

Visiting Skudeneshavn - Haugesund sculpture of four horses by the sea

The ‘Rising Tide’ Sculpture in Haugesund, Norway

Good to Know

Accommodation in Skudeneshavn

Here you can rent self-service cottages, with free wifi and cooking facilities. There is also motorhome/RV parking available. Book a room here

This one-bedroom apartment with garden, free wifi and kitchenette is located right in the heart of Skudeneshavn. Book a room here

One of the highest-rated accommodation options in Skudeneshavn, this historic house on the waterfront offers a full continental breakfast, free wifi and an ideal location within the heart of the old town.

Book a room here

Gamle Skudenshavn


Karmoy Transport

Haugesund Airport is about a 30-minute drive north of Skudeneshavn, on the island of Karmøy.

We had a car when we travelled around Norway which was definitely the easiest way to get around.

For details of Rental Cars click here.

However, there are buses that run around the island. You can check out transport details here or contact Visit Haugesund for more details ( they also manage Skudeneshavn tourist information office).

Boat hut near the shore at Skudeneshavn, Karmoy

Skudeneshavn Summed Up

It’s hard to forget her when she gives you so much to remember. Skudeneshavn swept us up in her warm embrace and we have had a love affair with her ever since.

Skudeneshavn’s allure spreads from her coast to her forest. She has an abundant personality and easily satisfies an inquisitive traveller’s desire to explore. With her nautical nuances, stunning coastal plains and boundless beautiful countryside of forests and lakes – Skudeneshavn may just steal your heart too.

Vikholmen Lighthouse, Skudeneshavn

Vikholmen Lighthouse, Skudeneshavn

What would be the first thing to do on your list if you visited here? If you’ve been here, are there any places you think should be added to our list of things to in Skudeneshavn and Karmoy?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this article – drop us an email or leave a comment below.

As always we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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