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Bettmeralp Switzerland

Bettmeralp is in the Valais region of Switzerland and looks across to the famous high peak of the Matterhorn. Given its high altitude, if there is snow in Switzerland, then Bettmeralp will be one of the first places to be getting it. At an altitude of 2000 metres, some days it’s hard to tell where the snow ends, and the white fluffy clouds begin.

The village can only be reached by cable car from Betten Tall Station in the valley and is car -free.  The closest village to Bettmeralp is Riederalp, just a 30 minute walk from away and it too is car- free.  

sunrise over the snow at Bettmeralp

Watching our first sunrise on our Bettmeralp skiing holiday – those are clouds in the background – not snow!

Bettmeralp is part of the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch region, which was chosen as one of the first Alpine UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites. Included within this Unesco site is the Great Aletsch Glacier, and at  23 Kilometres long it is the largest in the Alps.  

[Fun fact: If the Aletsch Glacier melted, it could supply every single person on the Earth with a litre of water every day for 4.5 years.]

Bettmeralp is just on the fringe of the Jungfrau Region, a fabulous winter holiday destination and the perfect spot to explore the beauty of the Swiss Alps – for skiers and non- skiers alike. 

The nearest main airport is Zurich. We arranged a night’s stopover there and explored the Zurich Christmas Markets on route to Bettmeralp.

Bettmeralp Skiing – Fun For all the Family

Bettmeralp ski resort is particularly special at Christmas when the whole village comes alive with festivities and fun. The ski season in Bettmeralp starts just before Christmas, and there are plenty of winter sports for young and old. 

We chose our Bettmeralp skiing holiday because we were meeting up with my three sons, (all flying in from different countries), for Christmas and this was the perfect holiday to keep everyone entertained.

Bettmeralp Skiing - three boys swinging on trees in the snow

Although I have older boys the resort is equally suitable for younger children. As Bettmeralp is car-free, the resort is family-friendly so no worrying about cars and traffic. There are special kiddy slopes and activities just for the little ones too. Checking the available facilities for your younger children is always important if booking your first skiing trip with your toddler.

There’s not only skiing in Bettmeralp, you can also snowboard, snowshoe, cross country ski, or just enjoy the ambience and beauty of nature in the Swiss Alps.

Bettmeralp skiing scenery

Bettmeralp Skiing Resort Map

The map shows various points of interest in Bettmeralp, such as the grocery shops, ski area, ski equipment hire and gondola points for Bettmeralp.

[The map can be expanded by using the broken square in the top right-hand corner and you will then be able to view the key on the left]

Christmas Skiing in Bettmeralp

The Swiss Alps ski season begins just before Christmas, so when we arrived Bettmeralp was already becoming a vibrant hub of fun and festivity. The main street was abuzz with skiers, snowboarders and children being cheerily pulled along on toboggans.

Rustic and authentic Swiss chalets line the snow paths and Christmas decorations adorn the streets with fairy lights hanging from the chalets and restaurants -creating a perfect picture postcard Christmas scene.  

Bettmeralp ski village

Classic Swiss chalets in Bettmeralp ski village

Bettmeralp Skiing - church at Bettmeralp in the snow

Bettmeralp Chapel standing proudly atop the glistening snow

The little church at Bettmeralp has a twenty-four-hour webcam pointing at it, so you can see the snow conditions and weather any time you please. Checkout the Bettmeralp Chapel Webcam here. 
Bettmeralp Skiing - main street full of skiers

Skiers on the main street in Bettmeralp Village

Overlooking the Swiss Alps from Bettmeralp

View from Bettmeralp across the Swiss Alps

Bettermeralp Skiing: Getting Started

The only way to arrive at Betteralp for your skiing holiday is by cable car. The view of the Swiss Alps on the gondola ride up to the village is amazing. Stepping out of the Tall Station at the top, felt like we were walking out on to a different planet. 

We were lucky enough to have a friend pick us up in a snowmobile and carry our luggage to the rented apartment. You can either hire a snowmobile taxi or walk with your luggage, (although it seems that a smart choice is to use a toboggan loaded with luggage to tow behind you). 

Bettmeralp skiing: ski mobile transport at Bettmeralp

 Our snowmobile transport in car-free Bettmeralp

There are two Ski/Snowboard Equipment Hire shops in Bettmeralp:

Mattig Sport
3992 – Bettmeralp
+41 (0) 27 927 13 01

Derby Sport AG
3992 Bettmeralp
Telefon +41 27 927 11 40
[email protected]

Both sell and hire out equipment for the beginner and experienced skiers or snowboarders.

With the Ski and snowboard equipment being so quick and easy to hire, we were ready to go in no time. The boys were soon off on the slopes snowboarding and already competing on who could handle the steepest slope.

Bettmeralp Skiing and Snowboarding Video

Here’s a quick snippet of our Bettmeralp skiing and snowboarding – and you can see how accomplished we are in the end 😉 

Bettmeralp Skiing: Resort Information

  • Bettmeralp is a car-free zone with only access by cable car
  • There are 35 lift facilities providing access to the pistes and skiers can ski right to their doors.
  • The resort has been awarded the “Families Welcome” quality certificate and has a children’s activity programme.
  • For more information and review of the resort click here.
Bettmeralp Scenery

Bettmeralp Ski School

  • Snow Passion  (We personally highly recommend this Bettmeralp ski school for young and old alike.)
Chalet Schwarzbueb
CH 3992 Bettmeralp
Tel: +41 27 927 30 39
Fax: +41 27 927 30 38

Bettmeralp Ski Pass

The Aletsch Arena ski pass covers  Bettmeralp, Riederalp and Fiesch-Eggishorn. 

You can purchase the following tickets for skiing in Bettmeralp:

  • Four-hour passes
  • Daily passes
  • Multi-day passes up to 21 days
  • Season passes
  • Annual passes
  • Valley – viewpoint single tickets (single or return)
  • Baggage carts (single or return)

Tickets can be purchased at the Bergbahnen cableway ticket offices or ticket online. For prices and more information click here. 

Bettmeralp Snowboarding

On the Kanzel/Salzgäb piste, there is the TFI  Snowpark – with kicker lines, rail line and halfpipe

Perfect Swiss Alps Skiing Holiday

Spending Christmas skiing in Bettmeralp was just perfect for our family holiday. 

The ski and snowboard equipment was quick and easy to hire and in no time at all the boys were off on the slopes snowboarding and competing on who could handle the steepest slope.

Ourselves … well, we were learning to ski, which definitely challenged our coordination. Luckily we kept fit on our ‘Europe year in the van‘ trip so the muscles weren’t too sore and were up for the job. However, our technique left much to be desired. 

Lars and Shelley in Bettmeralp skiing

Skiing in Bettmeralp – Dressed for the part at least;) 

Fortunately, we had an excellent ski instructor, Marcus Rahm, from Snow Passion. He collected us daily from the chalet and made us feel extremely comfortable on the slopes.

By the end of the week, we were skiing back to our apartment – well kind of. This was no mean feat, given our starting point of not even knowing how to put on our boots.  I would thoroughly recommend Marcus and his wife Innes, who speaks many European languages. They live in Bettmeralp and teach the from the very beginner to the most experienced of skiers.

Skiing in Bettmeralp

Winter Scenery in the Swiss Alps

When we weren’t skiing, we were taking beautiful walks and becoming increasingly enchanted by this mystical place. Snowploughs regularly cleared most of the main routes but if you walk off these areas though, you could find yourself knee-deep in the powdery snow. There were a few occasions we were waist deep – such fun. 

Three boys taking a walk in the snow in Bettmeralp

There is a beautiful walk in the Bettmeralp Forest area just outside the main village.

Family in Bettmeralp on a snowy bench

We had a very special Christmas this year. Special Christmas magic – the magic of togetherness, skiing in Bettmeralp. 

Bettmeralp Skiing: Good to Know

Bettmeralp Skiing: Christmas Opening Hours 

Skiing Season Dates: Winter season 2021/2022:8 December 2021 to 18 April 2022

The restaurants, bars and shops were open every day, including Christmas Day.

Supermarkets in Bettmeralp

There were two small supermarkets that stocked most of the foods you would need. Bear in mind, however, that the Swiss Christmas customs may be different to your own.

In our case, we could not find Christmas puddings or cranberry sauce. That’s part of the fun of travel though – adjusting to new customs. 

Bettmeralp Accommodation

We booked the chalet in July but surprisingly found that many were already booked so our advice would be to organise this earlier rather than later. Some chalets book out over a year in advance. Which shows how popular the place is.

→  Book a hotel/chalet in Bettmeralp.

Travelling to Bettmeralp Switzerland

Swiss Alps Matterhorn Train

Swiss Alps Matterhorn Train

Travelling to Bettmeralp By Swiss Rail 

 Zürich  >  Brig  > Betten Talstation > Bettmeralp

The train from Zürich to Brig takes about two and a half hours and is a comfortable ride. From Brig, there is a short ten-minute train ride to Betten Talstation. From here you catch the Cable Car up to Bettmeralp,  the car-free alpine village high in the mountains. 

Note:  Booking online at SBB ( the National railway line of Switzerland) a month before we travelled and buying a ‘Saver Day Pass’, resulted in about a fifty per cent fare saving.

These tickets are only available a month prior and the earlier you buy them the cheaper they are.

With the ‘Saver Day Pass’ you can travel the whole of Switzerland for that scheduled day on all routes, whether on SBB trains or trains of other rail companies including boats, buses and trams. 

Travelling to Bettmeralp By Car

If you are driving to Bettmeralp  (it takes about 4 hours from Zurich) then you will need to leave your car in the parking area near Betten Talstation (Gondola).


Please let us know if you would like to know anything else about Bettmeralp skiing and we’ll do our best to answer your queries.

Shelley and Lars

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