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Discover the Wild Heart of Botswana with Lifejourney4two

Immerse yourself in Botswana’s untamed beauty through our eyes. We, Lars and Shelley, have spent months travelling in Botswana, traversing its iconic national parks and serene deltas.

This guide is your gateway to explore our in-depth adventures, itineraries and tips on traversing Botswana’s wild landscapes.

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Planning a Trip to Botswana?

Here are some resources to get you started:

Dive Deeper into Our Botswana Adventures

We invite you to delve deeper into our detailed posts, discover our favourite spots, and get inspired for your own Botswana adventure.

Have questions or need personalized advice? Feel free to reach out to us; we’re here to help guide your journey.

And if you are looking for extra inspiration – delve into our article about some of the amazing women we met travelling through Botswana and Southern Africa.

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    Travelling to Botswana Basics

    Travelling to Botswana Basics

    Ensure a smooth journey by being well-prepared:

    • Visa: Check the visa requirements for your country of origin.
    • Passport: Botswana requires a valid passport with at least six months of remaining validity.
    • Local Currency: Botswana Pula (BWP).
    • Credit Cards & ATMs: Visa and Mastercard are accepted in major towns; cash is king in remote areas.
    • Language: English and Setswana.
    • Plugs: Types M, D, and G with a standard voltage of 250 V.
    • Plugs: Those in Botswana are type M, D, and G, and the standard voltage is 250 V. (We use a Universal World Travel adapter.)
    • Best Time to Visit: Wildlife viewing peaks during dry winter months (May to October); lush landscapes in wetter summer season (November to April).

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