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The Alberobello Trulli

The unique and unusual Alberobello Trulli were a sight to behold. Wandering around these remarkably unconventional dwellings, one can only be curious as to how they came about. What did the strange symbols on their roofs mean? Why were the white pinnacles on the top different shapes? We were certainly taking a step back into history in this extraordinary town.

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Where are the Alberobello Trulli?

You’ll find the amazing Alberobello Trulli in the heart of Alberobello in the district of Bari, Puglia, Southern Italy.

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The History of the Alberobello Trulli 

The Alberobello Trulli originate from around the 15th Century. They are made of dry-stone walls consisting of corbelled limestone slabs. This would have been the material of choice as it was is abundant in the region.

The unique 'trulli' of Alberobello

Trulli along an Alberobello Street

Originally, the Alberobello Trulli were built ‘a secco’, meaning ‘without mortar’. This made them easy to demolish and knockdown quickly. An unusual requirement of a home it would seem, but there was a method to this madness.

The resident Count in the area wanted to avoid paying settlement/housing taxes to the King of Naples. Therefore he ordered the houses to be built only with dry stones and to be demolished if there was a royal inspection. Thus avoiding the taxes.

In 1797, the town gained independence. From then on, mortar was used and the Trulli became permanent fixtures in the area.

The Alberobello Trulli Conical Roofs

The name ‘trullo’ originates from the Greek word, ‘Tholos’ meaning ‘dome’. A Trullo consists mainly of one main room under the domed roof, with sometimes two alcoves either side of that room.

View across the Aberobello Trulli roofs

The famous Alberobello Trulli conical roofs 

In addition, on the top of the Trullo’s cone-shaped roof is a decorative handmade, sandstone pinnacle. They come in different designs and represent the trademarks of the stonemason who built that particular Trullo. Some of the pinnacles are disc-like with a sphere above and others just have a larger flat disc-like shape.

Aberobello trulli houses in Italy

Notice the pinnacles on the top of each Trullo

The whitewashed walls at the front of the tiny Alberobello Trulli seemed reminiscent of the Cyclades bright, white buildings we experienced in Santorini, Greece. There, the bright blue domes paired with the white walls alluded to a crisp, more modern feel. However, the grey stone conical roofs of the Alberobello Trulli, exude an ancient and mysterious air about them.

 The Alberobello Trulli Symbols

The white Trulli symbols painted on many of the Trulli roofs add to the mystical appearance of these tiny dwellings. There are varying designs, including a sun, moon, love hearts and other pagan-like symbols.

It is believed that some of these were of religious significance, whilst others had an astrological meaning. The purpose of the Trulli symbols was to ward off demons and to bring good luck to the inhabitants.

Lime painted symbols on the conical roofs

Lime painted symbols on the Alberobello Trulli conical roofs

Symbols of Alberobello Trulli

Symbols of Alberobello Trulli

Rione Monti and Rione Aia Piccola, Alberobello

There are two main districts of Alberobello where you’ll find Trulli. Rione Monti is the more commercialised area where many of the Trulli have been converted into souvenir shops and small bars.

Some Trulli here are used as residential homes, but not as many as in the Rione Aia Piccola area. There you’ll find about 8 streets with about 400 Trulli currently used as residential dwellings.

Alberobello Trulli in Rione Monti with many Trulli as shops

Rione Monti district of Alberobello

Alberobello street view - grey narrow lane with white fronted trulli shops either side. there are a few people in the street and some shops have goods hanging outside

Rione Monti district of Alberobello

The tiny trulli houses in the Aio Piccola district of Alberobello

The tiny Alberobello Trulli houses in the Aio Piccola district 

Alberobello Trulli Variants

Although most of the Alberobello Trulli are tiny homes, shops or bars, there are a few architectural examples that are variants of the main original design.

For example, at the top of the hill in Rione Monti, you’ll find Chiesa di Sant Antonio. This church has Trello like domes and a Trello inspired bell tower. It just seems to fits in so well with the Alberobello Trulli theme.

Furthermore, there are two museums that are examples of two-storey Trulli, Trullo Sovrano and Museo del Territorio.

Chiesa Di Sant Antonio in Alberobello

Chiesa di Sant’Antonio, Alberobello

Although Alberobello is the main town with Trulli homes,  you will also find many dotted around the Valle d’Itria area. 

Alberobello Trulli Accommodation

Many of the Trulli in Alberobello have been renovated and converted into tourist accommodation.

Here are some of the best Trulli highly, rated by their guests.

Alberobello Trulli accommodation no.1

Trulli Holiday Albergo Diffuso – have various Trulli for rent in Alberobello. A member of the team greets you and personally takes you to your Trulli.

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Alberobello Trulli accommodation no.2

Le Alcove – Luxury Hotel also has a series of Trulli huts luxuriously renovated with all modern amenities. In your Trullo, you can expect to find free Wi-Fi, satellite TV and L’Occitane toiletries. Some have a spa bath.

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Alberobello Trulli accommodation no.3

Romantic Trulli B&B – Situated in Alberobello, Romantic Trulli offers air-conditioned apartments set in typical Trulli stone buildings. A sweet and savoury breakfast is provided daily.

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These tiny hobbit-like homes were captivating. Alberobello transports you into a real-life fantasy world full of mystery and magic.

We have seen so many wonderful places in our ‘year in the van‘ travels throughout Europe, but the Alberobello Trulli will stand out as something very special, unique and amazing.

Have you visited these unique homes? Have you experienced anything similar? If so we’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below.

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