Outline of an elephant, leopard and giraffe by a pool of water

Our Animal Encounters Around The World

Our favourite experiences, as we road trip around the world, are our animal encounters. Whether it’s a pride of lions or a herd of elephants in the wilds of Africa, common garden birds flitting around us, or the pets we look after on house-sits.

They all make our journey even more special.

Animal Encounters image of elephant

Animal Encounters Around the World

We’ve come face to face with a growling leopard and stumbled upon an endangered and rare pangolin... TWICE.

We’ve had meerkats underfoot in Namibia, tripped over puffins in Wales, fed reindeer in Sweden, cuddled abandoned baby monkeys in South Africa and just got dressed before a lion came strolling into camp in Botswana.

When we aren’t camping and road-tripping, we use Trusted Housesitters to find pet sits worldwide. Looking after pets in return for free accommodation saves us an incredible amount on accommodation costs.

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These are some of the travel resources we use when planning our trips.

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