About Us

Some said we were crazy, some said we were brave but so many more said, ‘I’d love to do that …one day.’  

Lars and Michelle


Let us ignite those sparks!

Sometimes, when you visually see something or you find out a little bit about a place or you simply read something that someone else has written, a little spark appears.

It may be an idea or just a feeling but something stirs inside of you.

Perhaps you have a desire to go there, an urge to try a certain experience or just some internal motivation to do something that hadn’t previously occurred to you …or had, but you now have more of a conviction to go ahead. 

Whether it’s a whole firework display or a tiny speck of light, through our blog, we hope to play a part in igniting those sparks in our readers.

Come with us on a journey to new places; a journey of self-discovery and healthy living; and a journey that will have us motor-homing, volunteering, house sitting and who knows what else… We are satisfying our soul! Let’s make sure you do too.


So How Did all This Start?

In traveller terms, we are neither your youthful backpackers or your retirees; we fall into that illustrious middle age bracket. We didn’t win the lotto, we weren’t born with a silver spoon but we both had a desire for a different kind of fulfilment to that which we were living.

Back in 2016, Perth, Western Australia; with pen and paper, we mapped our hopes and dreams for the future. We wanted to combine seeing the world, volunteering overseas and at the same time, to maintain our health and fitness.

We felt so excited about the future, of all the things we wanted to do… ‘One day!’

When? When we retired? When we paid off a mortgage? When we had won the lottery? We turned to each other – both knowing what the other was thinking, ‘Why not now?’

What was really stopping us? Just us and our mindset.

So, we took that leap of faith and we made it happen. We saved like crazy for about a year, sold everything we owned (even down to our plant pots – every dollar counted!), we quit our full-time professional jobs and set forth.

Our New Journey Begins…

We’ve now been on the road since April 2017. Perhaps what we are doing is a bit different to most others our age, but we are not so different to you. Sure, life has tested us (as it does us all), and we’ve collected a few scars along the way but that has just strengthened our resolve to choose what ‘satisfies our soul.’

Crazy? Brave? We don’t think so. We followed our hearts, took the decision and made that dream a reality.

And honestly, it was that easy!

Along our journey plans have changed and that’s part of the adventure!

Explore interesting and beautiful places with us, get ideas for your next trip, enjoy your wanderlust through our travels, read our life’s journey stories and most importantly, be inspired and motivated to live the life you want today and not to wait for your ‘one day.’ 

Whatever your journey, travelling or just dealing with this thing we call life, our blog might just help make it that little bit easier … even if you don’t read any of it …there are lots of nice photos!

Drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.

Tell us about; your journey, about how you made your dreams a reality, what satisfies your soul or simply share your thoughts with us.

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